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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - A Burnsides Too Far

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The 3rd Arc begins with a new target. You need to safely pull Jonathan Welsh from the Civil War, too. This means being pushed into another tough battle. You'll need to help take the bridge and break the Confederate line if you want to find Welsh and escape.

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    A Lot of Sharpshooters

    Just follow Dexter down the road and toward the bridge. Get behind the rocks when Dexter takes cover. There are a lot of sharpshooters on the cliffs and they are all gunning for your squad. Run out after Dexter and get ready for a little bit of leapfrog. Stop when he stops by the rocks. Move over again and take cover. Then repeat it while he provides covering fire across the larger gap. Lean out and fire a few shots into the sharpshooters to keep them pinned down while Dexter runs across. The final run is across the road and through the tree and the wagon wheel. The only real trick is sprinting across fast enough to not get caught up in the squad marching out to the bridge.

    Once you make it across, you're safe. Curl up and around to the cannon overlooking the bridge. Jump on and use it to blow away the sharpshooters. Keep it just a little below the first bar and keep firing as you pan it to the left. Dexter should tell you when the mission is accomplished. For whatever reason, this objective reactivates. You can just ignore it though. Go down and cross the bridge with your big group of soldiers.

    The bulk of the Confederates should already be dead. Finish off the few survivors in the corner. Your large group of soldiers will then be attacked by another squad of Confederates rushing down the road. Just turn and fire into them. Your allies should actually kill most of them, but you should probably try to help out. Go over the top of the hill to trigger the next big fight.

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    The Big Bridge

    There's no real trick to this one. You have to take the bridge and drive them all back. There are a few sharpshooters, cavalry, and a large amount of Confederates. You have the Union army and a full cavalry group on your side too though. You just need to help turn the tide. Advance down the left side and pick off the men on the riverbank. Then push onto the bridge.Darkest of Days - Another Tough Bridge 

    You can use the side of the bridge as great cover against the Confederate cavalry and the remaining Confederates. Just start picking them off with the Henry rifle. It seems like killing the cavalry is the most important part, since that allows the Union cavalry to take over the battlefield. Once you've picked off enough of them, you should be able to charge and rout them. Go to the marked exit for the valley, but stop when Dexter calls for you. You're leaving the battlefield. Go down the little path and keep an eye on the map.

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    A Short Walk

    You can probably ignore the men on the lower path. Watch the next corner for a sharpshooter with his back turned toward you. Just shoot him in the back of the head. Move further along and snipe the 2 men on the path. Then take out the line of sharpshooters overlooking the battlefield. The only serious challenge is the group of six at the end. Help Dexter take them out. You can use the trees and tall grass to the left to take cover while you pick them off. Hang back to hide from the 3 cavalrymen. There's no reason to start a fight with them.

    You can just safely follow the objective markers. The only real danger is one marker by a house. There are several sharpshooters on the house itself. 2 on the balcony and at least 1 on the roof. They are really strong. It's possible to die in their first volley if you're not careful. Pick off the first guy on the road and then fall back. Kill the 2 men who rush up after you. Then edge forward and kill the sharpshooters on the roof.

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    The Return of the Agents

    Darkest of Days - The Agents Are Back Once the path is clear, advance into the Union controlled field. You should catch a glimpse of an agent killing a sharpshooter. That's what we call foreshadowing. Just walk past all of the soldiers, since you're not going to take part in their battle. Welsh is on a rock in the background. You need to approach him with a fully loaded Henry rifle. Once you talk to him, about 12 agents will phase into the battlefield.

    You need to look at the one spawning right next to Dexter. Use the Henry rifle to nail him in the head twice as soon as the portal dissipates. Once he crumples, grab his rifle. It should be a nice M7 rifle. Use this to wear away at the advancing agents. You should have a good bit of time before they make it across the field. Use the scope to pick off a few, then hide to heal. Be very careful, since their automatic fire can kill you quickly.

    The only real danger is that one can sneak up to the left side of the rocks. Dexter should be able to keep you covered, but you need to pay attention. If a few of them make it up here, fall back to the tree by the back if the camp. Once you've taken out the bulk of them, you should be able to retreat with Welsh to the marked exit. Jump inside to get back to KronoteK.

Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Arc 3

It's the final countdown for the Darkest of Days. You'll need to do a bit of historical cleanup in the Civil War and WWI. You'll also get to do a big prison break in WW2 and then enter the final battle at the base of Vesuvius. If you need any help with the end, then look at this guide.
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