Darkest of Days Walkthrough - The Fight for Frankenau

Darkest of Days Walkthrough - The Fight for Frankenau
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Finding The Boomstick

We need to get a cool weapon before we go too far in this one. Your goal is that blinking farmhouse on the map. Follow the right road a little bit until you get to the 6 Germans waiting at the end. Stop and nail them with the rifle. Another 4 are waiting by the river, along with one guy with an aura. Nail him in the leg and kill the others.

Wade across the river and go up to the farmhouse. As you approach it, you should notice a lot of Germans. There are at least 15 around the house. Move carefully and draw your pistol. A group of Russians should charge down the mountain to the left and tie up the majority of the force. I suggest you just fight your way to the right and through the foliage. Rush into the house and trade the pistol for the automatic shotgun on the shelf. You have 90 shells and don’t really need to hold onto too many for now. Fight your way back out to the road. Move carefully and check corners for the surviving Germans lying in ambush. Another large group of Russians should come in to bail you out. They’ll also start to follow you, so try to keep a few of them alive.

A Long Walk

Move up to the river. Switch to the rifle and nail the 4 or 5 men on the other side. When they’re dead, cross with your squad and move up the hill. Take up a spot by the wagon and use the rifle to thin out the first group of 15 Germans guarding the house. Advance to the rock once you’ve killed about 8 or 10. A large group of Russian reinforcements will move in from the road on the left and start pushing the Germans back. From your spot by the rocks, use the rifle to clear out the Germans on the road to the right.

Darkest of Days - The Rifle Is Still Great for Killing German Patrols

Go through the house to join up with the Russian group in back. Stay low in the grass and move from tree to tree. Use your rifle to clear out a few more Germans back here. They should rout at this point. You can then safely go up the road to the Russian line. Ignore the large German camp off of the side of the cliff. It’s more foreshadowing than anything.

You can just follow the road without any problems. Just walk forward until you reach the Russian line. Go up to Petrovich and Dexter. It seems like you started one heck of a fight. Go ahead and pull out the shotgun. You are going to need it for the trench fighting that’s ahead.

Hold The Line

The trenches can get really crazy really fast. There are basically 7 main waves. Each wave hits a small area of the bunker. These areas are separated by the machine guns. Look out to the horizon and watch for the waves. The first 2 might already hit the trenches by the time you get into position. If so, then just finish them off and start looking for the next one. They steadily move to the right, so just watch for them. If you have time, then jump onto the machine gun by the position and gun them down. If you can’t do this, then clean up whoever makes it to the trenches with your shotgun. It is automatic, so feel free to just let loose with it. You won’t really need to save your ammo, since this is basically it. Cut back to the left when the trench offers a path forward. There should be 2 more big rushes. Once you take out enough of these guys, they’ll fall back to regroup.

Darkest of Days - Even The Game Recognizes This As Overkill

Go out of the trenches and up to the hilltop to meet with Dexter. He’ll give you another new toy to play with for this wrap-up. You’ve got a laser-guided grenade launcher. You have more shells than you can physically use, so keep firing. The shells go into the air and then come back to hit the spot where you laser is pointing. The trick is to keep firing while you also move your laser across the German army. You don’t necessarily have to kill a certain number. Just keep laying shells along the line up to the bunker. You’ll eventually scare them into retreating.

Go back to Dexter and report in. You need to join up with Petrovich and get him out of here. That would be too easy though. As you approach the marked spot, some agents will spawn and things will go downhill fast. Just sprint to the spot in the clearing and get into the portal.

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