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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Eye on the Competition

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

You get a free license for destruction in this stage of Darkest of Days. You need to blow up 3 bases and clear the way for Petrovich. This nonlinear level is still a bit of a challenge though and you'll need a bit of planning to get through it without getting blown up.

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    The Artillery Camp

    This one is a little hard to write a guide for, since it's just one big nonlinear level. It seems that you can't do this one the easy way. You'll need to fight your way into 3 German camps, mark them for Dexter, and then escape before he blows it to smithereens. In general, just watch your map and use the AR 55 to pick off Germans with 2 shots. You shouldn't encounter much resistance. When you do, it's usually just a few guys. It's a fairly quick and easy mission, if you manage to not die.Darkest of Days - Use the Terrain to You Advantage for a Few Ambushes 

    You can do it in whatever order you wish. I personally suggest that you go down the map a bit and move toward the artillery camp. There are a few patrols and machine gun positions on the road. Just consult the map while you move to watch out for them. Once you make it to the camp, it should fall quite easy. Just use the AR 55 to cut through the skeleton guard force and mark each of the main targets. There are only about 10 guards inside.

    The reason I suggest that you take it out first is that this will prevent the Germans from shelling you while you attack the other bases. Since you hit it first, you won't have to deal with this annoyance. The other bases can't do much more than send extra patrols your way, so we'll leave them for last.

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    A Quick Cleanup

    The smartest thing to do is follow the road up to the radio tower garrison. The road shouldn't be well guarded. I only found a few groups of 2 Germans on the road and a single machine gun position covering the end of the walk. This is another fairly easy base to raid. Just push inside and use the shotgun to clear the path. An important thing to remember is that you don't have to clear out the entire base. Just kill a few of the soldiers and get to the point at the back of the base. Plant the explosives and sprint over to the next spot. Then rush by the tents and plant the Darkest of Days - The Map Is Your Biggest Aid last one while you crouch behind cover. Dexter will obiliterate the base in 15 seconds, so you just have to run away and wait.

    The last base to tag is the munitions base near Dexter's starting point. I leave this for last, since it's a bit of a tough nut to crack and there isn't much to gain from disabling it early. If you are really low on ammo, you could try and resupply at the box by Dexter. I think it'd be much easier to just pick up a German rifle though.

    The munitions depot is well defended. There are several patrols around the base and a few machine gun positions guarding the entrance. You'll need to quickly snipe the gunners if you want to survive this fight for long. Once you get inside, it's just a matter of using the tanks for cover and picking off the men guarding the entrance into the base. Plant your tags and leave the last one inside the barb wire cage. You can just jump out over the machine gun positions in back to get away with time to spare.

    Once all 3 bases are destroyed, it's just a matter of reporting back to Dexter to see that things are changing a little bit.

Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Arc 2

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