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Alpha Labs 2 Complete Walkthrough: Level 6 of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A guide to walk you through level 6 of Doom 3 set in Alpha Labs Sector 2.

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    Level 2 Entrance

    Exit the lift and grab the pick ups on your left. If you look to the right you’ll see a corpse being munched and limbs dropping to the floor. As you advance a corpse will levitate out of the room and two imps will spawn in. Head round to the right, there are more pick ups in the dark corner on your right then head through the door. Another imp will spawn in behind you. Take the door on the right and you’ll find a couple of zombies in the toilet and a maggot. Pause to admire yourself in the mirror and then climb the ladder in the top right of the room.

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    Lavatory Ventilation Ducts

    You’ll receive a radio transmission, crouch down and head through the tunnel to your right, you’ll find some pick ups and another maggot. Get back into the tunnel and follow it round to the right. If you look through the floor grating you’ll see a zombie chowing down, head towards the red light, drop down into the corridor and take out the waiting imp. Heading on take a left at the broken door and you’ll find another imp and a maggot will spawn in, take the door on the right and waste the zombie who was chowing down, watch out! The corpse he was feeding on will rise. Grab Andrew Chin’s PDA from the desk on your left and check the security cameras on the monitor and you’ll see a guy in Engineering Coolant Control. Use the medical station if you need it and then head back out and turn right.

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    Junction D03

    Head through the door, take the door on your right and you’ll find a maggot and an imp will spawn in. Check out the view of Mars through the window on the right, take the door on the left. An imp will spawn in up on the left, take the next door and you’ll find a z-sec, head along the corridor and through the next door. You’ll see some z-secs through the window to the right, they’ll be coming up behind you, proceed through the door and take out the maggot that spawns in then turn and deal with the z-secs.

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    Alpha Labs 2 Walkthrough

    You’ll find the security locker by jumping over the machinery on your right, the code is 409. Head over to the computer terminals and grab the disk on the desk. Go through the door with red light above it and through the next corridor. You’ll find a medkit dead ahead and some z-secs, an imp and a maggot to your right. Check behind the crates for pick ups. Then head over and get on the lift, hit the panel to lower it and watch out for a maggot climbing around on the walls and an imp at the bottom. You’ll find some pick ups behind the crates on the left of the door then proceed through.

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    Engineering and Coolant

    Follow the corridor round and you’ll meet J. Edwards, the guy you saw earlier on the security camera. Use the computer terminal in the office and then follow J. Edwards. It is a good idea to try and stay in front of him so you can take out enemies. You’ll find some pick ups dotted around in the next room, grab them quickly and go back to Edwards. Don’t worry he’ll complain but he’ll wait for you. Three imps and a maggot will spawn in as you go so stay vigilant.

    When you reach the exit ladder two imps will spawn in and kill Edwards, don’t worry you can’t save him. Climb the ladder and at the top there will be a storage cabinet behind you, code 102. Use it then go through the door. There’s a broken door to your right so head straight on, crouch down and go right through the tunnel. Kill the trite that springs up in the tunnel. Eventually you’ll reach a room where loads of trites will attack you. Hit the panel dead ahead and kill the trites while you wait, once they’re done a ladder will pop up. Climb the ladder and watch out for more trites at the top then hit the control panel to open the door on your left and the level is done.

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