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Guild Wars: “Grinding a Green” Woe Spreader

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Woe Spreader is a great weapon for Necromancer minion masters. Learn the Guild Wars farm locations for the Woe Spreader. Guild Wars solo farming the Woe Spreader guarantees the drop goes to the player. Players in Guild Wars farm money by selling these green weapons.

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    Grinding a Green

    Sessk Woe Spreader Guild Wars In order to “grind a green” weapon in Guild Wars the circumstances need to be just right. This term is applied to finding a boss that drops your desirable green weapon that is by a portal or exit. This makes it easier for the player to come in and out of the area to reset the boss making them able to be killed over and over at a fast pace. Eventually that boss will drop the specific weapon the player wants and the run is successful.

    Some people farm weapons to sell while other players farm weapons to keep. One player in Guild Wars that has every hero available in the game is going to need more weapons than he or she knows. Each hero needs a good weapon and a weapon that works with each build. Grinding a green weapon is the easiest way to get these for many.

    The following green grind will take you through the steps of getting a Woe Spreader. This will include the location, party setup, and execution of the run.

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    Hero and Henchmen Setup

    This farm is going to be a solo run in the since you do not want to bring other players along. Heros and henchmen are going to ensure you that when the weapon drops you get it. If there are other players in your party then the loot is split and drops can be lost. Bring a mixture of heros and henchmen that will benefit the run. In a farm for the green weapon Woe Spreader, arguably one of the best minion master weapons in the game, the setup would need to be arranged in the following order:

    • Player – Damage or HealerPhoto By Melina Ann Collison 
    • Hero 1 – Healer
    • Hero 2 – Healer
    • Hero 3 – Damage
    • Henchmen 1 – Damage
    • Henchmen 2 – Damage
    • Henchmen 3 – Damage
    • Henchmen 4 – Healer or Damage; opposite of the player

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    Areas to Farm a Woe Spreader

    Sessk Woe Spreader location Guild Wars When choosing a place to farm the green weapon you want pick one close to a portal or exit. This makes it easier to travel in and out faster. The Woe Spreader can be found in two places inside the Guild Wars game.

    During the quest Night Raiders in Archipelagos the boss Xiriss Stickleback drops the Woe Spreader weapon. Sessk woespreader location Guild Wars This makes the weapon almost impossible to farm and therefore do not even concern yourself with this location.

    Sessk, on the other hand, appears in two places and drops the Woe Spreader in both; Archipelagos and Maishang Hills. Both places are good for farming since they are close to a portal or exit.

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    Completing the Run

    Gather the correct heros and henchmen for the run and make sure everyone has the right weapons and builds. Follow the map and walk out of the town into the area you have chosen to farm. Try to avoid as many mobs as possible and arrive at the boss location as quickly as possible. When you run up on the boss group target him and focus all the damage upon that one enemy. This way you can see if the weapon drops. It doesn’t matter about the rest of the group they can live or your party can take care of them. If the weapon Woe Spreader Guild Wars drops pick it up and type /resign into the chat box. If the weapon does not drop still type /resign and then repeat the steps listed above.

    Many people farm these weapons to sell. This run is easy and worth the time it takes. Players want the Woe Spreader for hero weapons or side weapons. Check the current prices of the weapon to know what you should sell the Woe Spreader for. You can either camp in a main town until you see a few people selling the item or simply ask in Trade Chat how much it is worth right now. Players are usually helpful and do not mind answering a few questions. Good luck farming!