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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: Sandtraps - Breaking into Nova Prospekt

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This section details the final assault into Nova Prospekt. You'll be leading your antlions up the hills and into the prison itself. There will also be a battle against two gunships, so you might need some help. This walkthrough should do the trick.

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    Breaking Into Prison

    Go a bit further up until you get to the bunker. Follow it around the cliff until you exit into a meadow in front of another bunker. Run ahead and throw a pheropod. The soldiers haven't fortified the position yet. If you are quick, then you will be able to kill them before they get to the machine gun. Round the corner and walk past the closed sewer gate and continue walking along the cliff. Jump off of the log to make it across the gap. Go up the path to the fire ahead. There are two zombies, but you can just shoot the gas can next to them to set them on fire. Knock out the supports on the bridge above them to form a ramp up to the next level.

    Go up a level and round the corner, but watch the big catwalk ahead. Three soldiers will start shooting and throwing grenades. Stay alert and use the magnum or crossbow to pick them off. Walk under the catwalk and climb the big ladder to get up onto the platform. Jump over the fence to get onto the ledge with the dead rebel and the supplies. Move along the ledge further until you get to the pipe. Then just walk through the sewer until you get into Nova Prospekt. You'll know you're there when the pipe opens up into the pool with the ladder.

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    Clearing the Grounds

    You need to kill the guards and get into the actual jail now. Move quickly up the ramp and cut to the right to get into the back corner. Use your AR2 to pick off the three guards in the watchtower. Use a pheropod to send your antlions out into the yard to begin an assault. Then just move along the rock outcroppings until you can pick off the guards in the other two towers. Feel free to use your rockets if you have them. You'll get an unlimited supply in a second. Once they're dead, you can run up the stairs and move along the compound. Kill the two guards in the little guard post and charge up your health and energy at the two chargers they were guarding. There are little groups of guards around the compound, but it's basically chaos now. Your antlions are attacking everything, so I can't give much advice. Just keep moving to the back of the compound near an intact blue container. It's right below the red sign that says “Nova Prospekt.”

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    Gunship Battle

    You have to kill two gunships in a row, so conserve your health. The blue containers make good cover if you need it. The gunships will also target your antlions, so you won't be under constant fire. Look for the green box of rockets by the blue container at the top. Use the ammo box itself and the nearby container for cover. Then just keep firing when it passes over your head. Once the first one is destroyed, the second one will approach. Take it out in the same manner. Once you score the killing blow, there will be an explosion by the rocket box. Go through the new hole and turn the valve to kill the fire. Go through the next path and turn off the next valve hanging from the ceiling. Keep walking until you come to the door at the end. You will get a loading screen and the next chapter will begin.

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: Sandtraps

This section of the larger Half-Life 2 walkthrough covers the entire chapter and its challenges. it covers the fighting to the lighthouse, the defense of the lighthouse, your run along antlion breeding grounds, and your charge into Nova Prospekt. Just look inside if you need help.
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