Command annd Conquer Red Alert 3 -- Soviet Missions Strategy Guide/Walkthrough

Command annd Conquer Red Alert 3 -- Soviet Missions Strategy Guide/Walkthrough
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Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Overview

Command and Conquer’s Red Alert 3 combines an alternate history timeline with the opportunity to command forces of the modern army. The Nazis may have been removed from this world’s timeline, but it caused an Imperial Faction of the Japanese to come to the forefront. In Red Alert 3, the player must take control of armies of each of three factions to help the allies defeat the forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

The game starts in Leningrad, where you as commander, must remove the invasion forces of the Empire from the city.

First Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission: Leningrad and Natasha, the Femme Fatale

Your flak troopers, led by a sniper named Natasha, will clear the way into the city of Leningrad for you. Unfortunately, the gates are locked and closed by the time your army reaches them. The problem with the gates should not deter a determined commander, and the Soviets are waiting to gain back control of one of their most important cities. Natasha will use her special skills to take out the soldiers guarding the gate to Leningrad. When she finishes this step, she will call in bombers to destroy the gates.

Once you are inside the city of Leningrad, you must use your flak troops to delay the forces of the Rising Sun Imperial Army long enough for you to train infantry from the Soviet citizenry. Another Russian commander will join you, and you will gain access to the barracks as you fight your way through the city. The infantry will help secure the city, but the battleships of the Empire are preventing Soviet forces from using the city’s ports.

Shortly after you gain the ability to train conscripts, the Rising Sun Imperial Army attacks one of the city’s museums. Outside of your barracks is a piece of equipment known as a bullfrog. Load Natasha and the conscripts off of the Bullfrog and fight off the defenders at the museum. You now control the interior of Leningrad, but the blockade on the ports must be removed. Use Natasha’s special skills again. Any problems from the guards around the ships will disappear as if by magic, and she will call in air strikes to destroy the enemy’s battleships.

2nd Soviet Mission for Red Alert: Krasna or Wasn’t Boris Badenoff for Ya?

The defense and liberation of Leningrad was a heroic effort, but the war is far from over. The invading forces need to be pushed out of Russia. A little rest and relaxation for your troops might be the perfect way to boost morale, and a circus outside of Krasma might provide your troops with that, or so it seems.

Natasha will be with you on this mission. Three mechanical walking robots called Sickles are part of your ground force on this mission. Use the Sickles to get around the rough terrain and wipe out any opposition. Losing the Sickles robots is not a a desirable outcome, so be sure to pick up any crates that contain the necessary parts to make repairs along the way.

Be sure to free any prisoners of war that your forces encounter along the way. Some of these prisoners of war belong to units known as Tesla troopers. Their ability to quickly damage enemy machines help quite a bit in this mission. Have your troops make their way through the grounds until you find a launchpad facility. This facility gives you access to an orbital dump attack. Establish a security point and head into the carnival grounds. Use the orbital dump ability to flush out the enemies that have been hiding in their tents. You succeed in this mission after the remaining forces are wiped out.

Red Alert Soviet Mission 4: Ice Harbor at Vladivostok


No real time strategy game would be complete without a test of base building skills, and the third Soviet Mission in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 gives players the opportunity to lay down some oil refineries and earn money to train troops. Vladivostok is a strategic harbor in the ice that has been occupied by the Empire of the Rising Sun. Two Russian commanders have been sent to give an eviction notice to them. The co-commander will focus on the southern end of the isle, leaving you free to build your base on the Northern end.

Amphibious vehicles bring your troops as close as possible to the shore. Use the bullfrog to remove them from their vehicles and send them charging towards the enemy. After the base is cleared, a mobile construction vehicle will come ashore. Use the vehicle to build barracks, a construction installation, a sentry gun and some ore refineries first. After the initial elements of base construction are complete, you should build necessary equipment and build up your navy. The first thing you should give your naval forces are the Stingrays.

Once the beachhead has been established, and your forces have been built up, move them directly east of the base and prepare to take out another enemy installation. Capture the base and move the dreadnoughts back to your base, where they assist in its defense. Proceed to the middle of the map with your infantry and conscripts. The enemy bunkers down here. Have the conscripts through Molotov cocktails to destroy the buildings. When the buildings have been cleared, send one of your engineers into the hospital and claim it for your forces.

The base building tasks may be done, but the Soviet Red Alert 3 commander can not take a few minutes to relax yet, there are still two more bases for him to destroy on this island. The next base is to the west of the one in the middle. Move the dreadnoughts to the area surrounding the base to soften up the enemy targets before sending in your infantry and conscripts with the bullfrogs.

The final base is in the northeast corner of the island, and it is easy to have your ground based units enter from the west. Take out the defenses and the enemy units. This is a straight fight that requires no special preparation.

Red Alert 3 Soviet Mission 4: Using Naval Forces to Conquer Geneva or New Alternate Geography


The next step will be going to Switzerland and finding some stolen gold that the Swiss have been hiding for sixty years. (No, wait that does not happen in this Command and Conquer timeline.) Exactly how the amphibious Stingrays are used to find your way into the city seems to be a little unclear, unless there is a Geneva in another European country that does not happen to be landlocked. Use the Stingrays to secure a beach head and establish your base, which should be the first priority in any mission where you can train troops in Red Alert 3.

This country surrounded on all sides by the Alps is known for its neutrality. It is also known for catering to more than one side in a war on occasion. The Swiss banks in the Soviet Empire may not care with whom they do business, but as a commander of the Russian Army, the Red Alert 3 player does not have that luxury. He must show the masters of the banks in Zürich and Geneva exactly who is in charge.

This mission is fairly straightforward, but the key to it is finding the right mix of heavy units such as the Sickles and the tanks, naval units such as the Stingray, and your ground forces. This mission favors infantry over other types of ground forces, although Tesla Troopers come in handy against some of the machines you will encounter.

Capturing the observation post in the city is not necessary to complete this mission, but it is helpful. If you capture the hospital, it gives two specific benefits in the mission. The banks give additional funding to the mission, and it provides extra healing for your units.

This mission requires you to gain control of the four banks scattered around the map. You will need 3 tanks and a few combat engineers to hold each bank. Naturally, gaining control of the banks secures some of the necessary funds for you and the other Russian commanders, who are bravely fighting off the Empire of the Rising Sun, to train and supply new troops.

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