Mars City Underground, Doom 3 Level 2 Walkthrough

Underground Access

Exit the lift and talk to the marine stationed in the booth on your right. He’ll direct you to grab some armor and a pistol from the glass case on your right and then test your radio before letting you pass through the door. You’ll receive a new objective on your PDA to go to the Old Comm Building. Follow the walkway round to the right and head down the stairs before entering the door with the Energy Stabilization sign above it. Head down the stairs and you’ll find a slimy looking guy on your left hiding behind a box who will talk to you. Once he’s done head through the door and along the corridor, you’ll find a PDA to pick up on your left. The PDA has a code (531) which will allow you to open the cabinet. Once you’re done head through the door and in the chamber beyond take the door on your left.

Energy Delivery

Take the next door on your left and as you enter the lights will fail so tap F to bring up your flashlight and head down the stairs. Go through the door and down into the loading bay where the marine will tell you that you need to head outside to reach the Comm Building. Pick up the gun and ammo on the crate and hit the yellow airlock release button. Get into the airlock and hit the button so it opens and then walk across the bridge, pausing to admire the scenery of Mars. Activate the airlock on the other side in the same way and head inside. You’ll find a medkit on the right if you need it, take the stairs and then the lift up to Communications on level 2. Once the lift stops exit and follow the corridor round and you’ll trigger a new cut scene.

Old Comm Main

After the cut scene things turn a little scary and the scientist will disappear. The door you came through will open and you should kill the zombie who pops up and then proceed back to the lift, killing another zombie along the way. Go back down in the lift and grab the medkit in the room at the bottom if you need it. Head back into the airlock and outside across the bridge and back into the other airlock. There will be a zombie on your right when you come out of the airlock. Head up the stairs and behind the next door there will be another zombie waiting for you. Take him out and continue up the stairs and then through the next door there will be another zombie climbing up on your right, kill him and then activate the panel in front of you which will deploy a bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the z-sec at the end of the corridor and the one waiting through the next door.

Energy Processing

Head down the stairs and grab Frank Delahue’s PDA. Your security clearance is now updated so you can head back up and through the door which was locked to you before. At the end of corridor on the right there is another zombie to despatch. Go left through the door and down the stairs and grab the shotgun and ammo on the crate. When you do the platform you are standing on will slide down and you’ll be set upon by more zombies. Use the shotgun to take them out and climb the ladder back up. Head up the stairs and take the door on the right, grab the armor on the right, go up the stairs and kill the zombie and the z-sec and then another zombie. Grab the extra ammo on the left and use the medical station on the right if you need it.

EP Aerobic Stabilizer

Entering the next room will trigger a cutscene with an imp who can throw fireballs at you. The shotgun will deal with him, proceed down the corridor kill another imp and a couple of zombies then grab the pick ups hidden where the second zombie sprang from, turn round quickly to take out another imp who appears at the top of the stairs. Head through the door and use the medical station if you need it and then down to the left watching out for the imp who lunges at you. Take out the zombie after him and go through the door round to the left and through another door where another imp will jump at you. After he’s done a z-sec will pop up behind you – take him out and follow the walkway round to the right. Take the door on the left at the end and then through another door where an imp will jump through the stairs at you. Waste him and jump up the stairs and through the door.

Underground Junction

An imp will climb over the barrier at the end, you can use the exploding barrel to take him out and then head up the stairs. Watch out for falling crates though! When you reach the top a door will open and an imp will attack you, take him out and head through the door. Head left and take out the z-sec on the console then go to the right and activate the security checkpoint. Once it is unlocked use the medical station if you need it and go back up the stairs, through the door where there’ll be another z-sec and then left and through the door with the Security Checkpoint sign above it. Take out the last couple of imps, grab the gun from the cabinet and enter the lift watching out for the z-sec inside.

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