Red Alert 3 Strategy Guide Walkthrough: Soviet Missions 5 and 6 Mykonov and No Traitors Tomorrow

Red Alert 3 Strategy Guide Walkthrough: Soviet Missions 5 and 6 Mykonov and No Traitors Tomorrow
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Red Alert Soviet Mission 5: Mykonos

With the first four Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Soviet Missions out of the way, it is now time to undertake the cause of expelling the Empire of the Rising Sun from the motherland. The co-commander that has accompanied you on earlier missions will become less important, and you will need to rely on Soviet femme fatale Natasha far less often.

Now that you have secured the Swiss banks in Geneva, you get to realize how lucky you are and go back to the USSR. There are four main objections to this mission: establish your base, capture an hold a science facility of the alliance, and to destroy an alliance naval base. This mission is a little more complex than some of the earlier tasks. Start the mission by building up the naval forces, especially Stingrays. Other useful units include Akulas and twinblades. The twinblades will be used to soften up the defenses of the allied bases. When you build the bases and its defenses, scatter a few Tesla coils around key buildings.

The early part of this mission relies on naval and sir power. The Akula submarines allow you to eliminate the enemy’s hydrofoils and the Stingrays that make up an important part of any Naval force in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 allow you to project units when they are needed. The Co-Commander will secure the Northern Island. Take the Stingrays, Bullfrogs and Infantry to the islands near the base occupied by the Allies. Remove the allies from the forces and build defensive structures on it. (The allies will try to retake this base fairly often so be sure to leave the troops behind.)

Now that you as a Soviet Commander have established a base and a defensive perimeter, it is time to capture the Allies Science Facility for the glory of the peace-loving Russian people. (The armies in this game, like the armies of today, believe in peace through superior firepower.) You will find the science facility to the east. Build up your army and make sure that you can hold it. This includes infantry, stingrays, the mechanical robots, and any defensive items that will keep the allies at bay. Hammer tanks are also useful for this purpose.

Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission 6: No Traitors Tomorrow

Cmmand anad Conquer Red Alert 3 to tame a living empeor screenshot

Despite your glorious service to the people of the Soviet Union, there are those who have not been impressed with your service, or rather their treatment at the hands of the Soviet Military establishment. The key to this mission is to build as many units as possible as quickly as possible. Saving up for items is not a good idea, because the bank roll that you and your co-commander have worked so hard to earn will be taking away from you by a traitorous general. You will be forced to wipe the traitorous general and the allied forces that he has joined, off the globe forever. Start by constructing a crane, a few airports, a barracks, and a naval base.

Now that you know the general, whose name happens to be Krukov, is a traitor, it is time to exact a little payback and reduce his ability to fight against your troops. Use the twinblade bombers as troop transports and have a team of about 20 or so flak troopers (or more if you can manage it) visit his base and wipe it off the map. Doing so puts his troops under your control. When the general turns, your funds will be cut off, and this will help with troop strength.

After the bankroll that you have been generously provided gets cut off, send in engineers into the oil derricks to make them operational. This serves as your source as income. After taking control of Krukov’s base, you will be given access to Kirov airships. Build and use these to take out allied buildings as you push across the map. Use your MiGs and twinblades to protect them. The mission is successfully completed when there is no more opposition from the allies.

Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission 7: To Tame a Living God

The Red Alert 3 Apocalypse Tank

Now that the threat from the Allies has been eliminated, it is time to refocus your attention on the Empire of the Rising Sun. After proving your loyalty to your country, the military command has entrusted you with a special mission. You are now expect to assassinate the Empire of Japan.

Stealth missions do not require hammer tanks, MiGs and twinblades, as these large objects only attract unwanted attention. You will start the mission with a conscript and your co-commanders war bear. The conscript should only fire on targets that you specify. The key to getting through the early part of this mission is exercising patience and caution.

Go east towards the steps and wait to the guards to pass. You need to create a diversion to distract the guards. Once the diversion has been completed, find the hole in the Emperor’s garden fence. If you use the conscript’s stealth stance and long range sniper rifle effectively you will eventually come to what has been marked as your intended target. Use the conscript to kill him.

