City of Heroes / City of Villains Farming - Influence/Infamy Farming Guide

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What is Farming?

Farming is the process of finding something that generates a good Rate of Return, and then repeating that task over and over until you reach the desired goal or result. In City of Heroes/City of Villains (CoX), this generally involves building a character with good Area Effect (AE) damage, finding a nice map with a lot of large mob spawns on it, filling it with 6 members to spawn it to ideal size, and then destroying everything on the map as fast as possible. Note: While it is true that you should fill to 6 members at “spawn time”, you should not actually do the map with 6 people. It is best to farm solo or at most duo.

How Do I Fill?

One of the greatest difficulties for people who want to farm is filling groups to 6 before they spawn the map. There is not really a trick to this. You just need to learn how to ask people politely enough so they will be willing to join your group for a few minutes. Creating macros or copying and pasting from notepad speeds things up, and generally gives you time to write a polite, respectful request. People are more likely to help when they see:

Hello there! Would you be able to join my group for a few minutes so I can spawn a map? I would greatly appreciate it.

than if they see:

fill plz

As with anything in life, good manners goes a long way. Speaking of manners, taking people along occasionally who fill for you frequently is a good way to thank them for their time.

If you farm a lot and for extended periods of time, filling gets easier. After the first map, sometimes you find people who will say “If you need another fill just go ahead and invite me” which really speeds things up on subsequent maps. Over weeks or months of farming, you’ll meet people who will say things like “anytime you need a fill, just go ahead and invite me.” I keep a list of these people and can reference that if I need fills fast also.

One last trick: Once you reach 4 or 5 members, send out a few more requests and then zone on in to your farm map. By the time you are done zoning you may very well have a tell from someone willing to fill that last spot or two. When farming, every minute saved counts. This is particularly true when you get good enough at clearing the maps that it only takes you 10 minutes or less per map.

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