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Indiana Jones Wii Cheats
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Indiana Jones Wii Cheats

The LEGO Indiana Jones games are a lot of fun, but they can also be deceptively difficult. And what better way to surpass difficulty than with good, old fashion cheat codes? Make short of work of your enemies with these Indiana Jones Wii Cheats for both the original game and its sequel.

Character Codes for LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

  • C7EJ21 Dancing girl
  • 12N68W Desert digger
  • 2MK45O Desert enemy officer
  • N48SF0 Desert masked bandit
  • 3RF6YJ Desert monkey man
  • 4NSU7Q Desert soldier
  • 1MK4RT Desert swordsman
  • 3NFTU8 Donovan
  • JSNRT9 Dr. Schneider (desert)
  • VMJ5US Dr. Schneider (officer)
  • 04EM94 Barranca
  • CHN3YU Belloq (desert)
  • TDR197 Belloq (jungle)
  • VEO29L Belloq (priest)
  • 8246RB Boxer
  • VJ5TI9 British officer
  • DJ5I2W British troop
  • B73EUA British troop commander
  • VJ3TT3 Captain Katanga
  • ENW936 Chatterlal
  • 3NK48T Chucin
  • 2K9RKS Colonel Dietrich
  • 8EAL4H Colonel Vogel
  • S93Y5R Enemy Bazookaman
  • MK83R7 Enemy bazookaman (different from above)
  • VJ48W3 Enemy butler
  • 1MF94R Enemy communications officer
  • VJ7R51 Enemy guard
  • YR47WM Enemy guard (Nepal)
  • 572E61 Enemy officer
  • B84ELP Enemy pilot
  • 2NKT72 Pankot assassin
  • VN28RH Pankot guard
  • KD48TN Punjabi dignitary
  • 4682E1 Punjabi village elder
  • VJ37WJ Sherpa brawler
  • ND762W Sherpa gunner
  • 0E3ENW Slave child
  • VM683E Thuggee
  • CNH4RY Thuggee Chatterlal
  • T2R3F9 Thuggee priest
  • VBS7GW Thuggee slavedriver
  • V75YSP Fedora
  • 0GIN24 First mate
  • NE6THI Grail knight
  • H0V1SS Hovitos tribesman
  • VJ85OS Indiana Jones (officer)
  • 4J8S4M Indiana Jones disguised
  • 24PF34 Jungle guide
  • WMO46L Kaokan
  • 3M29TJ Kazim (desert)
  • NRH23J Kazim (Venice)
  • 2NK479 Laoche
  • NFK5N2 Maharaja
  • 13NS01 Major Toht
  • FJUR31 Mola Ram
  • VK93R7 Willie DJ
  • MEN4IP Willie pajamas
  • 3NSLT8 Wuhan

Item Codes for LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Just like the other Indiana Jones Wii cheats, these go on the blackboard of the math classroom. Instead of characters, these will unlock special items for you to use.

  • 3X44AA Secret Characters
  • B1GW1F Fertilizer
  • 4ID1N6 Disguises
  • 3HE85H Silhouettes
  • VNF59Q Beep Beep
  • 33GM7J Ice Rink
  • FJ59WS Fast Fix
  • 0P1TA5 Super Slap
  • 378RS6 Fast Dig
  • V83SLO Fast Build
  • VIKED7 Artifact Detector
  • VM4TS9 Treasure x2
  • VLWEN3 Treasure x4
  • V84RYS Treasure x6
  • A72E1M Treasure x8
  • VI3PS8 Treasure x10
  • WWQ1SA Poo Treasure
  • VN3R7S Super Scream
  • VIES2R Character Treasure
  • MDLP69 Regenerate Hearts
  • VUT673 Parcel Detector
  • VKRNS9 Disarm Enemies
  • H86LA2 Treasure Magnet
  • B83EA1 Invincibility

Cheat Codes for LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues


Indiana Jones returned to the Nintendo Wii in LEGO form just over a year later in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Not only did the game feature scenes from the original trilogy that weren’t featured in the first game, it contained elements of the newest film in the series, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as well as a nifty level editor feature.

To input these Indiana Jones Wii cheats for the sequel, go to the extras menu and the password input screen. It’s nowhere near as fancy as the chalkboard method, but it will work just as well and you can access it from wherever you are. These codes unlock special characters, items, abilities, and more. There aren’t as many codes as the first game, so I’ve compiled them all into one big list for your viewing pleasure. You’ll also notice that certain codes are holdovers from the first LEGO Indy. I guess if it isn’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it!

  • PGWSEA Indiana Jones: 1
  • 2W8QR3 Indiana Jones: Disguised
  • M4C34K Indiana Jones: Desert
  • FGLKYS Indiana Jones: 2
  • J2XS97 Indiana Jones: Kali
  • 94RUAJ Willie: Singer
  • DZFY9S Indiana Jones: Collect
  • 3FQFKS Indiana Jones: Officer
  • E88YRP Salah
  • U38VJP Score x2
  • PEHHPZ Score x3
  • UXGTB3 Score x4
  • XWJ5EY Score x6
  • S5UZCP Score x8
  • V7JYBU Score x10
  • FQGPYH Silhouettes
  • UU3VSC Beep Beep
  • TY9P4U Ice Rink
  • Y9TE98 Disguise
  • 4C5AKH Professor Henry Jones
  • 8BDJG5 Indiana Jones: CS
  • P4PCDY Mac
  • 2GK562 Mutt
  • 7AWX3J Lao Che
  • 82RMC2 Mola Ram
  • 7EQF47 Boxer
  • FTL48S Rene Belloq
  • WL4T6N Dovchenko
  • 7VLKAF BiPlane
  • RM3E84 Stunt Plane
  • BC5PTY Rolls-Royce: Phantom
  • YLG2TN Hot Rod
  • PXT4UP Alien
  • EGSM5B Coin Magnet
  • 2U7YCV Snake Whip
  • SZFAAE Poo Money
  • SNXC2F Fast Build
  • 6JBB65 God Mode
  • 3Z7PJX Fast Fix
  • XYAN83 Fast Dig
  • TUXNZF Fearless
  • EGSM5B Stud Magnet
  • 2U7YCV Snake Whip

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