Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - Guide and Walkthrough to Traveling Through Istanbul - Details, Artifacts and other Spoiler Information

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - Guide and Walkthrough to Traveling Through Istanbul - Details, Artifacts and other Spoiler Information
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Indiana Jones travels to Istanbul in the next part of the adventure. You’ll find the Royal Shield artifact as you walk down the hallway in the exhibit area, break the armor statue with your whip or by pushing an enemy into it. Take the armor pieces and beat two henchmen down to gain the “Vandal” Glory Move. This area is hard, so keep using the broken armor to take out the rest of the bad guys. Once the fight is over, pick up the armor helmet off the ground and place it on the middle bust figure. Right after you cross the bridge, turn left and you’ll see the Royal Gauntlets Artifact sitting in plain sight. You’ll have to shoot your way through this next part and then you’ll find the Gold Belt Artifact on the balcony. Push the bust statue in the courtyard to enter the next area.

Once you break through the wall into the waterfall area, you’ll see the shining hat in the distance but you won’t be able to retrieve it just yet. Climb up to the ledge to the left and push down the statue to smash it. Push the resulting block to the other side and use it to hoist yourself up to the ledge you can shimmy on. Grab a skull from the pile of skulls and jam it into the gears, using an attack swing. Jam the next set of gears to quickly grab the Gold Relic artifact sitting in plain sight. Drop down and shimmy over to the right, push the standing coffin down to enter a secret chamber with the Holy Book Receptacle artifact. Once this is done swing across to the other side using your whip.

After the next set of gears (before you swing across to the other side using your whip), jump down to the opening on the right. Hop up to the spot where you can shimmy across to grab the Crystal Bottle artifact. Right after you escape the rotating blades, you’ll come to the third mosaic. Look in the burial chamber to the right and you’ll find the Royal Crown artifact. Now, use your whip to climb up the wall to the left of the mosaic.

At this point in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, you will reach the spa room. Pick up and carry the three busts and place them on the appropriate pedestrals. This is with the male in between the two women. Head down the crumbling ledges and just keep going down until you reach the ground.

After the first timed jump across the spinning gears, turn right and hop the small wall. After the next timed jump, you’ll find the Dagger of Topkapi artifact sitting in plain view. There is one more timed jump. Head up and push the statue down into the rotating gears below. Do a couple of whip swings and you’ll see a shining hat in the distance. You will have to settle for the view for now. Turn right and head up the stairs and you’ll find the Gold Flask artifact.

Concluding the Istanbul Adventures

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings takes a weird path in Istanbul. Knock down the stone coffin and push it into the hole in the wall. Now you can go inside and retrieve the Selim’s Water Bottle Artifact you saw earlier. Walk down the hole in the floor, find the fragile wall and smash it down. Jump through the rotating gear blades and be very careful of the slicing blade that sticks out of the wall as you do it.

Once you’re in the circular room, push in the coffin marked with three swords. The room will rotate when you do this. Push in the one sword coffin and a fragile wall will be exposed. Smash this wall and you’ll find the Bejeweled Aigrette artifact. Push in the five sword coffin and the standing coffin will be exposed. Topple it to the floor and push it all the way into the hole in the floor you passed earlier to stop the last gear.

Several goons will appear in the statue room, so get ready got a long fight. If you step on the center floor switch, the four knight statues will swing down their sword. Aim for the goons when they come underneath the swords. If you kill three goons with the swords you’ll accomplish the “Dub Thee” Glory Move. It works better if you push them into the statue and stun them first. Once you eliminate the goons, push all the statues into the center and step on the switch.

Torch the spiders that attack you as you travel through the dark hall. At this point in the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings walkthrough there will be an on screen prompt that’s your cue to watch out for spikes from the floor. You’ll also find the Gold Writing Case to the right, just before you go up the stairs.

Once the falling platform hits the ground, immediately step off or you’ll get crushed by the trap. Pull the coffin out onto the floor switch and a door will open. Pull another coffin off to the side and use it to hoist yourself up to the point you can shimmy into the next area from. In the circular room, use your whip to swing the three tubes into the middle gong.

Pay attention to the bottom corner of the screen during the elephant ride. You’ll need to keep your eyes open to duck all the objects in your path. Once the shooting action starts in the next part, shoot four signs to accomplish the “Sharpshooter” Glory Move.

