A Guide to Starcraft: How to Complete Terran Missions 6 and 7

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Mission 6: Norad II


Protect Battlecruiser Nord II

Bring Raynor and 2 Dropships to Norad II

Move your units west. You will encounter a few Zerg and a Confederate Base. Take the base and set your SCVs to repair the burning buildings. Load the bunkers with three Marines and a Firebat. You may also wish to build a few additional bunkers for base defense. Start building Wraiths and either Goliaths or Marines.

The key to this mission is coordination. There are lots of Zerg Sunken and Spore colonies in between your base and the Norad II. You will need to maneuver your air units in place to disable the Sunken Colonies, then move your ground units in to destroy the Spore Colonies.

NOTE: There are a few troops stationed around the Norad II. There are three Goliaths, six Marines, two Bunkers and two SCVs. Have the Marines get in the bunkers. Use the SCVs to repair the bunkers and the Norad II, then get in the bunkers. Try to keep these forces alive as long as possible.

There are two Zerg bases; one to the north and another further northeast. Both will be heavily defended. Destroying them will cost you in terms of manpower and resources. However, it will stop the attacks on the Norad II, allowing you more time to plan your strategy.

NOTE: There is a ring of colonies around the Norad II, as well as a bunch of Zerglings, Hydralisks, Scourges and Mutalisks. The best approach is from the northeast. There are fewer colonies and mainly Sunken colonies, allowing your Wraiths to clear room for your ground troops to move in and make for the Norad II.

When you are ready, build two dropships, load Raynor into one and bring them to the Norad II. Make sure the path is clear before you do so.

Mission 7: The Trump Card


Bring the Psi Emitter to the enemy base

Kerrigan must survive

Lift the buildings off immediately. Move the now-floating buildings and any nearby units to the south. Fortify your base with Missile Turrets and bunkers. Load each bunker with four Marines. Build as many Goliaths, Marines and Wraiths as you can.

NOTE: You now have access to the Science Station and the Science Vessel. These have a number of abilities. For now, they have an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that eliminates any energy a unit has stored. For instance, it eliminates Wraith cloaking energy, Battlecruiser Yamato Cannon energy or Protoss Shield energy.

NOTE: Both you and the enemy now have access to the awesome Siege Tank. These tanks are powerful while on the move, but can be upgraded with an even more powerful Shock Cannon. Shock Cannons have a long range and extreme power, but can only hit ground targets. Deploying the Shock Cannon also roots the tank to the spot, preventing it from moving. Build at least six Siege Tanks and keep them behind your main assault force. Use them to bombard the enemy base before you send your troop in.

Send your forces east. There is a satellite base/staging area that is lightly defended. Destroying this staging area opens a corridor north, which your forces can use to assault the main Confederate base. Send your troops in to attack as soon as they are ready. Build a dropship once the assault begins. Load the SCV with the Psi-Emitter into the dropship. Send the dropship to the beacon as soon as your forces move past it on their way north. Drop the SCV on the beacon to complete the mission.

Mission 8: The Big Push


Eliminate the Confederate forces

Duke must survive

Move your floating buildings to the northwest. You will find add-ons for each of them already present. Bring the rest of your units forward to the new base. Set up a defensive perimeter with bunkers (four marines to a bunker) and Missile Turrets.

NOTE: You now have access to Nuclear Missiles. You can use a Ghost to paint a target with a laser. This will launch a missile from a silo attached to a Command Center (you are provided with two.) Nukes can take out a huge number of enemy troops and buildings, clearing a large hole in enemy defenses for you. Nukes are the key to completing this mission without huge losses.

Build two Nukes, eight Wraiths and as many Siege Tanks, Goliaths and Marines as you can manage. Research Siege technology and hold your tanks back with your infantry. Use the Nukes to punch a hole in the defense of the base to the northwest. Send your troops in after the nukes go off, using the Siege Tanks to support them. Send your troops to the far northwest corner. There is a large resource cache here that will come in handy if your resources are running low. Bring one of your Command Centers up or build a new one. Make sure to fortify this new base against attack. The enemy will try to take it back.

Use the same strategy for the base to the east. Blast the outer defenses with nukes, soften the defenders up with Siege Tanks, then move in for the kill. Bring General Duke along; Norad II is extremely powerful. Make sure to bring him in with Wraiths. The fighters are expendable; Norad II is not. Sending him in with a Wraith escort helps ensure the Norad II’s survival.