The mission does not end upon completion of the emperor’s assassination, because the person who has been assassinated was a decoy intended to protect the real emperor, who does not take kindly to attempts on his life. The Empire of the Rising Sun is hungry for revenge and you need to be prepared to defend yourself. The Apocalypse tank now becomes available. This will help taking out buildings, but your first task is to construct a base.

Construct an airport, barracks, airports, and as many flak cannons as possible early in the game as Japanese Aircraft will soon descent upon your position. When it is reasonably safe to do so, construct a war lab. There are four bases that you need to take out. The Kirov airships, twinblades, flak troopers, and the apocalypse tanks help you carry this task out, but take them out one at a time. A high casualty rate is normal for this mission. The key to successfully completing it is to build up your defenses early and then go on the attack.

Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission 8: Stone Faced Witnesses

Red Alert 3: Tesla tank in action

Easter Island might sound like a fun place for a little Rest and Relaxation, but that is not the task the Premier has charged you with. Instead you must remove the Allied Forces from this remote Island for the Glory of the Russian people. Things are not as they seem however, and the Premier is hiding information from you.

Because you are attacking an island in the middle of the ocean, you will need to rely on naval forces such as Hydrofoils and the Akula Subs. Establish a beach head and construct facilities that allow you to build airplanes and naval units. Defensive units never hurt, but they are not your primary priority. The co-commander gets attacked early in this mission. Use the Hydrofoils to take out the twinblades and make sure to keep the Akula submarines above water.

Head to the west and find the base the allies have built their. Provided you have kept your co-commander in the mission up to this point, he will lead with the attack. Us the twinblades, Kirov airships, and Akula subs to take out as many of the buildings as possible. You may need a few conscripts and ground troops to help mop things up.) Build up the defenses and units and get ready for a surprising announcement. The Premier who you have fought for is ready to betray you. Such treason to the people cannot be allowed to continue, but he has his own army which you must take out before you can get to him. Be sure to include flak cannons and defensive structures when building up your beach on this island. Send out some engineers to the north of your original base and secure the oil derricks to that you have the funds to continue your campaign.

The premier’s bases are on another island to the North. The Akula subs, Kirov airships, Stingrays and a few tanks will be needed along with flak troopers and conscripts to take the ground troops out. Head up to the Premier’s base and show him the fate of traitors to the people. When the traitor’s base has been taken out, there is one more thing to eliminate. The vacuum imploder weapon must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, which in this case, happens to be anyone. You and your co-commander should marshal your forces to take it out. Kirov airships and twinblades do high amounts of damage to it, but it is well defended. Be sure you have enough force including conscripts, flak troopers and MiGs to take care of the defenses. The mission ends when the vacuum imploder is destroyed.

Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission 9: Blight on the Big Apple

Taking out a symbol of decadent capitalism and the oppression of the workers should be an enviable task for any commander loyal to the Motherland. In the final Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission, you will be expected to take out the Statue of Liberty.

You will start the game with a few terror drones. Use these amphibious weapons to take out enemy vehicles, which will allow you to clear a space for your defense. When you have an area clear where you can build a base, call down a Sputnik fro or bit. The satellite will carry the tools needed to build your base. Compared to the other missions, this is relatively simple.

Red Alert 3: Statue of Liberty

You can also capture Wall Street during this mission. It is not necessary to capture Wall Street to complete the final Soviet mission, but if you do, you gain control of America’s finances and you can earn extra money in addition to the any ore refineries you might have built during the initial invasion phase. Capturing America’s financial institutions is a simple matter of using more force than the Allied forces are using to defend it. When it is done, go back to your bases and make sure you are building dreadnoughts, as these vessels have the long range that will enable you to destroy the Statue of Liberty from afar. Build up twinblades and Kurov airships to help destroy the statue. Send your forces at the symbol of American liberty until it is no more. When Lady Liberty lies in ruins, your government will show its gratitude by promoting you to premier.

The Command and Conquer Red Alert Soviet Campaign is now at an end. Save the game and prepare yourself to take control of the Armies and Navies of the nations that make up the allied forces. It’s a shame you will not be able to enjoy the promotion long. Like the commanders you have turned on the Soviet Union and her people, the Red Alert 3 player must now be prepared to offer his services to one of the opposing armies. Good luck.


  • Screenshots taken from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

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