A Guide to Starcraft: Tutorial and Terran Missions 1 and 2

A Guide to Starcraft: Tutorial and Terran Missions 1 and 2
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  • Build 3 Supply Depots
  • Build a Refinery
  • Harvest 100 Vespene Gas

Build SCVs and use them to harvest mineral deposits. Create several SCVs to allow for faster gathering. Once you have reached your population cap, use your SCVs to build three supply depots, raising the cap again.

Continue gathering minerals until you have enough to create a refinery, and then get your SCVs to gather Vespene gas until you have accumulated 100 units of gas.

Send your Marines to the south and west to eliminate the Zerg forces. Continue building SCVs and harvesting resources until the operation is complete.

Mission 1: Wasteland


  • Find Raynor
  • Build a Barracks
  • Train 10 Marines

Send your Marines to the east. Follow the road. Head south when the road ends to find Jim Raynor. New Objective: Raynor must survive. Bring Raynor and your Marines down to the base. Bring your 5 SCVs down. Have them start harvesting Minerals.

Note: Raynor’s Vulture can be repaired by an SCV if it sustains damage. Repairing anything costs a small amount of Minerals and/or Vespene (depending on which was used to construct the unit.)

Use your SCVs to continue harvesting minerals. Build 3 more SCVs, so you have a total of eight, for a very fast gathering line and a constant influx of minerals. Then, build a barracks, and use the minerals that your SCVs are gathering to train a large army of marines.

Have Raynor and your Marines secure the west end. You will find a large cache of Minerals. Move the Command Center here with the Lift Off and Set Down commands once the small Mineral Field is exhausted. Construct a Barracks as soon as possible. Train your Marines as soon as you can. Remember to build more Supply Depots.

Send Raynor and your Marines to the northeast corner. You will find some more Zerglings and a ramp moving up to a plateau. Go up to the plateau and destroy the Zerglings there. The map should now be free of opposition. You are free to train the rest of your Marines at leisure.

Mission 2: Backwater Station


  • Eliminate the Alien Infestation
  • Raynor must survive

Build 4 SCVs. Set them to work harvesting Minerals. Send Raynor and your Marines north. You will find a Vespene Geyser and two ramps. Keep them here to guard the ramps for now. Continue harvesting Minerals until you have enough to start harvesting Vespene. Send 3 SCVs to harvest Vespene. Train a few Marines (5-10) to follow Raynor to the east. You will find several pockets of Zerg. Clear them out.

Note: You will also see Zerg Hydralisks for the first time here. They are quite dangerous, particularly in groups. They can hit both land and air targets. You will also encounter a Zerg Creep Colony. These expand The Creep, upon which all Zerg structures must be built (except the Hive.) Creep Colonies can be mutated into defensive structures that attack either land or air units.

Note: You will also find secondary Mineral and Vespene caches, which you may tap if you wish. They are not necessary to completing the mission.

You can now build a Comsat Station attachment to your Command Center. Doing so will allow you the ability to reveal portions of the map and any hidden units.

Send a detachment of troops to the north. You will find a group of colonists hiding in bunkers. Fill each bunker with three Marines and one Firebat. Bunkers make excellent static defenses when paired with Missile Turrets and Siege Tanks. Use the new base to gather more resources, train more troops and enhance your troops at the Academy. Send a full group of troops to the northeast when you are ready.

Note: Firebats are close-combat troops with a mean fire attack. They can attack ground targets only.

Destroy the Infested Command Center that you find in the northeast corner.

Mission 3: Desperate Alliance


  • Survive for 30 minutes

Set up resource gathering first. Repair the damaged bunker and Vulture, then pack the bunkers with 3 Marines and a Firebat. Research u-238 Shells as soon as you can. These allow your Marines to shoot farther. Weapon upgrades are also a good investment when you can afford it.

The key here is a solid defense. There are two openings, one at the northeast, one at the southeast end of your base. Fill these with 3 Bunkers and 4 Vultures each. Keep an SCV handy to repair them as needed. Remember, 3 Marines and 1 Firebat in each bunker. This ensures the maximum combination of medium and close-ranged firepower. You can also build a supply depot in front of each bunker trio to act as decoys. The enemy will attack them instead of your bunkers, allowing the troops inside the bunker precious time to shoot without being shot back at.

Train 12 Marines and send them out to cause trouble for the Zerg. Their objective is not to destroy the Zerg forces; it is merely to hold them off and buy your base defenders a little more time. Keep training units of 12 Marines and send them off as soon as they are ready.

Keep repairing your defenses until the dropships arrive to pull you out.

Mission 4: The Jacobs Installation


  • Retrieve Data Discs from the Confederate Network
  • Raynor must survive

Move Raynor and your troops down the hall. Stop when you reach a wall. You can go through into a hangar, go left or go right. Head right for now. You will reach a teleporter room. Use the teleporter to reach a security station. Step on the white beacon to activate security cameras. Take the teleporter back.

Head right at the hangar. Follow this path through. There will be a few sidetracks, but you can ignore them. Follow the path into each of the rooms that was highlighted by the security cameras. The first room you come to has a white beacon inside. Stepping on the beacon will deactivate the station’s automatic defenses.

Continue to the northwest. You will find another beacon that unlocks a pair of doors. Move into the upper room. You will find several Zerglings. This initiates a scene between Raynor and Arcturus. Head back down and go north past the beacon room (the room that deactivated the defenses.) Follow this to the far north end. You will find another teleporter. Use it to get to the next area. Follow this path down to the final room. Step on the beacon here to download the files and complete the mission.

Mission 5: Revolution


  • Bring Kerrigan to the Antigan Command Center
  • Defend the Antigan Rebels
  • Raynor and Kerrigan must survive

Move Raynor and the Marines south to meet up with Lt. Kerrigan. Follow the lit path until you reach the bunkers. Activate Kerrigan’s cloak and have her sneak up to the Command Center Beacon. Once she does, she will kill the Confederate Officers inside, allowing you access to the base. Sweep up any Confederate forces in the area.

Put your SCVs to work harvesting resources. Fill each bunker with four Marines. Build Missile Turrets around the edges of your base to take care of enemy Wratih fighters coming in. Be prepared for the enemy to drop ground forces on your location soon.

The key to this battle is air power. You now have a Starport, which allows you to construct starships. You begin by being able to make Wraith Fighters and Dropships. Dropships can carry troops over to the enemy base. Build 12 Wraiths, as many troops as you can manage (at least 24 Marines or 12 Vultures) and enough Dropships to carry them. Send them over to the enemy base. Drop your ground forces off,Cloak your Wraiths and set them to attack.

NOTE: Wraiths work best against troops and enemy aircraft. Have them destroy other Wraiths first. Try to keep your Wraiths away from Missile Turrets; these will quickly wipe out your Wraith squadron. Also note that Missile Turrets can detect any cloaked units.

NOTE: The enemy has a satellite base in the southeast corner with abundant resources. Take this first and defend the west entrance if you need more resources.


You have now completed the first half of the Terran campaign. The missions get more challenging from here as you move toward larger-scale confrontations. You will fight larger battles, build more powerful units and kick more alien butt! Soldier forth to victory!


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