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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Night Moves

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Your efforts to rescue Joseph Welsh begin with a simple scouting mission. In this early mission in Darkest of Days, you'll get your first taste of combat with the Confederate forces. You'll have to fight your way through the swamp and a few Confederate camps before you can get back to your time.

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    A Shot in the Dark

    You need to go out on a scouting mission and rescue Joseph Welsh. Sounds pretty easy, right? Darkest of Days - What Could Go Wrong With This Mission? 

    Once you spawn, move down the hill and into the camp. Wait by the fireside for your orders. Seems that they think sending a small force into the swamp is a good idea. This can be easy or hard. I’ve seen the entire force get slaughtered and also seen a flawless victory.

    You need to stick close to your allies for now. The Confederates in the swamp should fire at your allies just as often as they will at you. You can then trace the muzzle flash back to their position in the dark. The map should also list the nearby enemies.

    Switch to the musket and move along slowly up to the lip of the swamp. Then start slowly moving across the center with the scouts. You should take this first fight as a good opportunity to perfect the quick reload for the musket. That will come in handy later.

    You should meet some Confederates in the middle of the swamp. Stay low and carefully aim your shots. The pistol is a bit weak for the distance and the musket only has one shot. Search the bodies though. One of the first kills should have a Henry rifle lying beside it. Pick it up to make the rest of the fight much easier. A repeating rifle does wonders against these small pockets of resistance.

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    A Few More Rebels

    Keep moving with the survivors and watch out for little patrols of 2 or 3 soldiers. They shouldn’t be a threat, unless they manage to sneak up on you. Staying close to your allies solves this naturally. Once you make it across, the objective is complete. Walk forward to the next objective point by the road to meet up with the next group of scouts. There should be 3 waiting by the road. Just stay with them and wait for the Confederate army to pass. You don’t actually have to crouch, just don’t shoot at them.

    Darkest of Days - It's Not Too Hard To Pick Off The Confederates Advance forward with the scouts once it’s safe to go. There’s a listening post on the next hilltop. I think you’re supposed to sneak past it. That’s pointless though. Snipe the first lookout who moves down the hill. Then charge up and shoot the guard and the officer up top. There should also be a Henry rifle leaning against the shack too. Pick it up if you don’t have one already.

    Go over the hill and toward the marked spot. You should have a good view into the camp below. Pick a target and score a headshot. Then move into the camp with the scouts. There should just be about 3 guards in the first area. There’s one Confederate at the back with a blue aura. Use the chasers or just aim for his leg. Go to the camp at the end and look up toward the camp on the slope. Another few soldiers will run down. A few of them should also have auras. Just fire at them appropriately. Your scouts should actually make short work of them. Move forward to the objective marker. You’ll pass a weapons table. I suggest that you swap out the pistol for the sniper rifle. When you’re ready, go forward and around the wooden shack.

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    Taking the Manor

    Darkest of Days - Just Put a Round in Their Leg There's a lot of Confederates on the road and by the camp. Rush into the field to avoid them. No reason to pick too much of a fight just yet. Look for the smoke or consult the map if you get turned around. Once you get to the halfway point, a Confederate patrol will start searching through the field. There shouldn’t be more than about 6 of them. It really shouldn’t matter too much. Your scouts should get the drop on them for the most part, unless you’re sprinting through the field. Consult the map to see their positions and watch for the stalks to shake. One of the scouts will call it out when they’re all dead. This also seems to kill off all the enemies on the road and at the end of the cornfield, so wait for him to say it before you leave. It makes it a lot easier.

    Go forward and approach the manor. There’s a lot of rebels up here. It’s basically a turkey shoot though, if you can get into a good position. Take up a position in the grass or by the wagon. Staying behind cover should be enough for this early fight. The only real trick is watching out for the guys with the auras. You get one free mistake for the level. 2 kills trigger some really tough agents who will definitely kill you this early in the game. The chasers should be effective too, if you can find a moment in the battle to switch over to them.

    Other than that, you should be fine. Stick behind cover and snipe at the Confederates. They should come to you and your group, so there's no reason to be too aggressive. The only danger is that a few of them will try to take up a position on the other side of the wagon. They are obviously quite dangerous at close range. Just pick them off before they get to you or just pop out and blow them away quickly. After roughly 20 Confederates die, they all should run away. Pick a few more off if you want. Then advance to the manor. Go to the marked spot behind it to get a view of their main camp.

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    The Trip Home

    You have a lot to report. It's time to head over to the Union Camp in the northwest corner. Move down the little marked path until you get to the river. A group of Confederates is already fighting a Union patrol. Go ahead and try to save a few of the Union boys. They usually die pretty quickly, but they’re a good diversion. If you're quick enough, you can just shoot the Confederates in the back. There might be one survivor on left the flank, so watch out. Once the fight dies down, wade through the river and into the forest on the other side. Darkest of Days - The Blue Aura Sorta Gives The Ambush Away 

    Start moving to the west. There’s an ambush waiting about halfway to the camp. You should be able to see it from a mile away due to all the blue auras. These guys actually aren’t much of a threat. You should be able to just pick them all off before they even start shooting. There are about 10-15 in the darkness. You could also just throw out your chasers and watch those take out half of them. Either way, stick close to the scouts, kill anyone who comes close, and shoot the legs out from under the blues. Once you clear your way through this group, you’re home free.

    Walk forward to the dotted road. It’s well guarded by the Union, so you’re safe. Follow it into camp and then walk all the way to the west to find your exit portal and leave the mission.

    Go ahead and spend your points. You should have 3 if you didn’t kill any of the blues.

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