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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - The Thin Red Dot

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It's time for one quick trip to WWII for a little bit of sniping. Your mission is to take out all of the German commanders and rescue Petrovich's son, but it gets a little complicated. You'll now have to do a little bit of a prison break to set him free.

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    One Shot One Kill

    This is a simple and fun sniping mission. You can use the sniper rifle to basically make the shots for you. Just point at a marked target, right-click, and then fire a shot at the crosshair that appears. The bullet should hit them for an instant kill.

    Advance a bit to the first sniper position. Then set up the rifle and aim at the marked soldier. Take him out and then kill the next target Dexter marks. You can leave the rest alone for now. Go further along the path and set up the rifle again. Kill the 3 guards in the guard tower. They're all in a line, so it should be pretty easy. Go up a little bit further and engage the group that comes out to fight you. Take up the sniper position and pick them all off.

    Go across the bridge and watch the left side. Use your pistol to gun them all down. Turn up the stairs to the guardhouse and gun down the 2 snipers up here. Then go across to the marked sniper position. You'll need to wipe out most of the guards now. Go ahead and pick off the first marked guard crossing the bridge. Then turn to the left and take out the second lone guard. When that's done, look to the left and zoom in on the main group. You'll need to be a little bit careful, since a stray shot could kill Petrovich. Just watch who you're targeting. The guards themselves are easy to kill. Once they're down, you'll have to jump off the gun and move onward.

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    A Little Further

    Eight guards should come up as the scouting force. This is actually a little tough. Let Dexter take on the bulk of the force and then use your pistol to help wear away at them. Once they're dead, follow the road forward to the next sniper spot. There's another 6 guards moving down the road in front. Use the sniper rifle to start picking them off. The sniper rifle can shoot through cover and often arcs around it anyway. Go ahead and line up shots for anyone who's hiding. Another 4 come out from the left. Go ahead and take them out with some quick shots. Feel free to jump off and use the pistol for the last few.Darkest of Days - I Know There's A Glitch, But It's Still An Awesome Shot of The Sniper Level 

    Curve down the next path and setup the rifle. Dexter takes a magnificent fall shortly after though, so get ready to cover him. There's not too much to really say about this. Small groups of soldiers will come out and try to flush out Dexter. Just keep firing away. You should be able to see all of the red markers at the furthest zoom. Just pick off each wave of soldiers until Dexter makes it past the train car and to the exit. When that's done, activate the self destruct sequence for the gun and turn to escape. You'll run right into a gun butt though.

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    The Gauntlet

    You'll end up in a POW camp. Just take a moment to adjust to the setting and see whether the snow is going to give you a lot of lag. Then just walk along with the line of prisoners down the corridor. If you get too close to one of the German guards, then they'll smack you with their rifle. Other than that, just keep going until you get to the bunkhouse area. Go to the back and look for the one with a large light on top of it. Go inside to find Petrovich and hear his escape plan. It's a decent plan, but it seems like the Commandant heard it too.Darkest of Days - The POW Camp 

    Dexter will walk along the line and hand you a pistol. Wait until the flare goes off and distracts the guards. Then shoot the Commandant in the head. Don't worry about the other guards. Just run back and get into the row of bunkhouses again. You don't have the firepower for a fight in the open. Look down the line and gun down one of the German guards confused by the chaos. Grab his rifle and use it to clear out the larger group near the end of the row. One of them should have a machine gun, so trade out the pistol for it.

    Push forward with your new found source of firepower. Focus on cutting a little path through to the armory. You don't need to kill all of the guards, especially since most of them should be panicking and ineffective. All of the prisoners also act as human shields for you, so you're fairly safe. Get to the armory and stock up a bit. When you have some more ammo, rush up to the guard tower and use the machine gun to blow up the execution platform.

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    Go along the bridge and cross over to the guard's quarters. There's about 8 guards on the other side of the fence. You can take your time to pick them all off, or you can strafe across the alley and fire wildly into the crowd. Either way, just get across it and jump over the truck. Dexter, Petrovich, and an armed group of prisoners push forward to meet you. Take cover behind the rocks in front of you and again just focus on picking off the guards. Nail the one in the guard tower to the left of you first. Then focus on the ones in front. You should try to take them all out now so that they don't bother you later.

    Advance to the objective marker and fire on the six guards ahead at the base of the guard tower. Clear them all out now. Take up a position behind the crates and switch to the rifle. Use it to clear out any visible enemies near the truck and by the gate. Then advance to the truck. Go to the left and clear out the guard tower and the bridge. There should be 3 men on each. Then look to the far right of the space by the gate. There should be a group of 6 guards waiting for you. Use the cover of the truck to pick them all off. Once the coast is clear, advance down and blow away the 2 guards by the gate. Then plant the explosives on the gate itself. Get clear and then rush through once the gate is gone. You should just focus on sprinting up to the marker and getting to the trees. A bunch of agents will come out and gun down all of the German response forces. You can just go up the road until you get to the portal. It seems like your work isn't done yet.

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    The Distraction

    Darkest of Days - You Have A Little Backup For The Distraction Run The portal doesn't put you in the right place though. You need to go through another camp. Thankfully, you have a little help. Advance into the barn and wait a second for the agents to come through and launch the attack. Advance to the end of the barn and engage the Germans.

    There's about 20 or so in the yard. They're pretty easy to spot though and there's a lot of cover. The only real danger is that a few of them are on the other side of the train. They can fire under the train by crouching though, so it's easy to accidentally walk into an ambush. The other important thing is to keep an eye on the agents. At least one of them should bit the dust. If that happens, grab his assault rifle to make this whole thing a lot easier. Other than that, just push forward with the machine gun and clear a path over to the crates and damaged truck. Jump up and go through the door to get a quick cutscene.

    Stopping the group from getting to the radio tower isn't a challenge. Sprint after them to get within range, then start spraying into them with the machine gun. You should be able to kill them before they even round the curve on the slope. Just watch out for the few guards hiding behind the rocks. When this group is dead, run down to the truck and hop in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

    There isn't much to do for this truck ride. The only tricky part is just ahead as you pass by the bridge. You'll have to take out the snipers on the bridge to protect yourself. Other than that, you're basically home free. Just stay crouched and fire at the soldiers walking along the road. You should survive just fine by sheer luck alone.

    Once you make it to the end, you'll just have to get to the marker. Move forward and get up to the marker. Crouch and gun down the 3 men facing away from you. Then deploy the flare quickly. Kill any remaining guards in your way, then rush over to the open portal by the truck.

    You should also receive about 9 points for this one, since it was technically 3 missions. Spend them well.

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