Indy’s Journey through Nepal

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Indiana Jones now comes to Nepal. The cold and wintery environment of Nepal will cause Indy’s health to decrease. The wind will also cause you to occasionally hang onto a tree limb to prevent yourself from being blown away. After the last gust of wind, head into the stone hut, light a fire and get some much-needed heat to recover your health. Go to the end of the trail. Use your whip to climb and get ready to react to the crumbling ground beneath you. Drop down and shimmy to the other side to continue. Just before you reach the cave, you’ll find a breakable wall to the left where you’ll find the Ceremonial Collar artifact.

At the next shelter you’ll need to locate the tinder lying just in front of the entrance before you can light a fire. Continue past the shelter to the left and do a series of drop and grab maneuvers as you make your way down to the bottom ledge. Quickly push the rock to block the entrance before Indy freezes to death! Light a fire to establish the next checkpoint.

Smash the back wall and get ready to outrun a white tiger! In the final balcony section of the village shoot out, shoot the barrels next to the machine gunners to eliminate them. After you have a small disagreement with the Germans, you’ll find the Ivory Buddha artifact beneath you as your crossing the bridge. Climb onto the pagoda roof and a cut scene will start.

At the German camp, you can grab the soldiers and throw them off the snowy cliff. Once you have eliminated all of them in the same manner, you’ll receive the “Learning to Fly” Glory Move. Ahead you’ll have to face two Brutes that are a little too big for you to throw off the cliff. First, grab the Jambhala Statue that’s in plain view when you enter the Ice Cave. Once you finish your second whip swing across the gap at the place where you barely hang on. Find the narrow wall hug spot running along the wall that takes you to the fragile wall. Once there, knock the wall down and you’ll find the Copper Indra artifact.

Latch your whip onto the swinging bridge and pull it down. Grab the Mark of Bhairava artifact at the end of the walkway and then head toward the next swinging bridge, but watch out for the shaky floor. Walk over to the cobra statue and pull back the giant crossbow.

Whip off the two icy sections on either side of the giant statue. When you step on the circular floor switch on the other side of the room, flames will shoot out of the monk statues. Two statues will get freed from the melting ice. Move the statues on the squares directly in front of the two remaining frozen statues and once again step on the floor switch. Place the two remaining statues on the remaining squares and once again step on the floor switch. At this point you’ve uncovered the Staff of Kings. You’ll notice a crack in the wall in the area as you look around the ruins. Go up to the chariot frozen in the ice and set it free with your whip. The chariot will crash into the wall and make an opening.

Indiana Jones Finds the Staff of Kings

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot

At this point in the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings walkthrough, you continue your journey through Nepal. This part is the boat ride and it’s similar to the elephant ride you had earlier. Avoid the obstacles by using your fast reflexes. If you shoot down five stalactites you’ll receive the “Spelunking Glory Move”.

The next part is the deadly and dreaded piano crane section. The important thing to remember is to have the crane moving around all the time. You need to keep its momentum up, so that it swings and knocks into your opponents. If any of the enemy tries to climb the ladders toward you, take care of them quickly or the game will be over.

During the shoot out in the hangar, look for the small, grey fire extinguisher tanks that you can shoot to eliminate your opponents. Kill three opponents this way and you’ll receive the “Firefighter” Glory Move. The brawl that’s about to occur in the mess hall is the toughest fight of the game for Indy. Make sure you use all the available objects and props that are lying around the environment. Throwing items at your opponents is a good way to keep your distance and still inflict damage. Save the poisonous octopus located in the aquarium tank for the final soldier in the brown suit. If you throw the octopus at him, it will kill him instantly. You have to break the tank but, so get ready before he comes storming in.

Indy will be riding a bike for the last part of the adventure. Stay to the right in the beginning part and grab the Germanic Shield artifact that’s sitting in plain sight. Now, go left and hit the rock ramp to snag the Germanic Cup artifact, the last one. Take out the other bikes and avoid the search light. Otherwise, they’ll shoot missiles at you. Once you reach the bridge there’s a checkpoint and at the next checkpoint you get a grenade launcher. Remember to reload your new toy after every shot. Avoid the searchlights and the jutting rocks. Use the grenade launcher to good effect through this next part and your adventure is over. Indy then rides off into the sunset with the girl. Congratulations! You have completed the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings walkthough!


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