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Retro Reviews Part Five: Duke Nukem

by: Gustavo Lequerica-Calvo ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The last article of the Retro Reviews, in this article we are going to review the Duke Nukem series. The Duke one of those game that made history

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    The History of the Duke: Violence, Guns and Aliens

    Duke is one of the most beloved characters in game history, and one of those games that made history by giving a revolution to the shoot’em up games. Mixing a noir, ultra violent and sci-fi in one genre, The Duke started as a 2-D pastiche of Hollywood heroes where he killed the monsters just save the world as a macho man, womanizer, who kills by pleasure everything’s that is on his path.

    Duke Nukem originally started in 1991 as an action-adventure platform game. In the actual game you had to kill aliens to gain points and to pass to the next level; the visual style of the game was kind of primitive but catchy with the shiny colors and the cuteness of the characters. Even if it was an action game those sprites of the Duke gave to the player an awesome sensation because of the innovative technology with an adventure game that gave the possibilities to shoot even the scenarios.

    Even with all the cutting edge technology in his favor, the Duke wasn’t exempt from technical difficulties, i.e. the Duke Parallax scrolling was kind of frustrating because the Duke moved a little more than the player commanded and there was the problem of falling into an edge and losing a life in the process, but for the time and the way of the Duke first two games where produced it marked a revolution in gaming technology because the characters where more fluid than their console counterparts.

    Another problem, according to Wikipedia, was the name of the main character was also the name of a villain in the 90’s series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, who was a character who could manipulate radioactivity,. So, during a period of time with 2.0 version of the Duke's first game the spelling was altered to avoid a potential lawsuit, but later since the character’s name wasn’t registered Apogee changed the name back to the original form with the subsequent games.

    With this last article, we conclude our short review of classics video games, video games that marked history during the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s, games that marked a hint in video game history and change it forever.