List of Fable 3 Achievements: Explanation & How to Get the Easiest Achievements

List of Fable 3 Achievements: Explanation & How to Get the Easiest Achievements
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Fable 3 is the third installment of the popular RPG game from Lionsgate. This game sees the player trying to overthrow the evil Logan, in hopes of freeing Albion from his tryanny and rule, with the hopes of ascending the throne himself. Along the way, the player will meet and gather a variety of followers, as well as making a name for themself.

For fans of the series, there were of course numerous amounts of achievements that could be done during your game play, like how many spouses you could get or how many times you could be kicked out of town. The third installment is no different, however some of the achievements are based on your road to ruling the kingdom and with the followers that you gather.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the Fable 3 achievements and how to tackle some of them.

List of Fable 3 Achievements

There are a total of 50 achievements that a player can gain in Fable 3, with the complete total of points equaling one thousand. The

majority of the achievements are worth between 5 and 50 points, with the two main objectives of the game (defeat the bad guy and become ruler of Albion) worth a total of 80 points.

Most of the points are easily achieved through the quests lines that will help you gain followers, as was as becoming the great Hero that your parent was, continuing the line of the super human protectors of Albion. While this isn’t a complete list of achievements, these are the ones that are focal to the plot of the game, as well as the easiest ones to achieve.

The Guild Seal

This is the first achievement that you will receive. At this point, the player has been led to a tomb where he will encounter his father’s (or mother’s) hidden treasure of the Guild Seal, which allowed for any Hero to teleport anywhere in Albion (from the first game), as well as identifying that person as a hero. This achievement is worth 10 points.

Follower Achievements (Main)

These achievements take place after you have won over a large group of followers, who will stand behind you when you lead the revolt to the throne. They are completed after you have given promises to that faction. There are four different groups that you need to have follow you -

  • The Dwellers
  • The Swift Brigade
  • Bowerstone
  • Auora

The Dwellers, Shift Brigade, and Auora are each worth 20 points, while winning the support of Bowerstone (where the current king resides) is worth 50 points.

Quest Achievements

Several quests also give you achievements and are worth between 5 and 20 points. Most of these will be important for you to gain the support of the factions above.

Spell/Melee Achievements

Fable 3 Achievement Guide: Explanation & Easiest to Get

These achievements will usually happen when you’ve battled your way through to the throne. Spell achievements occur when you use either all of the spells offered to you or if you use a combination of spells, while melee achievements are based on either ranged or melee combat.

All Around Albion

These achievements are based on things you do around Albion, such as finding keys, treasure chests, and digging.

Fashion Victim

These are achievements that are dependent on how you dress your character. The easiest one would probably be He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, in which you dress your character in the clothing of the opposite sex.

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