The Legacy of Grand Theft Auto

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The Legacy of Grand Theft Auto

The word that fits Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is phenomenal, the game is indeed truly perfect in the style of free roam video games as you have the liberty to roam through the scenario without any restraints and you have a variety of objectives to do on the gameplay beside the main storyline. There are not enough words to describe one game like this as games as Grand Theft Auto had set a standard in the production of free exploration video games.

But where did Grand Theft Auto come from? Well, the inspiration came from the Gangster films and Miami Vice, especially Miami Vice as it parodies the fashion style that it imposed on the decade of the 80’s. But not only that, the entire decade of the 80’s is parodied at a full extended from cars to the speech patterns of the people (which can be seen with characters along the game) and the pixilated video games. The game is fantastic because it expose a nostalgia factor that appeals to many people.

The gameplay is terrific; from the graphics, to the acting ,to the control, it is really perfect and easy to catch on. Even playing with the computer keyboard and mouse is easy, maybe that is other reason why the game is popular because of the easy controls.

The graphics are a ten. For a game that has a big map, the player doesn’t feel cluttered up with the graphics as they run perfectly and smoothly on the computer and you feel the action like if you were on Vice City.

The script is quite complex but yet simple, it follows a linear storyline but at the same time it breaks into a nonlinear story where the player can interrupt the missions if he or she wants to take break. This pattern of script has been seen in games likeThe Simpsons Hit & Run, The Simpsons Road Rage, Spider Man 2 & 3, Body Harvest and many more. Many developers took the model of Grand Theft Auto to search for success with their own projects.

And, we can say the formula of Grand Theft Auto has proven to be has the Midas touch. Many of the clones of GTA are highly successful in the market, rarely one of them fails and they have critical acclaim with the public in general. People seem to like this kind of genre no matter what the setting, and I do like many of the Grand Theft Auto Clones.

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