Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: Details and Spoilers on the Sudan and San Francisco areas of the game

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings:  Details and Spoilers on the Sudan and San Francisco areas of the game
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Game Basics

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings contains Fortune Artifacts and Glory Moves as you’re playing the game. If you miss one of these items don’t worry. After reaching a checkpoint, you can always redo that level later by selecting it in the “Journey Onward!” menu. The globe symbol allows you to scroll through completed levels and the footprint symbol to select specific checkpoints. The game executes an auto-save (shown as a flipping book with an exclamation mark on screen) immediately after you find an Artifact or achieve a Glory Move, so you can exit the game at any time without fear of losing your reward.

The Sudan

When the level begins, turn around and take the path along the rock wall. Climb up the ledges and you’ll see your first artifact, the Nubian Bust. Use your whip to clear the vegetation blocking the path ahead of you and you’ll find a cave. Pick up the handy torch on the ground and light it, but remember that every time you use your whip you’ll have to pick it up again. Burn the cobwebs in front of you with the torch. On the second wall of webs just before you enter the bridge, you’ll find the Limestone Tablet artifact.

On the bridge you’ll be attacked by spiders, just light them on fire with the torch. The bridge will collapse at this point, so quickly grab the ledge with both hands. Light another torch you’ll find lying on the ground. Light the two torch spots on either side of the ram symbol and the gate will open.

Push the ram statue and then hug the wall and shimmy across the gap in front of you. Swing across the next gap using your whip. Stand up on the block and use your whip to sling the idol into your hands. The room will begin to come down around you and you’ll need to dodge the falling debris and statues. You’ll have a brief encounter with Magnus at this point and then the game will take you into a fight tutorial. You’ll also find the Gold Ram’s Head artifact in a tent just around the truck after you defeat the second guy, during the tutorial.

The Brute in the last brawl is a tougher fighter than the other opponents you’ll face. You’ll need to use the counter attack tactic since you want to keep trading blows with this guy. The whip doesn’t work very well against this fighter, but a weapon will be very effective against him. This is provided you can hang onto one long enough, since every time you’re hit you’ll drop the weapon. You can achieve the “Shelved” Glory Move during this phase if you manage to bring a shelf down onto three enemies at once.

The next part is an airplane mini-game, focus on controlling the planes movements. You don’t need to shoot down all the enemy planes during this part, but if you manage to destroy four of them, you’ll receive the “Hot Shot” Glory Move.

San Francisco

Indiana Jones heads to San Francisco. At the start of this level, turn around and climb the wood fence to find the Gold Bowl artifact. A fight will start in the alley as you chase Suzie’s abductor. You’ll be slightly outnumbered, but fortunately, there are a lot of objects lying around that you can use to your advantage. Use your whip to make the platform fall on the guy throwing bottles. A Brute will appear at the end of the street. Use the counter attack/dodge maneuver to fight him. Pull the crate back away from the window, and then attach your whip to the top ledge. Set your feet on the window and kick it in to enter the building.

Artifacts, Enemies and Glory Moves

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Instead of heading upstairs, go all the way to the back room to the counterfeit printing press and grab the Ceramic Figures artifact. Bust down the door on the second floor and a brawl will break out in the lounge. The aquarium tank can be broken by an object and doing so will allow you to complete the “Octopus Wrestler” Glory Move. This fight can be a little tough. Make sure you duck when a pool cue is thrown your way. Again, use the counterattack move and try to use objects as much as you can.

You’ll get tossed into an alley where you’ll confront a Brute. Bust through the gate, find the Bronze Flask artifact behind the pickup truck and then enter the fireworks factory. If you lure the enemies under the sprinkler pipes and jump up and swing-kick them, you’ll be able to accomplish the “Rain On Me” Glory Move.

At this point in the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings walkthrough listen to the instructions and learn how to shoot the revolver. You won’t be able to shoot the guy on the rafters, no matter how hard you try. Instead, shoot all the dynamite boxes lying around to bring the structure down. Once you bust through the gate, climb up and go all the way to the right to find the Bronze Horses artifact. Head to the left, use your whip to cross the gap and bust through the window.

Out in the alley; grab the Gold Censer artifact you’ll find inside the fence. Head down the alleyway and hop the small fence to find an area where you can climb. Swing to the other side and grab the Dog Statue artifact sitting on the billboard.

During the roof shootout, one pesky gunman will refuse to go down unless you use the environment to your advantage. Shoot the large hanging lantern over his head to take him out of cover. At his next spot, take out the panel on the water tower and then shoot down another large lantern. Destroy the second water tower and put him out of commission once and for all by shooting the crates. Finally, help Suzie get across.

After pushing the bookcase, it will slide back to its normal position when you head down the staircase. Go back and grab the hidden Ming Vase artifact that was hiding behind it. Once you enter the next area, move to the left and shimmy across to the next platform. Instead of pushing down the barrel, keep walking right and you’ll see the whip symbol on the chandelier, which will let you achieve the ‘Lights Out" Glory Move.

The next brawl is pretty tough, so grab as many weapons as you can and use the counter attacks on the final Brute. Find the elephant statue in the room, attach your whip to its nose and yank it to open the secret chair rail.

Use your whip and take down the two poles holding up the mermaid figurehead on the front of the boat. Climb up the large post on the right and use your whip to take down the figurehead. Before you go back down, hug the wall and shimmy across to grab the Earthenware Jar artifact. Roll the figurehead down to the ship’s hull to proceed.

Once you come to the next shimmy spot, don’t get off when you pass the gap. Instead, keep shimmying along until you reach the Ancient Bank Note artifact. You’ll be ambushed on the deck of the boat. Once this is over a shoot out will start, take out the shooter on the right first. Shoot the ropes on the right to create a swing spot.

