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Mars City 2 Walkthrough of Level 3 of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A complete walkthrough of Mars City 2 the third level of Doom 3.

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    You’re back in Mars City with an objective to report back to Sgt. Kelly. There will be a z-sec hiding behind the big crate on your right, head up the small stairs on your left and a ladder will be lowered for you. At the top an engineer will chat to you and you can turn left and crouch to enter the vent. Make sure you’re flashlight is on and collect the armor in the vent and then follow it round. When you drop down two zombies will spawn in one behind you and one in front. Take them out and grab Marcus Stanton’s PDA from the desk before taking the door on the left, shoot the body lying by the door before you go through. There’ll be a z-sec to kill in the corridor beyond, turn right and through the door, there’ll be another z-sec and then you’ll see through the glass there’s an imp eating someone, don’t worry he can’t get to you. Pick up the card on the desk on your left and go back out and use it to open the other door.

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    Sec Ops Processing

    Through the door you’ll have to take out some more z-secs and then more zombies in the room beyond. When you’re done with them check for pick ups and take the door on the right. Watch out for the flaming zombie and proceed down the corridor, there are more zombies and z-secs through the next door and then an imp will jump down from the ceiling. You’ll find ammo in the room on the right and a medical station in the infirmary. Grab Mark Caseon’s PDA and you’ll get the code 347 which will allow you to open the cabinet for health, ammo and armor. In the next room take out the zombie on the bed and then another flaming zombie in the corridor beyond; there are pick ups if you crawl under the fire and Bill Tyson’s PDA further along the passage. Double back and take the other corridor where you’ll find a zombie eating a marine, kill him and head into the room beyond.

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    Marine Headquarters

    You’ll hear a voice saying “Video Uplink Requested” - activate the monitor to talk to Sgt. Kelly, he’ll tell you to meet up with Bravo team. Head down the stairs to Combat Prep room and use the PDA code 584 to open the security room for some goodies. As you head through Marine Command you’ll find more z-secs and a zombie to kill, there are z-secs in each room, continue through until you meet a sentry bot who will help you. Stay behind him and follow as he takes out more z-secs and imps. He’ll lead you back to the lift but before you get in go to the right corner next to the Thirsty Burst vending machine and you’ll find a vent to enter, climb the ladder for more pick ups and Duncan Mathews’ PDA and then enter the lift to finish the level.

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