Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Setting Things Straight in WWI

Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Setting Things Straight in WWI
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A Quick Evaluation

Things are changing up a little bit, since it’s our job to help the Germans win the battle. This means fighting against our past work if you want a nice paradox. Spawn in and move down to the sandbags. You can use the machine gun on the Russians if you want. I think it helps limit the number that attack the camp, so go ahead and do it. Just watch out for the guys with auras. The entire bridge should also blow up in a minute. When it does, follow Dexter over to the first German camp. As you’re moving, look down the cliff. You should be able to see the Russians moving on the camp. You can safely snipe them from up here. Just fire away at the 9 or 10 soldiers by the sandbags. When I did this, the attack basically didn’t happen.

Otherwise, rush down and help the Germans by jumping on a machine gun or sniping from behind the sandbags. When you’re done, hit the objective marker and go to the next camp. The Russians have completely overrun the forest, so take your large force and storm the camp. They should be too distracted by the large number of Germans to really target you. Use the rifle from a distance to clear out the left side, then just move through the camp aggressively. It turns to chaos quickly, so keep using the map to find pockets of Russian resistance. Once you take out enough of them, the rest will run away.

You also need to check out the train depot. There might be a few Russians guarding the relevant road, but other than that, it’s a clear path to the train depot. It’s also still a German position that launching troops, so no climatic battle ahead. Just get to the middle to investigate the artillery hit, and get ready for something completely different.

4 agents should pop in and attack the base. Get behind cover and pop one of the agents in the head a few times. Then switch out your pistol for their pistol. Fire away at the remaining agents to save the camp. They should just have pistols and the Germans will help, so it won’t be that difficult.

Attacking the Farmhouse

You then have to run up to the artillery camp. The agents killing the Germans will bug out before you get there, so you just have to run up to the marker. It seems like the whole thing is up to us now. Take up your position on the howitzer and get ready to fire. Sight in on the farmhouse. You’ll want to be right at the half-tick and aim with the edge of the gun a little to the right of where you want to hit. There’s no time limit, so you have plenty of time to test it out. You also don’t have to hit the spot exactly. Close enough counts for this one. Once the farmhouse is destroyed, knock out the machine gun position along the river. Then hit the barn on the right. Once that’s destroyed, you just have to hit the middle barn for a time paradox inducing moment (you shell yourself).

Once the targets are all down, some more agents will jump in to try and kill you. Whip out the pistol and nail the first 2 that jump in close to you. Another 3 agents should jump in at the entrance. Just fire away with the automatic pistol. It should work wonders on them.

When they’re all dead, you just have to run down the front of the hill and join the Germans in the makeshift trench. You can wait a moment for more Germans to join the line. There’s a fairly steady flow, but It doesn’t help that much Go over or around the trench and advance halfway to the farmhouse. The rest of the Germans will charge forward and assault the farmhouse. They will also serve as great targets to keep the enemy off your back. Just advance up the left side and nail the machine gunner and then get to the little ditch. You can rest for a moment with the rest of the forces. Go straight up and then take out the rest of the machine gunners along the little ditch. At this point, the Germans should swarm the camp and mop up a lot of the stragglers. Regardless, just go to the left and kill a few more men. If the Germans have taken enough of the camp, you should get a note about securing your exit. Go inside the burning farmhouse and jump into the portal to leave.

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