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City of Heroes / City of Villains (CoX) Issue 13: Architect - PREVIEW

City of Heroes / Villains: Issue 13 delayed, nerfed, and renamed.

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Coming Soon: Guide to the Arachnos Widow Archetype

News and Analysis

This section contains articles regarding news and analysis of City of Heroes and City of Villains.

What are City of Heroes and City of Villains?

City of Heroes (CoH) and City of Villains (COV) are essentially one game (often referred to as CoX). It is the published and developed by NCSoft, and has been in operation since April 28, 2004. In CoX, players take on the role of superheroes or supervillains in a place called Paragon City. The time period is modern, and the theme is standard Super Hero or comicbook fare.

The subscription base is steady at about 135,000 players and the focus in primarily PvE (Player vs. Environment). PvP is supported in a limited fashion.

The USP (Unique Selling Point) of the game is generally considered its extremely customizable character creation (and character costume design) system. Players have enormous flexibility in how they wish to design their characters. They are even able to design up to 5 completely different costumes they can swap between on the fly.

The game is very casual friendly, and players can easily jump on for a few minutes to do a mission or two. They can also play longer as the game has “Task Forces” that last 1-2+ hours.