Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Allied Missions 1 & 2: Brighton Beach and Cannes Strategy Guide and Wallkthrough

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Allied Missions 1 & 2: Brighton Beach and Cannes Strategy Guide and Wallkthrough
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Red Alert Allied Mission 1 Walkthrough: Brighton Beach

The Soviet Campaign is now over. It is time to keep the world safe for peace and democracy as one of the allies. The first test of your abilities as an allied commander will begin on Brighton Beach. The Soviets have taken a number of allied forces hostage and its up to you to free them and let them fight to keep the world safe for democracy again.

The areas where allied forces are being held are marked on the map when you start this mission. Go around the map and free all of the hostages. These hostages join your forces and help you free the other hostages.

When all the hostages are freed, your base building skills will be tested. Many of the buildings are in place already when you find a place to set up your defenses. Train more peace keepers and a few engineers. Send some engineers in to take over the hospital, and send two engineers down to repair the guns on the beach head. While the co-commander often does things on his own, in this case, you must direct your ally to take over the defensive guns closest to him.

Do this quickly because you must be prepared to fight off a Soviet invasion. It starts with a few waves of infantry, but proceeds to Kirov airships. You should have enough forces and anti-air weaponry to take the Kirov airships down, but move any of the defending troops out of the way when they come crashing to the ground. Explosions have been shown to be detrimental to a soldier’s health.

Red Alert Allied Mission 2 Walkthrough: Cannnes – The Shark and the Lure

This isn’t a Tesla Tower, but it

After successfully fending off a Soviet attack at Brighton beach, you are transported to the French city of Cannes. (A city noted for its film festival and being named similarly to the site of the place where the Romans suffered their greatest defeat ever.) You will not have time for site seeing or film festivals, as you must figure out a way to remove the Soviet menace. This mission calls for stealth and the help of an allied sympathizer with a Russian accent. Happily enough, a woman named Tanya is more than willing to provide you and your co-commander with her services. You also have some spies that aid you with this stealth mission.

Locate a Soviet Conscript and bring a spy close to him. Click on the conscript, then right click on the spy and the Allied spy now becomes a Soviet conscript through a near miraculous use of his disguise skills. Direct the spy turned conscript toward the direction of the reactor and issue a command to disable it. Now that the reactor powering the Tesla coil has been deactivated, it is time to eliminate it. You should now be able to build a base on the southern island.

The all-out attack strategy does not work in this mission, nor will you be training peace keepers for the mission in Cannes yet. The southern island where the base will eventually be built is not entirely clear. Clean up the island and bring two of your spies into your base. Your radar shows two marked buildings on this island. Send the spies in to infiltrate them and then train a few more covert operatives.

The island to the north will be your next objective. Train more spies and move them to Tanya to the north. The idea of taking on patrolling war bears in hand-to-hand combat may be appealing to some people, but the best strategy is to use send the spies to Tanya on the northern part of the island so she can escort them to your next objective.

The next island is to the East. The infiltration tactics continue. Use the same procedure outlined before to disguise a spy as a soviet conscript and have him disable the Tesla reactor. Use Tanya to take out the first Tesla reactor. Repeat the process to remove the second. It is a good idea to move Tanya to a safe place while in the process of disabling the second reactor.

Begin the process of eliminating the Soviet opposition from this island and freeing the people of France. When the Russian menace has been completely eliminated, use Tanya’s special skills to eliminate the threat of the Dreadnoughts. Destroying the reactors on the Southern end of the island gives you access to the vindicators.

The stealth portion of this mission is over. If you have set up ore refineries, it is time to start using them for more impressive units such as the Javelin soldiers and guardian tanks. The co-commander of the allies has not had time for rest and relaxation either and if you have proceeded at a normal pace, it is not necessary to free the hostages held in the convention center. Send in the Vindicator bombers to take out the remaining Soviet defensive structures. When these have been eliminated or weakened, send in the ground troops and remove any opposition. When your mission is complete, you can enjoy some rest and relaxation in France.

