Doom 3: A Complete Walkthrough Guide for Every Level in Doom 3

Doom 3

Doom 3 was an excellent first-person shooter survival horror which made for a challenging single player experience. This atmospheric game was set in a research facility on Mars and featured an exciting back story. Battling your way through the dark corridors you faced a variety of nasty creatures looking to end your life and in order to progress you had to glean bits of information from people you’d meet along the way and documents you could find lying around. Many of the doors required codes to activate them and finding ammunition was a constant challenge.

Doom 3 Walkthrough

Here we provide you with a walkthrough to help guide you through each level of the game. Sections are divided into the individual levels so you can skip directly to the area that stumped you and find out how to progress.

Before you Start

Before you start it is worth checking that you have the latest patch installed which you can do via the updates option on the main screen. You may also want to access the Options menu and then the System option in order to scan your system for the optimal set up. You can also change the controls via the Options menu if you so desire. This walkthrough is based on Marine Difficulty.

Controls in Brief

The default controls will be immediately familiar for any FPS gamers. Movement is via W,A,S,D or the arrow keys. You fire your weapon with left mouse or Ctrl, hold Alt to strafe, Shift to run, C to crouch and Spacebar to jump.

You can reload by pressing R and you’ll want to do this frequently after every encounter so you don’t get caught short. F will bring up the flashlight and Tab allows you to access your all important PDA.

You may also want to note that F5 is quicksave and F9 is quickload.

Individual Level Walkthroughs

Mars City 1

Mars City Underground

Mars City 2


Alpha Labs 1

Alpha Labs 2

Alpha Labs 3

Alpha Labs 4

EnPro Plant

Communications Transfer


Monorail Skybridge

Recycling 2


Delta Labs 1

Delta Labs 2 South

Delta Labs 2 North

Delta Labs 3 + 4


Delta Complex

CPU Complex

Central Server Banks

Site 3

Caverns 1

Caverns 2/Primary Excavation