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Doom 3 Walkthrough: Mars City 1, Level 1

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a complete walkthrough for the first level of Doom 3, Mars City 1. Learn how to play this opening level of the Doom 3 first-person shooter game.

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    Mars City Hangar

    You arrive in the loading bay of Mars City and a marine will welcome you and direct you to check in. Walk up the stairs to your left and you can either chat to the scientist on the left or just enter the double doors on the right. The marine in the booth will direct you to stand on one of the red squares with marked footsteps on the floor and conduct a bio scan. He’ll tell you not to move around but it makes no difference if you do. Once complete, the doors at the far end open and you can cross the corridor and enter the door opposite.

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    Mars City Reception

    This will trigger a cut scene in which you receive your PDA and a text pop up which explains the functions to you, grab the video disk from the desk. Your first task will pop up in your PDA telling you to report to Marine Command. You can have a look around and bother the guy at reception if you like. Otherwise turn right and then take the stairs. At the end of the corridor there’s another short cut scene, you can chat to the characters milling around if you want to. After the cut scene take the corridor on the left and follow it round to the kitchen and grab the PDA there. Then head through the door on your right and on your right you’ll see Marine Command. Once you are inside head to your right and through another door and you’ll reach Sgt. Kelly which will trigger another cut scene.

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    Command HQ Control

    He’ll explain your mission; once he is finished follow the sentry bot until it stops and descend the stairs on your right. If you check the PDA you found in the kitchen you’ll find the code 396 in Adam Berneche’s audio log. Use it to open the supply cabinet and grab the ammo before heading to the control panel on the wall to call the lift. Once in the lift click the exit Mars City panel and the first level is done.

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