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Doom 3 Walkthrough: Alpha Labs 3, Level 7

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Level 7 of Doom 3 is Alpha Labs 3 and this is a thorough walkthrough guide for the level to get you through.

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    AL2 Main Engineering

    Exit the airlock and take out the z-secs and the imp, there are some pick ups next to the crate on your left. Follow the corridor round and a maggot will jump down. Head up the stairs and there will another maggot and a couple of trites. Go past the corridor on your left (there are more trites and a maggot down the corridor on your left and a door you can’t access yet at the end) and take the door on the right and grab Mark Lamia’s PDA. A couple of z-secs might show up especially if you stop to check his log and emails here. You can use the control panel to activate the claw and pick up barrels, drop them into the bin on the right and the toxic gas will clear, you’ll hear a message when it’s done. Head out and round to the right, use the medical station if you need it.

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    Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Go into the previously toxic room and grab the keycard on the floor. Head into the next room, you’ll find ammo and a medkit on the right and can access the security locker with the code from Lamia which is 123. You’ll find George Poota’s PDA on the floor next to the cabinet. Hit the panel behind you to raise the platform, watch out as it will have three z-secs on it, you can use the exploding barrel to take them out. Go back out the way you entered and a couple of z-secs will run in and attack you. Head left when you get back outside the toxic chamber with the claw and kill the z-secs. Go back to the corridor you passed earlier and use the keycard to access the door. There will be a z-sec, some trites and an imp to kill. Head to the right and you’ll find some armor next to the computers in the corner. There’s also another security locker which you can open using the code 123 again. Watch out for a maggot as you climb the stairs then go through the door.

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    Boiler Room

    An imp will spawn in; you’ll find a medkit and ammo in the top left corner of the room. There’ll be another z-sec to kill then you’ll find the door on the right is locked. Once you kill all the trites that spawn in, a couple of z-secs will enter and you’ll be able to go through the door. You’ll find a couple of zombies; check the dark corridor on the left for ammo and hidden armor, but be careful when you get the armor as a couple of imps will spawn in and then zombies, more imps and z-secs.

    On the plus side, the lights will be on now so you can hoover up the previously hidden pick ups behind the pillars along the corridor. Go back to the room at the end and take the door on your left. There’s a zombie and more trites, once they’re done there’s a medkit in the dark corner next to the lift. Jump on the lift and hit the panel to descend, an imp and four maggots will spawn in at the bottom.

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    Heavy Water Runoff

    Once they are dead go through the door and kill the three pinky’s that attack you. Once they are gone an imp will spawn in too. Check the dark corner on the right for a medkit. The door is broken so climb through the broken window. There’s another cabinet you can open with code 123. Then go up to the airlock door and use the panel to activate and you’ve completed this level.

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