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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: Sandtraps - Lighthouse Defense and Sandtraps

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

You reached the rebel base, but it's not exactly your safe haven. You need to defend it against a wave of incoming soldiers and a gunship and then hide from antlions. So get ready to dig in and kill more Combine. If you need any tips for getting through this, just look inside.

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    Rebel Defense

    Go into the next town and see that the rebels still hold it. Drive into the open garage to hide your car as instructed. Then go out the door and take up a position behind the wall across from the garage. Dropships are coming and their machine guns will do a lot of damage if you don't have cover. Wait for the dropship to land by the garage, drop off four men, and leave. Kill the four soldiers it drops off. The AR2 is good for this range.

    Crouch behind the wall again to take cover from the next dropship's guns. It will come in over the road at the entrance to the town. Kill the four soldiers with the AR2. The next one lands between the town and the lighthouse. Hide in one of the houses and kill the four soldiers with your shotgun. The last one lands at the lighthouse. Use the crossbow to pick them off as they land, since you are outside of the dropship's firing range.

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    Gunship Battle

    A gunship is approaching now, so run up to the lighthouse as the rebels instruct you to do. Go inside and run up until you reach the supply of rockets by the top. Grab some rockets and run up to the top of the lighthouse. Start firing at the gunship. The beacon will provide decent cover and you can fall back to the stairway to hide from the gunship. There's no exact science to this. Just keep firing at it and grab more rockets as you need them. A rebel will run into the lighthouse once it blows up. Follow him into the basement and grab the supplies down there. He'll open the secret door to the ledges outside. Drop down and start walking along them.

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    The Sandtraps

    Keep moving forward along the linear path until you come to two men by a rock. This is your little warning that any movement on the sand will trigger antlions to spawn. Kill the four antlions here and get ready for some platforming. Use your gravity gun to grab the supplies near the rock Laszlo and start jumping along the line of rocks to the left. You should be able to follow this path of rocks down the entire slope if you jump properly. If you are worried about it, then drag along the crate and the wooden pallet. You can use these as a bridge.

    Get to the bottom of the hill and start looking for a chain of rocks leading toward two wooden planks to the left. There are a bunch of paths through the area, but I like this one the best. Move along the rocks as best as you can to get to the wooden planks. Walk up the makeshift ramp and then step unto the next ramp. It will work as a seesaw. Use the gravity gun to pull the crate off of the end and shoot it away. This seesaw will make a little ramp up to the green patch above. Jump onto this island and start walking along the elevated plains.

    There are two options from this point. You should be able to see the thumper from the elevated area. It's not yet activated and it's a little ways away. If you look down between the two elevated area, you should see two metal planks forming a little wall. You can use your gravity gun to make a temporary bridge and use the two to leapfrog to the thumper. This is boring. I suggest that you jump off and make a run for it. If you sprint, you will be ahead of the five or six antlions that spawn and you'll be able to make it to the house before they even start to attack. Go to the back of the house and press the button on the generator. This will turn on the thumper. Run to it and take a breather. Grab supplies and climb the hill past the thumper when you are ready.

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: Sandtraps

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