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Champions Behemoth Guide
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Hulking Up Like A Behemoth

With more than 2 gigabyte worth of changes and a whole new archetype system, it’s safe to say that a lot of players have a brand new concept of what to expect from Champions Online: Free For All. While the reviews for both CO: FFA and CO the P2P version weren’t shining, there are still going to be people willing to put time and money into the game, so this Champions Behemoth guide will help walk you through the basics for playing as the primetime pummeler.

First thing is first, though, unlike a lot of other archetype-based MMOs out there you can’t really do much with certain archetypes in Champions, and the Behemoth is one that’s limited to very specific roles. Keep reading to find out what those roles are.

To Pummel Or To Get Pummeled? That Is The Question

Pounding a baddie in the face

Behemoths have two main playable roles in Champions Online: they’re either designed to beat the living snot out of everything in sight as a full-out DPS character or they can be designed to take punishment like a Panzer tank.

Depending on your playing style will depend on how the character can be evolved and leveled up in the process. Considering that the leveling for many of the archetypes in Champions is very linear it shouldn’t be too hard deciding which skills you’ll need to be an effective tank or damage dealer.

Behemoth Skill Tree

Clobbering a mob

Level 1 - Clobber: The starting skill that allows the Behemoth to dish out damage at close range and build up energy. If you don’t plan on using items to boost up your endurance and recovery it would be necessary to add a point into rapid metabolism to build up energy faster.

Level 1 – Defensive Combo: Another standard skill that deals out single-target DPS. For tanks it’s important to add crippling challenge and rapid metabolism to maintain aggression in mob situations. For DPS builds simply rank up Defensive Combo for additional damage.

Level 6 – Strength: This is an automatic passive that is added once you hit level 6, giving your character additional damage and damage mitigation abilities.

Level 6 – Mighty Leap: This is an essential skill for many reasons. In PvP you’ll want to add a point into nailed to the ground to keep other players from using travel skills, while for tanking purposes you’ll want to add a point into crippling challenge. For DPS Bull Rush and the standard rank-ups will work fine.

Absorbing a chainsaw attack

Level 8 – Defiance: This passive allows players to mitigate damage while blocking or receiving damage, allowing players to stack up this passive for additional defenses. This skill is necessary to rank up for tank builds but can be ignored if you plan on being full-out DPS.

Level 11 – Roomsweeper: At level 11 players can choose between this skill or Thunderclap. The difference is in their effect for either DPS or tank builds. If you plan to just DPS rank up Roomsweeper as it’s excellent for clearing out mobs while dishing out massive damage.

A real behemoth

Level 11 – Thunderclap: This skill works well for maintaining presence or aggression while at the same time dishing out moderate damage. Players who focus on making tanks would probably want this skill due to its close-range AOE abilities and for maintaining presence.

Level 13 – Constitution: A passive stat upgrade that adds additional HP and damage resistance to the character.

Level 14 – Retaliation: A passive defensive buff that allows the player to stack up damage reduction and increase the amount of damage on the next attack. This skill stacks up to six times and is essential for both tanks and DPS.

Level 17 – Demolish: This double-handed uppercut strike is purely a heavy hitting damage move. It’s pure crushing damage and, of course, essential for DPS. Tanks can avoid putting any points into this skill.

Level 22 – Aggressor: This is an active battle buff that increases initial melee damage by 15%. As it’s ranked up the damage output is also increased making it another must-have for players who plan on going all out DPS.

A nice haymaker to the face

Level 27 – Unbreakable: A serious tank skill that works much like the Warrior skills in Allods Online. This allows players to absorb up to 1,600 points of damage and it goes without saying that ranking this up for tanking is another no-brainer.

Level 32 – Uppercut: Players will have to choose between Uppercut and Haymaker once they hit level 32. For Uppercut it knocks immovable bosses or characters up into the air. This might be a good skill to have for PvP or if you continually fight bosses.

Level 32 – Haymaker: This skill is almost identical to Uppercut with the only difference being that Haymaker knocks back opponents as opposed to knocking up opponents.

Level 40 – Shockwave: Similar to the ground-and-pound from characters like The Thing from the Fantastic Four or the Hulk’s Hulk Smash, this ground-pounder stuns all enemies within the area and if maintained knocks opponents up into the air briefly.

Clobbering Time

The power of a Behemoth

The Behemoth class can be a fun class to play if you enjoy beating the living daylights out of stuff. The strategy for playing the class, however, is usually dampened by the repetitive nature of the skill use. Still, if you enjoy knocking bad guys up to 100 feet in the air as they plummet to their uneventful deaths then you’ll probably get a real kick out of playing the Behemoth. Other than blocking and pummeling, though, you won’t get a lot of other playability options out the class.

That wraps up the beginner guide for Champions Online. If you need a complete breakdown of other guides for the game or archetype help feel free to check it out in the ultimate Champions Online guide.

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