The Walkthrough to Dead Space, Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard

The Walkthrough to Dead Space, Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard
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Exit the tram. Pick up the audio log and ammo from the waiting room. Enter the corridor. There is an entrance to restrooms to your right, past the corpse, where some ammo, crates and Medium Med Pack can be found. At the end of the corridor there is an elevator. Use it. Grab the Contact Energy Schematic and smash a crate. Proceed further through the door.

Grab the ammunition and listen to Hammond, then smash another crate and continue moving forward. Enter the door to the Atmosphere Control. There is a Save Station, Store, and a panel in this room. Exit to West Growth Camber, then walk the corridor and enter another door. There are two panels along the wall, as well as two open doors. The second door leads you to a small storeroom with an Upgrade Bench. Reach the crago lift and go up.

Move on and enter the West Growth Chamber. To your left is some ammo, to the right - a crate, a bit further - a panel. Move to the opposite side and enter the unlabeled door. Go on and kill the creature. A crate is in front of you. Exit through the door in which you came here and move forward. Enter the door to Inner Greenhouse A. There is another poisonous creature and some ammo here. After finishing the monster, exit the room, then move to the center of the hall and use the cargo lift to go to Level 3. Smash some crates, pick up a Ruby Semiconductor, and use the lift to get down to Level 2.

Turn right, grab the cash and proceed to Hydroponics Control. A panel and another air poisoner await you. After finishing business here, head back through the door and walk to the opposite side. Enter the door to Refrigeration West, open a crate, use the Save Station and proceed forward. Move through the corridors until you reach the Refrigeration West itself.

Loot the panels and enter the middle of the room. Shoot a crate, pick up its content with kinesis, then jump to the right wall. Open the door using kinesis. Jump in the room, then to the opposite wall and open another door. Jump in and then to the ceiling of the corridor in the wall. Walk out through the door. Proceed to Air Filtration Room. To your left is a crate and to the right some ammo

Raging Flames

. Go left, pick up an audio log and use the cargo lift to go down.

Shoot the plasma circuit. There is some ammo and a Stasis Recharge. Proceed through the left wall. Watch for the bursting flames and move only when they have disappeared. Shoot a plasma circuit, enter the door and shoot another one. Proceed in the same pattern until you reach another poisoner creature. Kill it and enter the cargo lift.

Smash a crate, open another one and enter the small cabin. Pick up a Power Node, Medium Med Pack and open a panel. Proceed back, past the cargo lift. Enter the elevator and use it. You are in the West Growth Chamber again. From here, go back to Atmosphere Control.

After using the Store and Save Station (or not), leave to East Grow Chamber. Pick up the text log. Enter the door. The room to your right contains an Upgrade Bench, the next one - a crate. Third room can be opened with a Power Node and contains some ammo and a crate. Use the cargo lift and go up. Enter the East Grow Chamber.

To the right you can find two panels, to the left there are some crates. Enter the door to Inner Greenhouse B at the opposite side of the room. Smash the crate, pick up the ammo and proceed forward. Now use the door opposite to Inner Greenhouse B door with a panel near it. Shoot another air poisoner. Smash the crates, proceed to the next room with another crate and ammo, and exit through the door.

Now use the elevator, go up to the Level 3 and shoot another creature. Now go down to Level 2, activate the Feeding System console and kill the creature down there while the shaft is open. This has to be done quickly before the shaft closes again.

Go up to Level 2. Go behind the elevator, smash some crates, pick up an audio log and Small Med Pack. Use kinesis to get some Line Racks to your left. Now go to the opposite side and enter the door to Refrigeration East. There is a Save Station and a Power Node. Continue through the next door.

Organic Mess

Grab the Gold Semiconductor. Proceed through the next door. Pick up the audio log and enter Refrigeration East. Open the crates and use a Stasis Recharge (if necessary). Enter another zero gravity area. Look up and jump to the part of the wall that isn’t completely covered in organic matter. Jump up to another such section in front of you.

Slow down the generator with stasis and jump up. Quickly jump into the large opening that you can see in the wall. Now jump to the opposite side, then trough another opening, grab the floating ammo using kinesis. There is another air poisoner in the upper corner to your current position. Kill it, then jump up through the opening, then up again. Use the button near the opening to shut down the the generator, jump through to the far opposite wall. Exit the room.

Proceed all the way back to Atmosphere Control. Use the Store, save, then activate the console in the middle of the room. Enter the huge round door. Grab the audio log, smash some crates and proceed through another door. Insert the Poison Capsule into the

The Leviathan

Food Filter. Grab the Medium Med Pack and go trough the next door.

Enter the zero gravity area and meet the Leviathan. Move towards it. As soon as the boss extends the tentacles start running to the left or right. After a tentacle tries to hit you and misses, shoot the yellow weak spot. Various objects like ammo and Med Packs float around - dont hesitate to grab them. As soon as you shoot all the tentacles, the beast shall open it’s mouth; shoot into it or toss red canisters, aiming for another weak spot object into the throat and also shooting the explosive objects Leviathan spits out. After some time the tentacles appear again. You can shoot directly in the mouth when it opens or toss the explosive blobs it spits right back to where they came from using kinesis.

After defeating the Leviathan, turn around and head back to Atmosphere Control. From there, go to Tram Station and use the tram to complete the chapter and proceed to next one.

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