How to Pick the Right Map for Farming In City of Heroes - Farming Guide to CoX

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Heroes - Unai

Unai gives a variety of maps that are good for farming. Some popular ones include:

  • The first one he usually gives you is a bunch of council in a war-zone like outdoor map. It isn’t a bad map, and council are decent for farming. It is somewhat oddly shaped though, so if you have to spawn it for 6 with less (or more) people on your team, it can be annoying.
  • Family: This is probably the most popular of Unai’s farm maps. I don’t remember how far in it is, but its a good ways in. It is a nice rectangular map that requires clicking on 11 altars to complete. This means you don’t have to worry about accidentally killing all the mobs and completing it. And if you have PuG members, you can always watch to see if that counter is dropping and then kick someone before they grief you.
  • Freaks and other: There are some other farm maps in Unai’s various arcs and missions. If you have a character you don’t think you are going to use for farming, you might want to run all of his missions and arcs and see for yourself what you like.

Heroes - Harvey Maylor

Harvey Maylor also gives one of the more popular maps. The Demon map (praetorians, technically, rather than CoT) is about 7 or so missions in on his arc. When you unlock him, you will have to do other missions for him until he offers you “Find a souvenir” (from memory, it might be slightly different). On his demon map you have to be careful since it is a “defeat all.” I generally leave the following groups:

  • The far northern raised alleyway: I do not fight ANY groups in here (there is usually 1, and sometimes 2 groups up here).
  • The very last SW corner group.
  • Lately, I have also been leaving any groups in the mid-area raised section if the group is on the western side of the map. That sounds weird, but I am being more careful lately after I had this map get completed on one of my non-farm characters (a runaway mob with rad debuffs aggroed a lot of extra groups, and we lost track of which groups had been left alive).

Villains - Television

Pretty much the only good farm maps come from the Television arc on the villain side. This requires unlocking the Television contact and then doing a few of its missions. This is similar in difficulty to the Hero side process of unlocking Harvey Maylor. There is no villain side contact like Unai that gives out farm maps right from the beginning.

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