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Half-Life 2 Walkhrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Barricade and the Car Park

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It's time to kick things up a notch for this next stage of Half-Life 2. You'll have to storm a heavily fortified Combine barricade and then take the fight into the nearby car park. Hordes of Combine stand between you and the next base. Check out this walkthrough for all the help you need to win.

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    Storming the Barricade

    This barricade will respawn soldiers infinitely. You need to get behind it to stop the spawns. Go forward and look for the blue car. Break the glass windows on the storefront to get around it. Cross in front of the big hole in the road and get into the other house across the street. Go up and kill the two Combine and the hopper by the entrance. Round the corner and disable another hopper. Kill a soldier watching the stairs, then go up to the room he was guarding. Grab the supplies and drop down to the bottom level. Then go out into the street. You're now behind the barricade.Half-Life 2 - The Combine Are Helpless Once You Flank the Barricade 

    There should just be a few soldiers on it at the moment. Attack with the AR2, the magnum, or the shotgun and kill anyone on top. Then press the button by the health charger to open the barricade. This will let new reinforcements to come up if you need them. Kill the soldier or two who attack from down the street, then heal at the charger. Continue along the stairs connected to the barricade to continue the raid.

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    Combine Base

    Half-Life 2 - Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel Go inside and kill the soldier guarding a much needed suit charger. Your rebels should kill the soldier in the other room who comes out to check. Charge up and grab some supplies from the next room. There's nothing but a turret upstairs, so just ignore it. Go downstairs and look to the office level. This is just one long hallway with side rooms lining it. There's no real strategy here. Just move with your squad and shoot the bad guys with your shotgun. There's a number of Combine who will come out from the side rooms during the battle, so stay alert. You'll be at point-blank range for most of the level.

    Go down another level to wipe out another little series of rooms lining a hallway. The only difference is that they'll also send three man hacks at you in this case. Use the gravity gun or shotgun to teach them a lesson. Once you get to the end, turn down the hallway to go down another level. You should be in a basement with two turrets dutifully guarding a hole in the wall. Stop! There is another turret behind the bulge to the left of the stairs. it will cause a lot of damage if you just run out into the basement. Pull out your gravity gun and spin around the corner. Grab the turret and launch it into a wall to disable it. Then go forward and knock over the two turrets guarding the wall. Drop down and kill the zombie torso that crawls out from under the turrets. Then go down the hallway to another loading screen.

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    The Car Park

    You will end up in an abandoned car tunnel. As you move forward, about 10 man hacks will flood in from the sky. Use your gravity gun to launch most of them into walls, but don't stop moving. The man hacks will keep spawning. Go ahead to the gas tanker and go around at the little opening by the right wall. Curve around until you get to the fence. Shoot the lock off the door to open it. Follow it down to another hallway. Another 6 or 8 man hacks will flood the hall and smash through the windows. Just use the gravity gun and hope your squadmates stay alive. Then charge down the hall toward the end of the tunnel.Half-Life 2 - Death From Above 

    There are three Combine soldiers and two machine gunners in place at the end. There's an explosive barrel by the gunner on the right, so blow it up to kill him. Then rush up to the blue car in front of the gunner on the left. Pop up from behind the car and kill him. The other two are just out in the open, so your surviving squad should have already killed them. If not, then shoot them with whatever you have.

    Walk past the gun stations and go to the little half hole in the wall. A rebel will tell you that they are prepping charges to blow up the wall, so step back to the turrets and hold your ground until they are done. I counted five soldiers and about 25 man hacks. Just stay on the machine gun and keep them suppressed. They'll tell you when it's time to go through the hole.

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    Locked Door and Zombies

    You're locked out for the time being, so go through the little hole in the back wall. Your squad stays behind because of the toxicity. The water here is toxic and eats right through your suit. It does about 5 damage a second. Don't fall into it. If you do, just start jumping and get on top of something in the water as quickly as you can. Use the spools and boxes to get through the water. Watch out once you pass the truck though. There are zombies along the side that spawn out of the water. Keep your eyes open and be ready to pull out the shotgun. Also, try to avoid the center platform if you can, by aiming for the flaming truck. If you step on the Half-Life 2 - Only a Horde of Zombies Stand Between You and That Pipe center platform, it will spawn about 7 zombies from the water around you. Your limited movement will make the fight very difficult.

    Your target is the broken pipe lying across the overturned tanker truck. Get to the white car at the back and jump onto it. Then climb the pipe to get into a vent. Break another grate in the vent to drop down and start moving down the hallway. Open the door to let your squad back through. Go up the stairs and to the street. Stop right now though.

    They are shelling the streets and a mortar is incoming at the end. It will just about kill you if you are anywhere near the end of the street. Just stay where you are and wait for the rocket to hit at the end of the street. Kill the six fast headcrabs that pop out of it. Then go to the gate to see that the rebels are in a bit of trouble.

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