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Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Germans on the Run

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Your first trip to WWI in Darkest of Days will take you into the heart of Russian trench warfare. Your mission to find Petrovich will require intelligence, accuracy, and a pinch of luck. I'll take you through the trenches, through the defense of the hill, and past the mustard gas attack.

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    A Run in the Trenches

    You’ll get your first taste of WWI trench warfare while you try to save Petrovich. Advance along the trenches toward the first waypoint. You aren’t really in danger until the very end near the enemy machine gun positions. Just move quickly past them to survive.Darkest of Days - There's Only One Real Rule to Using The Machine Gun...Don't Shoot Petrovich 

    Once you go a bit further, you should see some Russians engaging Germans in the trench. Lean out and shoot the 2 soldiers in the trench. Advance to Dexter to get your new and quite urgent orders. Jump onto the machine gun to save Petrovich as soon as you regain control.

    There are a few things that you will need to know for this. This is the one time that friendly fire will matter. The machine gun can kill anyone. Petrovich can also die…if you pour about 100 rounds into him. Trust me. The machine gun will also overheat with continuous fire, so fire in bursts at exposed soldiers.

    Your goal is to keep the Germans off of him so that he can escape. Fire into the first line of Germans that form up on the trenches surrounding Petrovich. Then look to the left and finish off the group of about a dozen Germans charging Petrovich. Gun them down carefully, and keep up the fire. Petrovich should fall back to the big fallen tree. Keep firing on the Germans that move up to the other side of the tree. Petrovich should hold his ground for a moment and then run off to the side. Hold your ground and finish off the stragglers. Jump off of the machine gun and follow Dexter to the path as soon as you rout them.

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    Holding the Hill

    Darkest of Days - Holding This Hill Isn't Hard At All Take the path uphill. Dexter will follow you. You can just ignore the soldiers running past you. Your goal is the marked hill. Use your rifle to kill a few of the Germans who might be in your path, then turn to go up the hill. Go to the marked spot by the artillery and take up a guard position overlooking the troops at the bottom. Use the rifle to kill the Germans below you. The Russians actually do a pretty good job of defending the hill. The riflemen at the bottom and the artillery will keep most of them back. Just keep an eye on the right side, because the Germans can follow the tree line right up to the sandbags. After a few minutes, they’ll route. They’ll also call in mustard gas, so it's a short lived victory.

    You'll automatically put on your gas mask while the rest of the Russians die a slow and painful death. Your only option is the active marker.

    Move further along the trail. Like Dexter says, there are 2 guys with auras and 2 guards. Shoot them appropriately and then advance a bit further. You should pick up a few Russian friends along the way. There’s another pocket of about 6 Germans guarding the path. Picking them off shouldn’t be a problem, especially since you now have backup.

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    The Last Push

    The next area overlooks one heck of a battle. Drop down and get behind the big rock. Just fire from the hip into the crowd of Germans moving down the left slope. The only real danger here is the possibly of incoming grenades. Watch out for the indicator and be ready to run. There is no strategy to this. Just move carefully and watch the walls for remaining marksmen. There’s a lot of Russians, so they should be able to take care of most of them. Go ahead and advance down the road once you’re done.Darkest of Days - This Is Just The Start of One Big Fight 

    You can take a shortcut down the cliff and join the next group of soldiers. Hang back a little bit though. As you approach the big hill by the road, you should see a creeping barrage knock out the entire first group. Dash up the hill quickly to avoid it. Dexter and a few survivors should make it. Hold your ground by the tree and kill the 10 Germans who try to scramble up the right side. They're helpless while they scramble up. Move down the road and past the little battle. The Germans should be too preoccupied to care about you.

    Just follow the road down to the mill. You can help out the guards if you want, but you don’t have to do it to finish. Go inside the mill to report in and get your new orders. You need to go to Frankenau, but that’s the next mission. Go over the hill in back to enter the portal and finish the mission.

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