Command and Conquer 10th Anniversary Edition Cheats, Tips, and Tricks -- The Original Game

Command and Conquer 10th Anniversary Edition Cheats, Tips, and Tricks -- The Original Game
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Original Command and Conquer Cheats

Shortly after Westwood One released the first real time strategy game for the personal computer, the studio decided to depart from a licensed universe and make their own futuristic RTS. The original Command and Conquer Red Alert was the result. The graphics may not have been good compared to the more modern games. Red Alert served as a good introduction to the familiar mechanics of the series. The game may be simple, but there are a few bottlenecks that can make the game difficult even for a seasoned gamer.

The Brotherhood of Nod is out to change the world. Whether or not the changes they intend to bring about will be beneficial is another matter. The recent discovery of tiberium ore in many areas of the world should make things either for both the Brotherhood of Nod and Global Defense Initiative’s efforts.

Infinite Firestorm Wall – Build the wall and turn it on. Either turn off the power plants or sell them all. When the wall says that it is on hold, the firestorm wall will stay on indefinitely. Be sure not to build any more power plants as long as you need it as a defensive measure.

Infinite Infantry in the Last Mission – For those who want to “zerg” the final mission in the Command and Conquer mission, they must build exactly sixty-eight infantry troops in the second mission. No more, no less. Move these troops to a safe place and prevent them from getting injured. You’ll be able to build infantry indefinitely in the twelfth mission of the game.

Hijack Vehicles – Take a mutant into a city and send it into a vehicle. You can use the vehicle as a transport until it gets destroyed. Worry about the ethics of hijacking vehicles later. All is fair in love and war.

Alternate Ending – This cheat works only when you play as the Global Defense Initiative. Keep the Temple of Nod standing and keep your ion cannon in good working order. When you have a clear shot, use the Ion cannon on the Temple of Nod.

Command and Conquer Tricks

The Brotherhood of Nod engineers can hijack GDI’s chrono miners. Have the engineer wait by an enemy ore facility. Have the engineer capture the building just before the truck enters. You gain the building and the truck.

One of the early allied missions in Tiberian Sun requires you to use armored personal carriers to get troops to a Brotherhood of Nod base. When you start the mission, keep the troops out of the personal carriers and have them take care of the Nod troops. Take the high road all the way to the west and go down the side of the screen until you reach the water. Turn west. Taking this route does not guarantee a victory, but it does make the mission easier.

You want to start getting your money early in the any Command and Conquer game. Build the refineries and the harvesters as soon as possible. Multiple harvesters allow you to maintain a steady income stream. Balance out your troop distribution and keep some troops in reserve, so that you may use them to defend your base or launch an additional attack as needed.

The Soviet Tank Rush, unfortunately, is only available in Red Alert.

Original Red Alert Cheats

Command and Conquer Screenshot

The Soviet tank rush works well against Allied Targets. The Allied Tank rush works less well against Soviet targets. The Tesla coils tend to make frontal assault on Soviet bases a nightmare for allied units. (Note: some of these cheats do not work in the Tenth Anniversary edition of Red Alert.)

If you run out of ore and do not feel like finding another spot to mine it, you can save the game. Exit the game and load the saved mission.. The ore will re-spawn and you will be able to buy more units. It is also possible to sell vehicles in the original Red Alert if you are low on funds, but this is a tricky process. You must click the mouse twice on the unit when choosing to sell the vehicle.

You can also watch the credits from within the game yourself, if you are so inclined. Hold down the shift key and click on the speaker icon at the top of the screen.

Red Alert 1 Glitches

Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Screenshot

The Tesla Coils do a fine job of making the lives of Allied Command and Conquer solider difficult. You can upgrade the structure by building a mammoth tank. Decide where you want to place the structure then have the tank drive to it. Place the coil where you moved the tank to. The mammoth tank and the coil will combine. (You will not be able to repair the Tesla coil until the tank moves.)

Repair Naval Structures While They Are Moving – Both Allied and Soviet Naval units can be repaired while the vessels are underway. Order the vessel into a sub pen or naval yard and then have it move outside of the naval yard to attack a a target out of range. The brilliant Allied and Soviet engineers will repair it on the way.

Soviet Tank Rush – This is annoying tactic that has caused many Allied Red Alert Generals to lose hair. Build as many heavy tanks as you can and send them out toward the enemy. If you want to take out infantry a little more quickly, send a few V3 rocket trucks in behind the tanks.

Infantry can Walk on Water – This trick is not all that useful, but it is cool. Send the infantry into an amphibious transport and then have the transport move as soon as the infantry unit gets near it. The infantry will travel on top of the water briefly.

Free Infantry – This trick requires the use of a nuclear silo with a warhead that is ready to launch. Send the missile off and target the silo. Five Russian soldiers come out form the silo and the silo still stands. The missile hits its intended target. It rearms itself.

Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Cheats

red alert 2 screenshot

There are a few cheats that only work in the multiplayer mode of Red Alert 2. Other cheats are only available in the campaign mode. Some of the units in Red Alert 2 have changed their names from the original Red Alert. The Soviets have replaced the Mammoth Tank with the Apocalypse tank. Allied Commanders no longer have to rely solely on their pillboxes. They now get the prism tower, a laser weapon that can seriously damage any Soviet infantry.