Mission 9: New Gettysburg


Destroy the Protoss Force

All Zerg buildings must survive

Move Kerrigan and your Marines to the northwest corner of the base. There are two ramps that lead up to the Zerg area. Each must be guarded to prevent the Zerg from overrunning your base. Build two bunkers at each ramp. Put 2 Firebats and 2 Marines in each. Make sure they do not touch the ramps; if you research the U-238 Shells upgrade, your Marines will begin firing on Zerg buildings.

Build two more bunkers at the southwest entrance to your base. This is where the Protoss will attempt to enter. Put 3 Marines and a Firebat in each bunker on this end. Build some Missile Turrets along the east edge of your base to prevent Protoss aircraft from entering.

Harvesting the resources here won’t take long. The cache is relatively small, meaning you will have to secure a new one. There is a cache of resources to the southwest. If you save enough, you can just build a new Command Center. If you can’t save enough, just relocate your current Command Center. You will also want to built two bunkers at the southwest ramp. This is the third and final ramp leading up into Zerg territory. It is at the far west end of the map. Plugging this gap and lining their territory with Missile Turrets will pen them in. Now you just need to worry about the Protoss.

The key to this mission is twofold: Battlecruisers and Science Vessels. Battlecruisers are the largest and most expensive Terran units. They are monstrously powerful, but work best when in large groups (six or more.) They also work best when paired with a Science Vessel. The Science Vessel allows you to see cloaked units and, with the EMP ability, lets you instantly disable the shields of any Protoss units and buildings in the blast radius. This will let you cut through Protoss forces in very little time. Make sure you research the Yamato Cannon at the Physics Lab. This powerful addon cannon allows you to destroy air defenses (Missile Turrets, Photon Cannons, Spore Colonies) from a distance and without exposing your Battlecruisers to attack.

Save your resources, built 12 Battlecruisers and 2 Science Vessels. Send them to the south/southeast. There is a Protoss outpost at the far end with a good-sized resource cache. Set up down there if you need more resources. Use your SCVs to repair your Battlecruisers before you send them north for the big fight.

The main Protoss base is heavily fortified, but can easily be overcome with the use of Yamato Cannons and EMP blasts. Destroy aircraft and Dragoons first (Zealots can’t hit your Battlecruisers, so save them for last.) Destroy any Shield Batteries first, as they can recharge the shields of surrounding units. Lay waste to the Protoss base to finish the mission.

Mission 10: The Hammer Falls


Destroy the Ion Cannon

Defense is critical to this mission. There are two entry points to your base: one in the northeast, the other in the southwest. Both must be fortified with 3 bunkers (4 Marines each, research U-238 Shells as soon as possible), 2-4 Siege Tanks (with Siege Tech and shock cannons deployed) and Missile Turrets. Make sure to line the west wall of your base with Missile Turrets as well. Cloaked Wraiths and Ghost nuclear strikes are your primary concern. Defending against these in the early stages is critical to your survival. Build a Satellite Uplink quickly so that you can spot incoming Ghosts.

TIP: Killing a Ghost before the nuke hits will stop the nuke.

Once you’ve got your defenses built, start building your Battlecruiser fleet. It is imperative that you do not send them out before you have all 12 cruisers. Anything less will get picked apart by enemy troops. It is also imperative that you send your cruisers out with a Science Vessel escort (at least 2, preferably 4.) These will detect enemy Wraiths and Ghosts. Ghosts will be your cruiser’s biggest enemy. Their Lockdown ability will nullify your cruisers long enough for the rest of the enemy forces to destroy them. Having the Science Vessel along will allow you to destroy the Ghosts quickly.

Send your cruisers northwest to eliminate the Sons of Korhal base. It is moderately defended and there is an enemy Battlecruiser to the north of your base. Send a couple SCVs to start harvesting the resources at the second site once you take it. Make sure they repair your Battlecruisers and Science Vessels before they do anything else.

Build a Nuclear Silo and a few Ghosts. Use the nukes to soften up the Confederate defenses around their base to the northeast before you send any troops in. The base is surrounded with Missile Turrets and heavy troops, making a direct assault risky, even with 12 Battlecruisers. Once you have softened the defenses up, move in for the kill. Send in a squad of Marines first as a distraction and to occupy any ground units. Send your Battlecruisers in shortly after them. Keep your Satellite Uplink and Science Vessels handy in case your Battlecruisers come under assault from Wraiths or Ghosts.

Repair your ships once again once you have taken the base. Only one more outpost remains: the defenses around the Ion Cannon. They are heavy, to be sure. Several Missile Turrets guard the cannon, as well as a host of troops and several Battlecruisers. Yamato Cannons and some troop landings with Dropships will help thin them out quickly. Attacking from the east is the best option, as it allows you to bypass the western defenses and move straight to the Ion Cannon. Destroy the cannon to complete the mission and finish the Terran campaign.

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