The cable car shoot out is relatively easy so long as you guard both sides of the cable car. Once an enemy car catches up to you, however, it’s game over.

Indiana Jones Explores Panama

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot

Indiana Jones continues to Panama. Once you and Maggie separate and you make it safely over to the other side, climb down the broken bridge and you’ll find the Jade Figurine artifact at the bottom. Come out to the next area and Maggie will push a boulder down to save you from the men threatening you.

In the next village, go to the goat pen and use your whip to set them free. If they manage to run over two enemies, you’ll receive the “Aries Rising” Glory Move. Also, if you manage to take down ten pillagers with weapons in this early jungle section of the Panama level, you’ll accomplish the “Heavy Handed” Glory move. The key to this task is to soften up your enemies first and then finish them off with a weapon. Once the final Brutes show up, bring the nearby gate down on them.

Once you finish the shoot out sequence, continue through the opening and smash through the wall on the right. Use your whip to climb the blocked gate and you’ll see the pillagers’ camp. Take the time to grab the Ceramic Bowl artifact sitting on the wall and then bump the stones and make them crash onto the resting enemy below. If you take out the enemy below you’ll accomplish the “Heavy Handed” Glory Move.

You’ll have to take out the Sudao Boss in the next part of this Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings walkthrough. This battle will take a bit of patience. Avoid Sudao’s fire breath attacks by moving around the outside of the ring. It’s not advisable to face-off against him just yet. Once Sudao blows fire three times, he’ll toss a torch and stop for a drink. This is your chance to take him out. Attack him by grappling him with your whip, pull him close and then beat him to a pulp. Do this three times and a cut scene will begin. If you make it through the battle without taking any damage and finish the fight with a full health bar, you’ll accomplish the “Fireproof” Glory Move.

In the hall with the swinging pendulums, pick up the rock located by the first waterfall to the right. When you do this, the pendulum close to you will begin to swing. Carefully carry this rock to the next waterfall on the left side without getting hit by the pendulum and put it in the gulch to stop the water flow. Once you do this, the second pendulum will stop swinging. Use your whip to latch onto the pendulum and then let it swing into the crumbled wall. You’ll be attacked by Germans in this next part. Shoot the barrel in the middle to take care of the first bunch and then take care of the rest. A machine gunner will ascend from above when you keep going, just shoot the barrel next to him to kill him.

Travel up the temple in this next section by hugging the wall as you traverse the ledges and using your whip to climb and swing across areas. Once you come to the vine covered terrain between the two sliding rock obstacles. Take care of the German soldier that appears and then use your whip to climb into the secret cove and you’ll find the Wooden Figurine Artifact. To get back to the other area, just climb and crush the fragile wall.

Keep going forward and eventually you’ll come to a tree encircled by several doors. Enter the first door to your left. Push the face on the right wall and exit quickly before you get killed by rocks from above. Pick up the torch lying on the path, light it and then move through the next door. Move across the dark hall to the pyre by the face and light it. Just use your torch to take care of any spiders that are silly enough to attack you on the way out.

Continuing Indy’s Adventures in Panama

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Move forward until you come to the face block and then pull it back using your whip. Watch out for the protruding spikes in the third door as you shimmy back to the other side. When you make it to the ground, go around the corner and wait for the moving block to stop. Climb the nearby wall and you’ll find the Wooden Figurine artifact. At this point you can go through the fourth and final door, just be ready to move quickly.

Keep moving until you come to the area with the swinging pendulums and then push the statue on the left side under the falling block so that it’s smashed into pieces. Grab the head of the statue and place it in the waterfall on the right wall and the three middle pendulums will stop swinging. Use the whip to cause a chain reaction and the giant boulder blocking the stairs will split apart. You can also go upstairs, smash the second statue, grab the head and block the water flow to stop the other pendulums. Now you can break the crack in the wall where the light is coming through on the left side. Inside is a Jade Pendant Artifact, but you’ll have to run toward it because the floors will be giving way beneath you.

In the next part of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings you enter the ball court and push the seven switch blocks located on the walls. When you do this large rolling boulders will enter the court, avoid these boulders. Move across to the other side of the ball court and climb out the other side and you’ll be able to access the eighth switch. A small golden ball will roll onto the court. Grab this ball and toss it at the golden hoop on the side with the two vertical gold panels. If you make it through the ball court without taking any damage you’ll receive the “Slick Moves” Glory Move.

Move into the next area and grab the Death Mask Artifact you’ll find behind the waterfall. Use your whip to climb up the column and then kick the column to bring it smashing down into the wall. Once you reach the large waterfall with the talkative monkeys, go past the grappling point to the right and wall-hug your way across to the next ledge. Climb up one ledge, move to the right and the whip-swing symbol will appear. Swing over and grab the Ceramic Monkey artifact.

Once you make it out onto the open court, the bridge will collapse. Look for the alternate route to the left and make your way up to the second landing. Ascend the tower and smash it down to create a new bridge. Pick up the torch and light the cobwebs to continue. Keep moving through the dark hall while torching up the spiders that attack you. Keep going, if you stop you’ll take damage. Once you reach the end of the hall, light the two pyres to open up the doors.

In the next section you’ll be facing the “Planets Puzzle”. To begin, go to the central structure and watch the cut scene that plays. The planets will begin orbiting in their paths. Take a look at the map in the central room and you’ll notice the four circles with yellow “pie slices” and red dots on them. The red dots indicate the order in which you must activate the switches. Step on the switches in the following order. One piece slice, three pie slices, four pie spices and then two pie slices. You should now have a 53% completion on your game save!


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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