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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Trestle Goes Boom

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This final part of 2nd act will allow you to blow up a big bridge, crush the Germans, and finally rescue Petrovich. I'll show you how to defeat the German defenses, how to blow up the trestle bridge, and how to defend Petrovich from the German attack at the farmhouse.

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    More Numerical Adjustment

    We need to shake up this stalemate before we can blow up the bridge. Your mission is to help the Russians retake the train, the forest, and the beach. I suggest that you do it in that order to make things easy and avoid backtracking. Get onto the train tracks and follow them down to the marked position. There's a machine gun and a few men guarding the back of the train. Charge the position and fire on the machine gunner. Get as close as you can to the sandbags and then wear away at the men who rush toward you.

    Push forward a little more down the left side. There should just be a few more men for the first half. A fairly large group of reinforcements will help out too. Once you make it this far down the train, it's just a matter of cleaning up. The last danger is a machine gun nest on the hill to the left. Take cover and snipe at the machine gunner and the few other guards in the area.

    Swing up into the forest with your reinforcements and start pushing on the machine gun nests in the area. There isn't much in particular you can do. There are about 20 men in a wide circle throughout the forest. Just knock them out one by one. You'll get some reinforcements at the halfway point. They're so spread out that they shouldn't really be much of a threat.

    The final step is to make a charge on the beach. There's another 20 men holding a defensive line by the beach. The best way to do this one is to charge right up, kill a few men at the right end, and then roll up the whole line. They'll be too busy looking forward firing at the Russian reinforcements to bother with you, so you can ambush all of them.

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    The Trestle Bridge

    Once the last one dies, fall back to the railroad tracks and run up to the Russian commander. It's finally time to take the trestle bridge. Advance and try to stay low. There are several machine gun nests covering the entrance to the bridge. Try to stick to the left side and pick off the gunner. Then get to those sandbags and hold your ground. If you can take out the gunners, then the rest of the Russian force should be able to get close and support you.Darkest of Days - The Trestle Bridge 

    Just leapfrog from position to position and keep firing on the machine gunners. Once you get to the middle, you should be able to swing a bit to the right and take out the few guards by the marked building. Head inside and go up to the shells to trigger a scene with Dexter. Now that you have your explosives, you are ready to go.

    Push forward and onto the bridge with the general Russian charge. Take out the first machine gun nest to the left before you get too far onto the bridge. Then jump over the sandbags and crouch. Plant the first pack of C4 here. Lean out and snipe the line of men at the end of the bridge. Then move up and curve over to the marked spot by the second support. Plant your C4 again. Rush over to the final spot and crouch. Don't worry about the machine gun nest on the bank. Just plant your charges. Some allied support will destroy them and the main German defensive line.

    Once you regain control, just sprint off of the bridge and down to the left. Get to the marker to get clear of the German forces. After a little bit, you can turn around and watch the bridge explode. Until that happens, just move down to the farm.

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    Finding Petrovich

    Darkest of Days - Take A Moment To Watch The Trestle Bridge Explode At the halfway mark, you'll find a group of about 5 Germans. You should have no problems taking care of them You can continue further to get to the field. Turn around and spot another 4 Germans charging through the field. Go ahead and take them out. Then go inside the marked house to see that Petrovich isn't here.

    Go over to the barn to find him. Climb up to the second level and jump onto the machine gun to hold off the attack until Dexter can talk some sense into Petrovich. There isn't too much to do. Just watch the middle and right side for Germans. Gun them down with short bursts to keep them back. You'll automatically jump off when Petrovich agrees to leave with Dexter. Rush to the other barn as the shells start to take out the defenses. Get inside to trigger the portal and escape as a shell hits the barn.

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