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Champions Online Soldier guide
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Here at Bright Hub you may have scoped out some of the extensive guides for Champions Online when building what’s now called a free-form hero. Well, with Cryptic’s new switch over to the “Free-For-All” model they also switched how players create their heroes. This means that all non-subscribers are stuck with archetype heroes consisting of preset powers and a linear tree of evolution for their character. The new AT setup didn’t go over too well with most gamers but that hasn’t stopped people from logging in and putting in time with the game.

Nevertheless, with the new archetype system it’s created somewhat of an imbalance when playing as certain character types, especially the Soldier class who suffers from a huge “squishy” factor. Keep reading this Champions Online Soldier guide to find out how to avoid being stomped into a pulp at every turn while at the same time learning how to be an effective force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP situations.

Knowing The Role Of The Soldier

A little backup from other players

Fighting with a few other soldiers

If you check out the guide for the Behemoth you may have recognized that the class can be built into several different classifications, despite the limitations of being a single archetype character. Soldiers, unfortunately, don’t have much of a luxury of being anything other than a high-DPS character of varying skills and ranges, making them less versatile in their playing spectrum.

The good news, however, is that with the right equipment and consumable devices, Soldiers can still be adequate enough to hold their own in a tough PvP situation or a hard-case PvE scenario. The challenge comes down to balancing the stats insofar that the character continues to do moderate damage while at the same type excelling in a number of other proficiencies.

Healing, Shooting And Defending

Shooting some zombies

As a Soldier there are going to be some major drawbacks when facing off against mobs, fighting in instances and trying to take on other players in PvP. The biggest downside to the Soldier is that they lack any self-healing abilities and any real defensive properties. In a typical MMO this would be fine because of the team-oriented structure associated with most MMORPGS. In Champions, however, Soldiers will be required to compensate for their HP shortcomings with Devices and stat readjustments.

Armed for combat

For players who plan to party their way from start to finish, you can skip this section. For others who may end up soloing more often than not, be sure to use the advantage points to amp up constitution and dexterity so that you can distribute major damage while at the same time being able to take more than just a few hits in combat. It would also be wise to pick Science as an R&D crafting ability to make shields to help mitigate damage, which becomes essential once you hit level 30.

Soldier Skills

Steady shot

Level 1 – Steady Shot: This is a basic pistol attack that enables the Soldier to build up energy using the single-fire pistol. No matter what your build is, be sure to add Accelerated Metabolism to regain energy quickly for more heavy hitting attacks.

Level 1 – Assault Rifle: A standard single-target DPS skill for mid-range damage.

Level 6 – SMG Burst: An AOE DPS attack that targets multiple targets within range. Adding Aggression grants a 15% chance of bleed damage or a 100% chance of bleed damage for mobs within 5 meters, which works as a DOT.

Level 8 – Targeting Computer: This is a passive skill that targets foes and allows for additional critical strikes when the target is painted/targeted.

Level 11 – Shotgun Burst: A short range burst fire from a shotgun that can repel close-by mobs or players. This is a good skill for PvP against Behemoth or close-range players.

Armed and dangerous

Level 11 – Frag Grenade: At level 11 players can either choose between a Frag Grenade or Shotgun Burst, and Frag Grenade is definitely more useful for PvE but almost useless for PvP considering that it rarely knocks other players off their feet. It does have the option of adding a fire DOT called Incendiary Grenade, which is very useful.

Level 14 – Retaliation: Just like the Behemoth, this skill allows the Soldier to block and mitigate up to 300% of physical damage. However, resistance to stun and hold skills is greatly reduced.

Multiple mobs take a hit

Level 17 – Smoke Grenade: This hinders the targets perception, rank 2 inhibits perception by -800% and rank 3 inhibits perception -1,200%, which works perfect for PvP. Adding Escape Artist to the fold allows players to disappear in the eyes of enemies for up to 10 seconds.

Level 22 – Killer Instinct: This works like Recovery or burst Endurance, allowing the player to instantly add or replenish energy on every critical hit. This skill becomes an innate passive, automatically applying itself once it’s added.

Level 27 – Lock ‘n Load: This is a multi-functioning skill that can be activated, adding resistance to hold, disable and root attacks. This skill also increases critical hit chances and decreases the amount of energy required for powers by a small amount. The initial skill lasts for only 15 seconds.

Level 32 – Rocket Launcher: This skill automatically does two times the amount of damage to the target it hits and does small amounts of AOE fire damage to nearby mobs of the intitial target.

Once a soldier, always a soldier

Level 32 – Gatling Gun: Alternative to Rocket Launcher is the Gatling Gun, which does damage to all targets within the line of sight. Every hit does an initial 45 points of damage times four for every 0.5 seconds, making it a perfect room sweeper for mobs.

Level 40 – Sniper Rifle: The ultimate Soldier skill is the Sniper Rifle. It does an initial 1,200 points of piercing damage and adds a three second stun to the target when fully charged.

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