C&C Red Alert 3 - Rising Sun Missions 1-3 Strategy Guide and Walkthrough: Defeat Father Frost, Patron Sword Saints and More

C&C Red Alert 3 - Rising Sun Missions 1-3 Strategy Guide and Walkthrough: Defeat Father Frost, Patron Sword Saints and More
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Mission 1 – The Death of Father Frost

The arrival of winter may be an odd thing for any nation to celebrate as most people eagerly await the end of this season when it starts. Nevertheless, the Soviets in this world celebrate the onset of the bitter cold and have let their guard down. An opposing commander can wait for no better time to conduct a sneak attack. Take command of a transport control vehicle. Use the ability of this unit to disguise the vehicle as a Soviet bullfrog. (Do this by clicking on a bullfrog you can see before it attacks you.) Bring the “bullfrog” ashore and unload your troops at a safe place on the island.

Use the soldiers to take out the Soviet conscripts and head towards the reactor. You want to disable the reactor because the Tesla towers do a lot of damage. Gain the support power and gain a new anti-tank unit. You also get a support power. Use the support power to call in some aerial strikes against the nearby buildings.

Destroy the military buildings and statues and make your way towards the harbor. Make sure to take out the Tesla towers before making the naval attack. Once that Tesla towers have been taken down, bring in your troops and your Yari submarines to destroy the harbor. When the last defenses of the harbor have been eliminated, get ready for the next mission.

Mission 2 – To Conquer Shattered Spirits

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Screen Shot

The Emperor has tasked you with destroying statues in Stalingrad. Despite the lack of wisdom in undertaking this mission during the winter, he believes that you can handle it. You will start the game with the Mobile Construction vehicle and this will be the first test of your base building skills. The Mecha/Jet Tengu units escort your mobile construction vehicle (MCV) to a safe spot on the sure. Use the tengu unit’s special ability to convert the mecha tengus to jet tengus to stop enemy twinblades from sinking the MCV before it gets to shore. Once on shore unpack the MCV and start setting up your base.

This mission focuses more on stealth than direct confrontations with the enemy, but you should build up your base defenses before sending troops into the city of Stalingrad. Escort them carefully through the city and take out all the statues. Once the stealth mission has been completed, train up any necessary remaining troops to wipe out Soviet opposition. Roll your tanks into the city proudly knowing that you have done a good job for the Empire of the Rising in Sun in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3.

Mission 3 – Odessa: Behold the Patron Saint of Swords

What Japanese sci-fi alternate history game would be complete without a giant robot for the player to use? The son of the Empire of the Rising Sun has been working on exactly that and he wants your unit to test it out. You’ll start the mission with some nifty helicopters that can transform into anti-aircraft units at need. Keep these units in their helicopter mode and stick with the ships until they reach their destination. When the final transport arrives, land your helicopters on the weapons platform and transform them into anti-aircraft units. Provide cover for the workers until your new giant robot is assembled. Now that Megas XLR, also known as the Shogun executioner, has been assembled march him over to the landing pad held by your co-commander. The Shogun Executioner will help you get through this mission, but do not neglect to train other needed troops.

Move the shogun executioner towards the points on the map, but don’t be afraid to let it get hit by Tesla Towers and Tesla troopers as these units provide a health boost to the giant robot. Destroy the exclamation points on the map, starting with the one to the northwest. The co-commander will help you do this. You complete the mission when all the exclamation points disappear from the map.

Mission 4 – Pearl Harbor: Ghost of a Foolish Fleet

Attack on a Tower in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

You will not be attacking Pearl Harbor in Red Alert 3, commander, but instead you will be defending it. The key to succeeding at this mission is repelling the allied attack and you do not have long after the mission starts to build up the defenses of the harbor. Some of this work has been done already. Move the Defender craters into defensive positions and turn them into Defender VX. These and the other units should be enough to repel the allied attack. When things have calmed down slightly build some tengus and train some engineers. Send the engineer with a few tengu units to each radar installation. Change the tengus into air defense forms or ground defense formats as necessary. Create some subs and send them out to the harbor.

