Guild Wars: Selvetarm Dungeon Guide

Guild Wars: Selvetarm Dungeon Guide
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Guild Wars is the top free MMORPG game and players everywhere are falling in love with the characters, story, and scenery. With the newest expansion Eye of the North: Guild Wars players are offered a chance to enter the world of dungeons and receive new loot. Selvetarm is one such dungeon in Guild Wars that has impressive rewards for completing the dungeon or killing bosses. This dungeon consists of 1 level where the final battle will find you face to face with the final boss Selvetarm. You will also see other enemies such as spirits, ghosts, stone summits, and undead. The chained clerics which litter this dungeon make it somewhat difficult with an unprepared party. Watch for over aggro because this will surely cause a party wipe.

This dungeon is part of a 4 dungeon set that completes one step in The Last Hierophant quest. To get this quest the player will simply need to enter Slaver’ Exile and it will be in their log.

Location and Navigation of Selvetarm Dungeon

Finding your way to the location of and then navigating through any dungeon in Guild Wars can be a challenge in itself without mentioning the bosses, your henchmen not listening, and other problems that can arise. Dungeons are spread out all over Eye of the North in hidden locations that you must discover yourself. There will not be a marker on your map to the location of any dungeon unless you have taken your character to the spot and uncovered it. The entrance to Selvetarm dungeon is located in Slavers’ Exile

which can be found across the river in Verdant Cascades. Leave Umbral Grotto and head towards the river.

Follow the inside dungeon map carefully to avoid unnecessary fights and going down the wrong tunnels. Here is a map of the level inside Selvetarm dungeon.

The Last Hierophant

The Last Hierophant quest line consists of completing 4 dungeons in Slavers’ Exile; Justiciar Thommis, Selvetarm, Forgewight, and Duncan the Black. These dungeons are the only Elite dungeons in the Guild Wars game. This quest line can be completed in any order with the exception of Duncan the Black which will need to be completed after the other 3 dungeons are finished. If for some reason the quest does not appear in your log after entering Slavers’ Exile simply talk to Veth the Storyteller.

All 4 dungeons will be accessible from Slavers’ Exile as well as the ability to craft destroyer weapons. This type of weapon can be placed in the Hall of Monuments and is highly sought after by many players. Talk to Balthor Coalforge and give him 10 Onyx, 10 Diamonds, 250 Granite, and 100 Iron Ingots with 5 platinum. The only other type of item allowed in the Hall of Monument is tormented items.

Selvetarm Dungeon Rewards

At the end of the Selvetarm dungeon a chest will spawn called the Chest of the Slaver. This chest will open one time for each player giving 2 items in hard mode and 1 in normal mode. This specific chest awards:

  • Crafting Materials; Diamond or Onyx Gemstone.

    Chained Cleric Guild Wars

  • Gold Item

Upon finishing the Selvetarm dungeon your character will also get one step marked completed in The Last Hierophant quest. These steps have no specific order except for Duncan the Black dungeon which will need to be completed last. These dungeons are used for farming Voltaic Spears and Pyroclastic Axes. Any character trying to complete this dungeon series must first complete the quest A Time for Heroes but the quest does not need to be in the Hero’s Handbook. Watch out for the random spawning of spirits who will kill you throughout these 4 dungeons.