Retro Reviews Part Three: Beneath a Steel Sky

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What lies this Steel Sky?

Beneath a Steel Sky is one of those games that have a great storyline and replay value that not many games have. The graphics are similar as many LucasArts games from the 90’s but the catch of the game is the amazing storyline that gives so much maturity to the story of the game due you don’t feel playing a children game you feel playing a Bruce Sterling novel or another cyberpunk novel because of the contents and esthetics used during the game.

For the graphics you can’t expect too much because they are similar as Monkey Island, Loom, Maniac Mansion and many other mores, but the sound system is the catchy aspect of the game I want to say that the best version of this game is the CD one because it gives a cinematic sensation when you are playing trough the game and hearing the characters speak is simple amazing, you feel playing a movie, basically there are no words for me to describe this game, but I need to clarify that if you want a game with avant-garde graphics this game is not for you, Beneath a Steel Sky is a game for gamers who prefer more a good story than a game that need to rely on graphics because of the poor script development.

The game is rather easy; you can spend one afternoon if you have nothing to do beating this game, due his low level on difficulty, but as an experience gamer maybe this game could be hard for some people who are not familiar with the point and click system, but if you are pro you can replay this game many times without getting bored and the best you will see new details every time you replay it.

As I said previously the game is in a status of abandonware, which means it can be played and download it almost anywhere, like SCUMM where they have the different versions of the game, one negative aspect for those who don’t speak English is the lack of versions in different languages; doing a research I couldn’t find a version on other language rather than English who could run on my computer, but probably there is one who does work well.

Technical Aspects:

· Release Date: March, 1994

· Genre: Adventure

· System Requirements: PC: 2 RAM.

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