Red Alert Allied Mission 3 Walkthrough: Heidelberg – The Famous Liberation

Allied Dolphins Taking Out a Soviet Tesla Tower

Now that you have rested from the mission in Cannes, it is time to turn the attention to the German port of Heidelberg. (The author is not sure if the actual town of Heidelberg is a seaport, but the makers of Red Alert 3 did not seem to be too concerned about real world geography.) You and your co-commander will start the game with several hydrofoils and MCVs. Your co-commander also has a few dolphins at his disposal.

Use the jamming ability of the hydrofoils to disable the defending Tesla towers and let the co-commander attack the towers with his dolphins. Clear the beach and get ready to set up your base here. A boot camp, some power plants, an airfield and a construction yard are all necessary for this mission. Construct the boot camp, construction yard and base defenses such as multi-gun turrets first. Don’t forget the armor facility yet. Churn out units to defend your base and then set up an airfield. Don’t forget the refineries that bring in the money you need to train new troops.

Use the airfield to build the Vindicator bombers and use them to bomb the nearby Soviet airfields and other positions. Keep the defenses on your base up as the waves of Russian troops will test your skills as a commander. You do not need to purchase an upgraded clearance for this but it is a good idea to do so.

Construct two or three airfields and create three squadrons consisting of four Vindicator bombers each. Send the first squadron to help Tasha and use these bombers to reduce the Soviet bases to rubble. When the buildings have been weakened sufficiently, construct the Guardian tanks and bring them to the remaining bases. Have the Javelin troopers accompany them. When all the Russian bases have been destroyed, you will have successfully liberated Heidelberg. Enjoy some beer before going on to the next Red Alert 3 Allied mission in this strategy guide.

Red Alert Allied Mission 4 Strategy Guide: Gilbrator – Enemy of my Enemy


The Soviets and the Allies face a greater threat, and they have decided to stop fighting each other for the time being. You will get to say hello to Natasha once again, but this time she will be firmly under the control of your Russian co-commander.

Move Tanya along the boardwalk and take out any enemy opposition. Natasha accompanies you and helps by calling out air strikes on buildings. Pick up any health crates. Make your way to the airfields. A King Oni aircraft rests on top of the mountain, but you do not need to worry about this as a Soviet air strike takes it out. Use the air strikes to take out the airfield and have Tanya use her skills with demolitions to apply C4 to the hangars.

Now that you have an area to build a base, start by building a few reactors, refineries, barracks, and other necessary buildings. You also get a new unit called cryocopters. Construct some multi-gun turrets to the Northwest of the base. The important thing is to get the airfields up as soon as you can. You need to train two squads of Vindicators and send them after the Imperial forces. Train some peace keepers and garrison them in nearby buildings to aid in base defense.

Use the patrolling vindicators to take out the Japanese buildings. The goal is to take possession of the assault destroyers. Send the Vindicators southeast of your base and destroy the King Onis sitting on the runway. Clear up the bases and bring the units necessary to construct some ore refineries to this area. Blowing up a few power plants reduces the ability of the Imperial forces to crank out new units.

Eventually the Japanese forces attempt to build a new base behind the Soviets. Send your vindicators and other forces that can make it to the Soviet base into help. It may take more than one attack on the base to eliminate this new base.

Red Alert Allied Mission 5 – The Unfhomable Fortress

The Allies and the Soviets are still working together in this mission. The task that the chain of command has entrusted you with is to take out an Empire of the Rising Sun bases in the North Sea. You start out the mission with hydrofoils and dolphins and must escort a ship. Keep these units close by the slow moving ship to fend off any attackers. Do not let them chase after fleeing units. The vessel eventually lands and sends Tanya and her recent sidekick Natasha (and a few other units) ashore. Use these units to blow up nearby buildings and give you an area to build a base. Disable the radar ships.

Focus on multigun turrets, boot camps, air fields, construction yards, refineries, airfields and naval yards. These units must be used in conjunction to help take out the unit. Several squads of vindicators can be sent in to weaken forces.

This is a basic war of attrition. You must completely destroy the Japanese base to successfully complete the mission. It is difficult and you will suffer many casualties, but the key is to keep plugging it and to try not to “zerg” the opponent. (For those who have never heard of Starcraft, the zerg strategy is to send in a lot of units in quickly to overwhelm the enemy.)

