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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Hide and Seek

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It's finally time to rescue Joseph Welsh. After you help him deliver the important orders, you'll be sucked into one last battle for the Union. If you need any help surviving this search and rescue mission, then just take a look at this part of the guide.

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    Finding Welsh

    The pace is changed a bit for this one. Advance along the path until you get to the main road. Wait for the main group to pass and then charge out. There's about 5 Confederates patrolling the road. Pull out the pistol and fire a few rounds into each of them.

    Advance further along the road, and then stop when you see the first Confederates moving toward you. If you keep going forward, you're in danger of being overwhelmed and surrounded. Hang back and use the pistol and musket to keep wearing away at them. There should be about 10 in total, but they wander along slowly.

    Once you get to the end, you should be able to cross the lake and meet up with Welsh. Just stay low until the cavalry passes to survive. Go ahead and run away when Welsh tells you to do it. Just follow the road and turn into the large area with all the fields.

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    Finding Stevens and Potter

    I can't really give you a guide for this part. You need to make it across the series of fields. There are about 4 Confederate patrols with 5 men each. Just move carefully, stay low, and keep moving while you fight. Use the map to spot them before they find you. The pistol works quite well in this battle. Also, start keeping an eye out for a Henry rifle from this point onward.Darkest of Days - There's a Lot of Confederates Between You and Your Goal 

    It's actually pretty peaceful once you make it to the road. Just go up to the big house and talk to Stevens. Things don't turn out so great for him though. Run away from the Confederate forces. Just go down the path and try to make it to the bridge. Welsh will teleport to this checkpoint as soon as you get there. The Confederate forces should also trail off as you run.

    The next step is to find Potter in the field. Advance a bit and get the drop on a few Confederates at the edge of the field. They should be easy to kill quickly at this range. Advance into the field and make a push into the little crater in the center. There's a few Confederate guarding the position. Just move quickly and fire. Grab the letter from Potter's body and then get ready to move. There is no reason to fight the group to the left of the field. Just move down the center and curve to the right. Push right through the 4 guards by the brick building. Then just run down the road and jump into the ditch by the bridge. Trigger the objective marker to get your next point.

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    Holding Back the Confederates

    You can just walk out of the ditch and move into the field. The forces on the road can be ignored safely. Look at the map to make sure that you don't have any pursuers, then walk along the path to Dexter's position. There should just be one more group of 6 soldiers by the trees at the midway point. You should be more than ready to deal with them.

    Run up to Dexter and realize that you're at the center of a rebel counterattack. Jump on the cannon and sight it for the top of the hill. It should be 2 bars up and dead center. Fire it as they cross to kill the bulk of the forces. When they're dead, turn it as far left as it can go to get a few shots on the next group of Confederates. When they're about finished, jump off of the cannon and rush to the back. There's a huge group moving in on the rear of the house. Stick to the sides and pop out to fire a few shots. Try to wear away at them for a bit, but keep an eye on the front. Another large group will rush the cannon position. Try to jump on and fire a shot into them before they get too close. There should just be one more group coming in to the left of the cannon.

    Of course, it can go to complete chaos in a minute as soon as you go to the back. There are several cavalrymen, random infantry, and a few officers. If the frontal assault overwhelms the cannon, then just hang back inside the house and survive. Pop out, fire a few shots, then fall back behind cover. Just keep doing this until the rebels retreat.

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    Attacking the Sunken Road

    Once you're done, you need to get up to French. You're then ordered immediately into the battle for the Sunken Road. So it's back into the fire. Charge down the field with Dexter and Welsh until you make it to the fence that the Confederates are using for cover. Engage them briefly until Dexter tells you to try and flank them.Darkest of Days - A Large Battle for the Sunken Road 

    Go down the path and curve around up to the fence road. Use the Henry rifle to start firing into the line. You should have a fairly large squad with you, so just stay alive and help them out. Push forward to the large group in the corner of the road. Stick to the left side and use the rocks for cover. Then continue to fire away at the Confederates. There's no real science to this one. Just stay alive and use the pistol and Henry rifle to keep taking them out.

    Once they're gone, you have to take part in the final push. Go back out to the Sunken Road with Dexter. He was serious about the firing lines. Stepping in front of a Confederate firing line will leave you almost dead. So stick to the left side and behind cover. Then try to fire as quickly as you can into the line. You have to help the Union take them out. Once the 2 lines are broken, another smaller group will charge toward you. Just use up the last of your ammo to help the Union line take the road once and for all.

    Once that's done, you can follow Dexter down the line and get Welsh into a portal. Once that's done, you are good to go.

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