A Guide to Starcraft: How to Complete Protoss Missions 1-3

A Guide to Starcraft: How to Complete Protoss Missions 1-3
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Mission 1: First Strike


Meet Fenix at Antioch

Destroy the Zerg base

Move your units to the north. You will run across a few scattered Zerg along the way. Destroy them and enter the Antioch base. Build Probes to start harvesting resources. Build some Photon Cannons for base defense, but be sure not to plug up the entrance.

NOTE: Protoss buildings must be within range of a Pylon in order to be powered. If the Pylon is destroyed, the buildings will cease to function.

Build 11 Zealots and send them, Fenix and any Dragoons you have to the northwest. You will find a lightly-defended Zerg base. Destroy the base to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Into the Flames


Distract the Zerg while Fenix gets into position

Kill the Zerg Cerebrate

The start of this mission is all about defense and building a large attack force. The timer indicates how much time remains until Fenix arrives with reinforcements. All you need to do until then is fortify your base, harvest resources and build troops. Build at least 12 Zealots and 12 Dragoons.

You will find a large mineral cache to the south. Send some Probes and Zealots down to take it if you find yourself in need of additional Minerals.

TIP: There are two ramps leading up your base. You will notice that the Zerg tend to favor the lower ramp. Station some Dragoons here along with your Photon Cannons to help hold the location.

Send your troops south once Fenix arrives. Hold Fenix in reserve for now. Send your Zealots in first, followed by the Dragoons. You can also build a few Reavers for extra firepower, but these can be hazardous to your troops as well as the enemy. Use them sparingly.

Destroy the Sunken Colonies around the Cerebrate with Reavers, then move in for the kill.

Mission 3: Higher Ground


Destroy the Zerg Colonies

Build your base quickly. Zerg attacks will be coming from the west and the north. Build Photon Cannons along the perimeter and station some Dragoons behind them. Send some Zealots and Dragoons to the southwest. You will find a resource cache that makes an excellent secondary base. Just be sure to clear it of buried Zerg troops.

NOTE: You now have access to Scouts. Use them to destroy other flyers and to take down Hydralisks. Scouts work best when grouped, preferably with six or more.

The key to this mission is a combination of air and ground power. Both of the two Zerg Colonies are surrounded by masses of Sunken Colonies. While it would seem like Scouts are the way to go, a large reserve of Hydralisks will ensure a quick defeat for them. Using a combination of 12 Scouts, 12-24 Zealots and 12-24 Dragoons will ensure victory.

Send the Scouts in first and have them destroy as many Sunken Colonies as they can before they start taking losses. Bring in the Zealots to deal with the Hydralisks, then send in your Dragoons to destroy the Sunken Colonies.

Replace any losses and establish a third base at the colony you just destroyed. Once your forces are back up to strength, send them to the next colony and eradicate the Zerg.

Mission 4: The Hunt for Tassadar


Find Tassadar

Bring Tassadar and Raynor to the Beacon

Have your troops follow the path toward the northwest. You will encounter several groups of Zerg. Note that you now have the High Templar unit, which has the Psionic Storm ability. This is great for destroying masses of small units, such as Zerglings and Hydralisks. Beware! Psionic Storm can damage friendly units!

Go southwest at the fork where the path leads southwest and northeast. This is the easier path, as it avoids a Sunken Colony. Fight your way up the ramp and along the ridge. Stay to the east; this may help you avoid some Sunken Colonies. Continue following the path and avoiding the Sunken Colonies wherever possible.

Start gathering resources immediately after you take control of the base. Build up some defenses and start building a force of 12-24 Zealots, 12+ Dragoons and 12 Scouts. Once you’ve got them built, send them back to the beacon. The path will now be choked with Hydralisks, Zerglings and Mutalisks. Allow them to clear the way, then send Raynor and Tassadar down to the beacon to finish the mission.

Mission 5: Choosing Sides


Bring Tassadar and two Zealots to the installation entrance

Build a base defense quickly. Once you’ve got a good perimeter defense, begin building Scouts, Shuttles and ground units (whichever you prefer; you just need 12 Zealots and some Dragoons, plus whatever else you’d like.) Since the path to the installation is largely blocked, you will need the Shuttles to ferry your troops over obstacles.

Have your Scouts clear as much of a path as they can. They will not be able to do the entire job (unless you send 24+ of them) but they can at least clear a landing site for your ground troops.

NOTE: There is a Terran base in the far northeast. Attacking it will bring General Duke and a large fleet of Wraiths to attack. Destroying the base is risky, but yields a large Mineral cache. It is a risk, but it can pay off. If you utilize your resources efficiently, only building and upgrading units you will use, you probably won’t need to attack the Terrans.

Put Tassadar and two Zealots into a Shuttle and keep them in your base until you are ready. Once you have assembled your main attack force, send them to the large island in the center of the map. Clearing the Zerg base here takes time and troops, but makes the way to the beacon much safer. Replace any losses you suffer during the attack, then bring a Probe down to establish a secondary base.

Once your forces are back up to strength, send them to the southeast to secure the installation. Once the path is clear, send Tassadar’s shuttle down to the beacon and drop him and the Zealots off.


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