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Doom 3 Cheats – How To Conquer Doom 3 using Cheat Codes

by: Brian Healy ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you need a little help in beating the first-person shooter game, Doom 3, then these cheat codes may just help you out of a jam. However, they should only be used sparingly so you still get maximum enjoyment from the game – after all, cheating defeats the purpose of playing!

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    Doom 3 Overview

    Doom 3 is a science fiction first person shooter which was released for PC in 2004. It is a survival horror game which was later ported to the Xbox in 2005 and spawned a movie spinoff starring The Rock.

    Set in 2145 on the planet, Mars, Doom 3 was not a follow on from previous Doom pc games. In the game, a military-industrial organisation inadvertently opens a portal through to Hell, from which all manner of demons invade a research facility and the player takes on the role of a marine charged with the task of finding a way to close the portal and stop the demons invading Earth.

    If you’re new to Doom 3, or stuck on a particular part of the game then a full Doom 3 walkthrough is available on this site. These cheat codes are used to complement the walkthrough, so players can traverse areas of particular difficulty in the game.

    There are many other cheat codes for Doom 3, which give up information found in NPCs’ PDAs and also allow you to skip maps. There are also numerous other cheats for multiplayer action, but for the purposes of this article we are focussing on the most important cheats for single-player games - those which allow you to stay alive and keep stocked up on ammo!

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    Activating the Cheat Console

    To use cheats in Doom 3, the player must first activate the console. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + TILDE (~) in single player games and type in the corresponding code to apply the cheat effect.

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    Weapons & Equipment Cheats

    These cheat codes will allow you to obtain equipment and weapons for use in the game. Open the cheat console and type in the cheat code you need to get keys, armor and weapons.

    • give all - This cheat gives you all keys, ammunition, weapons etc
    • give keys - Use this to get all keys for the current level you are playing
    • give armor - This cheat gives you full armor
    • give weapon_machinegun – Use this cheat code to receive the Machinegun
    • give weapon_shotgun - This code will give you the Shotgun
    • give weapon_plasmagun - The Plasmagun awaits when you use this cheat!
    • give weapon_bfg - This gives you the BFG (the Big Friendly Giant gun)
    • give weapon_chainsaw – Slice n' dice! Use this cheat to get the Chainsaw
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    Ammo Cheats

    Use these cheats to ensure you don’t run out of ammo for your weapons. To apply, open the cheat console and type the corresponding code:

    • give ammo - this gives you full ammo for all weapons in your arsenal
    • give ammo_bfg_small – use this cheat to get ammo for the BFG 9000
    • give ammo_belt_small - this code gives ammo for the Chaingun
    • give ammo_clip_small - this cheat gives ammo for the Machine Gun
    • give ammo_bullets_small - use this code to get ammo for the Pistol
    • give ammo_cells_small - gives ammo for the Plasma Rifle
    • give ammo_rockets_small - this cheat code gives ammo for the Rocket Launcher
    • give ammo_shells_small - this code is used to get ammo for the Shotgun
    • give ammo_grenage_small - need grenades? This is the code which gives you Hand Grenades
    • give ammo_clip_large - gives large ammo for Machine Gun
    • give ammo_bullets_large – use this code to receive bigger bullets for the Pistol
    • give ammo_cells_large – this code provides large ammo for the Plasma Rifle
    • give ammo_rockets_large – this cheat gives large ammo for the Rocket Launcher
    • give ammo_shells_large – gives large ammo for Shotgun
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    Health Cheats

    Use these codes if you have just endured a hard fight and are injured, or are about to face up to a difficult situation. Again, enter the corresponding code into the cheat console to use them:

    • god – This cheat code enables God mode, which makes you impervious to attacks
    • give health – Use this cheat code to return to full health

    These are the main cheats you’ll likely use in the game, to make sure you don’t run out of ammo at a critical stage in the game or to heal after a particularly intense firefight. However, use them sparingly so as to not compromise your enjoyment of the game!