The allies have not entirely given up on capturing Pearl Harbor. More waves will be coming in, but be sure to keep your defenses up and switch between the needed forms of the tengus. Eventually a fleet of Naginata naval units come into the port and will help you defend. Place these strategically around the harbor and hold off any invaders. Hold your position to the shogun destroyers come into the harbor. Do not forget to build up your offensive forces, you’ll need them as soon as the destroyers come in.

Now it is time to head over to the allies base and wipe them out. The key to the next part of this mission is keeping enough defenses behind at your base to hold off allied counter attacks. Bring enough force to wipe out the base.

Mission 5 – Assault on the Black Tortoise

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Screenshot

This is another destruction mission. You will escort an MCV in to the island where you set up your base and send out ore cores. Build a dock, a barracks and the naval units and pump out shogun destroyers. Don’t forget the tengus for defensive purposes. Once you have an impressive fleet of shoguns, jet tengus, ground troops. And transports go off and find the allied bases. Destroy them as quickly as possible, but remember this mission will cause you to see heavy troop losses. Succeed and save Tokyo from an allied attack.

Mission 6 – Santa Monica: Rage of the Black Tortoise

The next mission takes place in Santa Monica, California. Bring in the Black Tortoise to remove allied units from the shore and establish a beach head for yourself. Set up a generator core, an ore core, and a dojo core. Be sure to set up a mecha base also and turn out some tengu units. Set up some tengu units and Defender VX turrets as defensive structures. Place some of the turrets on the Northeast perimeter.

Now that the base and its defenses have been established, the wise Rising Sun Imperial commander wants to build up his offenses and do a little scouting. Make a sudden transport and use its disguise ability. Find a few more allied buildings, but your primary targets here will be the media centers. When you find the media centers send your troops into attack the. The mission ends when both media centers have been destroyed.

Mission 7 – Yokohama: Barbarians at the Gate

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Streets of Yokohama

This mission follows the basic patterns of clearing the streets and establishing the base. Yuriko Omega will help you clear the streets. Her special ability allows you to take out multiple units at once. Use her to eliminate as many of the Soviet conscripts as possible and head towards the base. King Oni robots will eventually come to aid you with your quest. Please this in front of Yuriko and continue the path of destruction. Eventually Yuriko and your King Onis should meet up with a mobile construction vehicle. Establish a base with refinery cores, dojo cores, mecha bays, and and of course the structures necessary to build up your naval forces.

The Allies and the Soviets will attack you in two waves. The important thing will be to hold them off until the attacks are done. If you survive both waves, get ready for the next Japanese mission.

Mission 8 – Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble

Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble

The name of this mission suggests that the target the symbol of Soviet power. You cannot just expect to wade into this mission uncontested. In fact, you must start the mission by building a base up and making sure it’s well defended. Make sure you use the tengus and defender turrets to fend off the attacks. The first waves may be only infantry, but the Soviets send heavier weaponry against you later.

Once the defenses of your base have been secured. Send out the Shogun Executioner and a few engineers to secure the nearby bunkers. Build up additional offenses and go after the Kremlin. Remember that the Shogun executioner gets healed when electrical attacks are made against it. Destroy the Kremlin and get ready for the final Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 mission.

Mission 9 – Amsterdam: The Last Red Blossom Trembled

The final Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 mission takes place in the Dutch City of Amsterdam. You will not have time to stop in the bars and sample some of the decriminalized products that are available for sale. Instead, you must take control of the city and seize control of the FutureTech HQ headquarters.

The key to this mission is using the nanohive swarm to defend your base as the allies have a nasty new weapon. Put some infantry and ground troops on the northeastern perimeter. Be sure to save your game before the allies use their new proton weapon. After the save finishes, move the nano hive swarm to protect the target. Then take your naval fleet (be sure that you have upgraded your docks) and head towards the weapon. Take it out with as much heavy artillery as possible. When the new experimental weapon has been neutralized, head towards the Futuretech headquarters and destroy it.


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