The History of Starcraft and the Eagerly Anticipated Sequel, Starcaft II: Wings of Liberty

The History of Starcraft and the Eagerly Anticipated Sequel, Starcaft II: Wings of Liberty
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Stracraft: The Most Successful Real Time Strategy Game

Starcraft has made a profit since its release date. It cannot be called the most successful video game franchise of all time because there is only one game set in the Starcraft Universe . (This is true at the time of this writing.) Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, have a history of making popular games. Blizzard could not expect that a single science-fiction real time strategy game would survive as long as it has when it was first released in 1998. The company made a profit on sales of the CD for nearly a decade.

The Operation CWAL Conspiracy

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Fans of the Starcraft series know that one of the cheat codes is Operation CWAL. This cheat code allows a player to build structures faster. The name comes from speculation of Blizzard fans that the company delayed the CD’s in a world domination attempt, according to the Starcraft Zone website. This conspiracy, dubbed Operation CWAL, was formed to ‘liberate’ the CD from the hands of the oppressive Blizzard management.

Blizzard has a history of delaying a game’s release date until it is satisfied with the finished product. The same can be said for the Starcraft sequel, although the plans to make a sequel itself seemed to be delayed by quite a long time. It is hard to know where the brave men and women of Operation CWAL are hiding when they are needed most.

Introducing the Zergling Rush

Fans initially dubbed Starcraft “Warcraft in space.” Both games use similar interfaces. Starcraft broke from what had been the standard for strategy games until that time. Earlier games gave the players two sides with the option of playing through the story for one side or the other. Starcraft required a player to play missions involving all three of the game’s races in order to advance the storyline. If a player played the game in the order recommended by Blizzard, he would take on the role of a colonial governor whose colony is being overrun by the Zerg, a Zerg overmind trying to control the now villainous Kerrigan, and a Protoss commander trying to prevent the Zerg from overwhelming the Protoss colonies.

The game also introduced the term ‘zerg it’ to gamers everywhere. This phrase reached its way into other strategy games and MMOs. To Zerg something means that rely on sheer numbers to overwhelm your opponent. The term carries a negative connotation because not much strategy is needed to carry this plan out.

Starcraft: South Korea’s National Pastime

While the game was popular in the United States, it sold even more copies in South Korea. Many Koreans played the game in Internet cafes. According to the Stracraft Zone on this matter, professional Starcraft players arose as a result of this phenomenon.

Operation CWAL Fails

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Operation Can’t Wait Any Longer may have succeeded in liberating the original CD from the company, but as long as the game continued to make money, Blizzard did not see much of a reason to release a sequel. Even after the usual wait time between releases went by, there was still no Starcraft sequel. Warcraft III and World of Warcraft were released. Even Diablo received a sequel. The lack of a sequel makes Starcraft unique amongst its companion games.

A Glimmer of Hope for Starcraft Fans

Rumors that Blizzard was working on a sequel started circulating in late 2007. The rumors were confirmed in 2008. The first trailer for on Wings of Liberty was released in the third quarter of 2009. Blizzard gave the trailer the title, “Hell, It’s About Time.” Even though the initial release of Starcraft II beta was supposed to be early in 2010, this too has been delayed. The first beta discs are expected to be released in the spring of next year.

Strarcraft II: Wings of Liberty Previews

Because the game has not officially been released, there is much speculation about how Starcraft II will eventually be released. The new sequel will likely not be released as one game, but three games each focusing on a separate faction. Popular favorites such as Kerrigan and Raynor will return to the series. Players will also get to see new heroes. Protoss fans will be disappointed that Tassadar will not be resurrected.

The game will support a new graphics engine which will support graphics that outshine the original game. The new Starcraft will not limit the resources for each units to 90, as Warcaft III did. Blizzard wants a player to feel as if he is commanding massive armies.

Each race getting its own game is disappointing. Many posters on Starcraft fansites claim that Blizzard intends to ‘milk’ the franchise for as much money as possible. The game play for On Wings of LIberty resembles an updated version of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Popular units such as the Space Marines and the Vultures will support the Terran forces, and the core strategies for each race remain largely unchanged. Terrans rely on their defensive capabilities, the Zerg rely on offense, and the Protoss rely on superior technology.

Starcraft II Trailer Screenshots

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