Red Alert 3 Allied Mission 6: A Monument to Madness

Red Alert 3 Ore Refinery

Several of the Soviet Missions have involved betrayal, but this time the President of the United States wants revenge for Russian destruction of the Soviet base. This mission has the basic plot of the Stanley Kubrick movie, Dr. Strangelove, except there’s no humor in it. You must prevent the president from launching the secret weapon.

You will start this mission with Tanya, a few of your own troops and some engineers from the Soviets. This will be another mission where you must find a place to build a base. Follow the roads but stay away from the dogs. Eventually the dogs will come to a fence. Stay as far away from the fence as possible, but shoot the dogs. Head to the north and circle around the parking lot here. Blow up the power plant and remove any opposition that you might face. Advance on the communications tower and take it over. Send in engineers to take over the boot camp. Build up other units needed by your own base such as an refineries, power plants, multi-gun turrets, airfields, and any other units that might be handy.

This unit gives you an upgrade to the Vindicator, Build squadrons of Vindicator. Use the Century Bombers to send units into the Mount Rushmore headquarters. Build up as many forces as you can and send them into the Mount Rushmore fire base. Destroy the base and stop the President’s scheme. At the end of the mission the president will escape in a helicopter, evoking a scene from one of the first boss fights in Final Fantasy VII.

Red Alert Mission 7: Tokyo Harfbor – The Sun Forever Sets

You start this mission with a decent base, but you should not get attached to it, nor should you expect help from any Soviet allies or deterrence from them. The Japanese use a powerful weapon and it is your job to destroy it. Upgrade your clearance first, and then build the century bombers. Don’t forget tanks, cryocopters, javelin troopers, peace keepers, and other units of note. Send the squadron towards the blockade.

The most important thing you can do is to pack up the construction yard into an MCV and move it away from the base. Protect it and wait for the Japanese to launch their weapon. Send the MCV in and set up a new base, starting with an airfield. The thing you need to concentrate on is taking out the Decimators and the weapon. Cryocopters help with this task once the positions have been weakened. Make sure the weapon that destroyed the base you started with cannot fire again. The strategy for this mission is just another war of attrition. Let the co-commander focus on the Rising Sun Imperial Naval forces while you take out the ground troops. This mission is another one of attrition and the causality rates will be high.

Red Alert Allied Mission 8 Walkthrough: Havana - the Great Bear Trap

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Screenshot: A base in the North sea

This mission is not complex, although it starts out as a scouting mission. That doesn’t last long however. Keep what few troops you can around the Mirage tank of your co-commander. Bribe at least ten of the Cuban people to coming over to your side if possible. If this is not possible, use the abilities of your attack dogs and other troops to remove anyone who does not see the light. Get some Tesla troopers in this way and proceed towards the base.

Use the Tesla troopers to jam equipment and blow up buildings. Now you should have a place established for your beach head. Lay down some refineries, some multi-gun turrets, a boot camp, and some airfields. Like the last mission there is not much strategy to this mission and the key is lying down overwhelming force. Your co-commander makes a lot of anti-aircraft naval units. These will be useful for destroying Kirov airships. Mop up the Soviet resistance in Cuba and get ready for the final allied mission.

Red Alert Allied Mission 9: Leningrad - And the Moon Shall Never Have Them

Now it is time to take your forces to Leningrad and remove the city from the Soviet control. Invading Russia has never met with much success. If someone doubts the historical record of this, they can ask Napoleon and the German soldiers on the Eastern front. Bring in your Micro MCV outside of the city and set up your base. Airfields are a must as is upgrading your clearance. Build up a massive combat force, but first send in your bombers to blow up the Iron Curtain surrounding the city. Do not be afraid to blow Leningrad back into the stone age.

Once enough holes have been blown into the walls send in your tanks, cryocopters, javelin troopers, and any other miscellaneous troops until you have taken the city. Congratulations, you have finished the Allied campaign in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3. Continue on to the Empire of the Rising Sun missions.


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