Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - Start the Rebellion

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - Start the Rebellion
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Your Own Guard Dog

Walk forward until you get to the white van.

Then just wait for Dog to pretty much destroy everything up here. The event is really cool to watch, so make sure you keep an eye on it. Don’t go too far forward though, or the Combine will start to shoot. Once it’s over, Dog will pull aside one of the steel plates on the wall. Go through and note that Dog’s heading out on his own for a little bit. Turn to the dark alley and look for the bent fence. Jump over it and go into the apartment building. Look to the partially lit hallway full of rubble. Crawl under the light bulb and get behind the rubble pile.

Drop down and go outside to see a rebel killing some scanners. Help them out if you want. You will now get your first squad member. Go down the alley until you come out on the same street you started in at the beginning of the game. Go up to the three rebels pulling down the Big Brother screen. They’ll also join to give you a full squad.

You need to do quick squad command training before the next part starts. Just look at some position and press “V” to send them there. Then press “V” twice quickly, to recall them to your position. This should trigger two Civil Protection guards to open the metal door by the statue and attack. Kill them with your squad and go through the door.

Field of Hopper Mines

The rebel on the other side will warn you about hoppers. These are annoying mines that can detect enemies and “hop” at them for more damage on explosion. Pull the metal sheet off of the hole and look down. Pull up each of the six mines with your gravity gun and then just drop them. An unnecessary explosion might just hurt you or your team. Pulling them up with the gravity gun will reset them to friendly status, so just let go of them. Do not shoot them into the air. Once these six are disabled, drop down and reset the other few in the yard. You might want to throw one at any surviving headcrabs on the upper level though. If you wait, the headcrabs will trigger the mines on the upper level.

Half-Life 2 - The Combine Laid Out Lots of Hopper Mines for You

The rest of the headcrabs will probably be dead by rebel gunfire and hoppers by now, but if not, kill them and go through the office carefully and watch for the few hoppers on this level. Watch for one more hopper mine by the rebel who spoke to you at the beginning and then turn to the alley.

Go out this alley and just wait for a second to make sure you don’t get caught up in any of the explosions in the street. There’s nothing you can really do about the strider now, so just move up the street and use your AR2 or the Magnum to kill the one Combine soldier in the watchtower. Also try to shoot the scanners deploying the hopper mines. This will make it easier to know just where they are. You can also just use the gravity gun to catch the falling mines. This immediately resets them. Go up the street minding any dropped hoppers and turn down the alley. There are about two hopper mines in the little alley to the right. One is usually dropped into the truck too, so be careful. Get rid of them and move into the alley. Knock the furniture out of the way and enter the lawn series.

Civil Protection and You

Civil Protection is here too.

Half-Life 2 - The Civil Protection and Combine Take Cover in the Windows

They’ll start shooting at you from the windows in the alley. Use your AR2 to kill the few who pop out. They usually have one on each of the three sides, with one on the ground by the red shed. Your squad might get them before you do though.

Disable the hopper blocking the stairs and go down a level. Look to the right at the bottom of the stairs. There’s a hopper by an explosive barrel, which is a very volatile situation. Disable it before you advance any further. Shoot the explosive barrel at the end of the alley to cause an explosion and kill a few of the Combine moving in. Then just take cover behind a panel of sheet metal and take out any of the survivors. Go forward and kill the soldier who’s probably hiding in the red office. Grab some supplies and then go through the door right next to the office.

Reaching the Barricade

You can go up the stairs and kill a few zombies, but you won’t get much for it. Just skip them and go out the door to the street. Use your gravity gun to catch the hoppers before they even hit the ground. Go down and around the fence to get to the little group of rebels. Grab a few reinforcements from the camp with the wounded rebel and get ready to charge the barricade. If you still have four followers, then there won’t be any reinforcements here.

Half-Life 2 - This Combine Barricade is Your Next Goal

Go down the little alley just in front of the forward camp and go into the basement. Grab some supplies, but watch out for the headcrabs by the boxes. Work through the building until you get to an office area with glass doors. You’ll be able to see the Combine moving around. The doors ahead are locked, so start with the set to your left. Open the glass doors and clear the first three out of the room. The shotgun is particularly deadly at this range. There’s a health charger here, so charge up if you need it. If you’re quick, then you may not need it. Open the door and get to the next hallway. Go down the hall to the other only open door. Kill another three Combine and get to the end of the building. Kill the last one or two with your squad until you get to a hole in the floor. Shoot the explosive barrel to knock the one turret over and then drop down and use the gravity gun to knock over the second. They’re facing the street, so you should be fine. Disable the hopper and then look down the street.

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