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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Fight to the Factory

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Gordon Freeman now has to go forward without Alyx. This final part of the chapter takes you to a well defend factory to meet up with Barney and finish the assualt. If Half-Life 2 is throwing too much at you in Chapter 10, then you just have to check this guide for the tips and tricks you need.

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    In the Sewers Again

    Half-Life 2 - This Spot in the Sewers Should Just Scream Physics Puzzle Drop down into the canal and walk past the truck. Go down into the tunnel until you reach a gate and hit a loading screen. Push the gate open and drop down unto the boxes. Go forward and use your gravity gun to pull that locking bar off the other side of the gate. Toss it away and go forward a bit. A few man hacks come through and another few will continue to seep into the room. Just use the gravity gun to send them into the walls. Pull the barrels out from under the platform at the end of the alley to create a makeshift ramp. Climb to the top and jump onto the pipes. As you approach the vent, another two man hacks will burst through the window. Just send them into the wall and go into the vent. As you pop out into the next room, another four man hacks cut into the room. Kill them with the gravity gun and go into the room they left. There's a lot of health and suit energy lying on the ground. Grab it and go to the other end of the hallway for a series of stairwells.

    Three Combine take the upper level and start shooting at a few zombies on the lower floor. Let them shoot for a second while you clear out their balcony. Just move carefully and shoot them with your AR2 as they come into view. Once they are dead, drop down through a series of broken staircases until you get to the bottom level.

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    Reaching the Factory

    The double doors are locked, so go into the supply closet. There's one black headcrab here, so kill it and then grab all the health and suit energy. Look out the window in the room. Use the gravity gun to pull the big steel bar off of the double doors. The path is now open.Half-Life 2 - No Need to Step into this Fight 

    Go forward and kill the one Combine shooting at the zombies in the alley. You should be able to see that there are a lot of zombies, so just wait a second. Two Combine rappel into the alley, but just let them be. They'll get some damage in before they die and might even win the fight. Just kill whoever survives. Move along the platform. There's no need to jump into it just yet. Go up and kill the first few soldiers up here. You'll get a bit of warning, since one runs straighting into a barnacle. Go up there and kill the few headcrabs. Watch out for the black headcrab at the back though. Use the gravity gun to pull out some health and ammo from behind a post. Then go back a bit and to the side of the alley by the barnacle. Drop down and kill the few zombies around you. Then go through the only opening in the alley. Walk forward a bit and watch for the slightly hidden ladder behind a post. There's usually a grouping of headcrabs around it. Just ignore the area past it. The supplies aren't worth the fight with a black headcrab carrier zombie. Climb the ladder to get up to the other side of the alley. Walk down and then turn to the left. Clear a path and get through the gap in the pipe to get into the factory ahead.

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    The Factory

    Move over to the catwalk on the far side of the room. Start to cross it, but hold on tight. A grenade flies in as you get about halfway across it. Step back a bit and ride out the explosion. It might just roll off, so play it by ear. Go to the end and jump back to the slanted side and then jump back to the rest of the catwalk. Go forward until you get to the rubble pile. Look up and kill the barnacle before you cross though. Get into the office ahead and pull the switch. Take cover in the office and then use the AR2 or the Magnum to take out the enemies along the upper level. Half-Life 2 - OHSA Would Be Shocked at How Fragile this Combine Catwalk is 

    Just hold out for a bit until the platform moves to you. Go ahead and shoot the explosive barrel when you get the chance. You don't need to ride with that as a passenger. Once it's over to your position, use the chargers on the wall to heal up. Then flip the switch again and jump onto it. Watch out for the two soldiers that pop up on your way. One is in front and one is in back. Watch out for gunfire and respond when they start shooting. Ride it to the top and jump off when you get the chance. Climb the ladder by the water tower but watch out for elites on the catwalks. Two pop up when you reach the top, so be ready to take them out as fast as you can. Use the crossbow or the alternative fire on the AR2 to do it. They warrant the force.

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    The Last Bit

    Go along the pipes and drop down to the rails that the platform went along. A few more soldiers will pop up, but I doubt they'll be a problem. One will go into the control room and bring the platform back to the bottom. If you aren't watching, it has the potential to knock you off the rails. Get back to the catwalk and then follow it to the second ladder. One elite will spawn above you. Use the crossbow or the AR2 to kill him. Climb the ladder one level and turn to kill the two elites on the higher level. The ladder actually provides a good bit of cover if you don't get out too far. If you are really hurt, then climb a second level and grab the health packs from the dead rebel. Go back down and cross the catwalk. Look over the ledge and kill the two Combine soldiers that come out. Then pull up the hoppers and drop down. Go through this open door to get a loading screen and end the chapter.

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One

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