Libya Players can use a cheat that involves multiple demolition trucks and the iron curtain. Wait for the Iron curtain to become active. Send in the demolition trucks against the enemy base. Use the iron curtain on them before they get there. The Allied forces will not be able to destroy the demolition trucks until they detonate. (You do not get to keep the demolitions trucks.)

Allied Players can use the chronosphere to transport units to places that they could not normally go. Use the chronosphere on enemy infantry to move land units into the middle of the ocean or vice versa. The vehicles do not survive this trip.

Amass 10 chrono legionnaires as an allied player with any allied nation. Have them target an enemy vehicle to have them remove it from the timeline. You can place them in IFVS to give them more armor.

Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Tricks

command and conquer red alert the aftermath profilelarge

The last Red Alert 2 Soviet mission can be tricky. You must build up your defenses to defend your base from enemy attacks. Build some V3 rocket trucks and some tanks to protect them. Send them up the side of the map to take out the flack cannons. Build Kirov airships when they become available and send them up the side of the map. (The Tesla towers will not harm the V3s if you can keep them far enough away.) Go up the side of the map with lots of Kirov airships and then go to the center. Remember, the point is to destroy the Kremlin.

The final Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Allied mission is also tricky. The key to success is using your infantry units to garrison the building to give you better defenses. When the buildings are garrisoned, you can build up your stock of prism tanks, mirage tanks, and other heavy hitting units.

You can have a little fun with Tanya by placing her in an IFV. Use the chronosphere to send the Tanya-enhanced IFV to an enemy base. Have the Tanya enhanced IFV destroy as many buildings as it can.

Command and Conquer Renegade Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

command and conquer renegade screenshot

This first person shooter requires players to use the commands in the game effectively. Most of the cheats can be accessed by the use of a simple command. The command varies depending on the patch of the game the player uses. To enter the console mode, similar to the chat mode used in the Warcraft and Starcraft series, hit the ~ (tilde) key.

It is often useful to see a person’s frame per second. Hit the tilde key and enter the fps command. The game shows the computer’s frame rate. If it’s too low, it could be a hint that you need to adjust your graphics settings or that you need a better graphics card. While the frames per second command is useful, it seldom gives a gamer an extra edge.

All the useful commands in Command and Conquer Renegade start with the prefix extras.

If you are the host and want to end the session, hit the character and type game over. All the clients are shut down. For players, who like the author, are not good at games that require coordination, Command and Conquer Renegade offers a cheat that allows you to get extra player characters.

Actual Command and Conquer Renegade Cheats

The game only really offers one cheat, but the code depends on the version you use. The cheat allows you to get extra lives in multi-player mode.

  • Patched Version – extras fnkqrm
  • Unpatched Version – extras quantiffn

You can gain unlimited time if you enter the game in skirmish mode, but you must do this by editing the text file. Open Notepad, go to the directory where the Renegade game is stored. Click on the data file. Open the file srvrcfg_skirmish.ini. When you find the time limit entry, set it to zero. You now have unlimited time to play the game.

Changing the Size of Vehicles

You can change the size of the vehicles you encounter in the game. Press F8 when in a vehicle and type, edit_vehicle. Editing air vehicles require special caution. Set the values too high and you may not be able to use them. You may also crash the game.

A Few General Tips

Command and Conquer Renegade is a first person shooter that has many weapons. The bosses require different strategies, but the easiest thing to remember when going through the game the first time is to experiment with weapons. Petrov, for example, is easily killed by a head shot from a pistol. If you see a soda machine in a tiberium field be sure to unleash your flamethrower upon it.

Command and Conquer Generals Cheats, Tips and Tricks

red alert2 bemutato 01

Enter command mode and type “Yuri Relived.” If you’d like to feel like you’re playing Red Alert 2 rather than the modern edition of Command and Conquer. This will change some of your unit names to the unit names used in the earlier game.

China’s inferno tanks have the ability to take out infantry units en masse. This works as a good defensive measure and certainly works better than many of the defenses that the Chinese actually have. Build ten inferno tanks. Pay attention to the areas where the enemy sends its infantry units and send the inferno tanks to guard those areas.

Multiplayer opponents will prolong games by building up their defenses. Even defensive players can use this trick to keep their enemies weak. You must play the USA. Build a lot of Raptors and send them against the enemy’s defenses.

Destroying bunkers can get tricky, but it is not impossible. Train three rangers and send them close enough into the bunkers so that they do not get shot at. Have them destroy the bunkers and the missile sites that are nearby.

The Chinese forces have access to four tanks that make things easier in the game, much like the Prism and Mirage tanks evened things up for the Allies a bit in Red Alert 2. Build 4 overlord tanks. Give 2 of the Overlord tanks Propaganda upgrades. Give the other two tanks the chain gun upgrade. Send the upgraded artillery pieces out to wreak havoc.

New Command and Conquer Tenth Anniversary edition Cheats

Command and Conquer Renegade Screenshot

Readers are encouraged to use the comment feature to add their own cheats. Many of these cheats will work for the games in the Command and Conquer Tenth Anniversary Edition pack. Some of the glitches have been corrected. For example, The tiberium cheat listed for the original Red Alert seems not to work in the remastered edition.