Best of PC Gaming

Best of PC Gaming

Cheap and Free Vampire Games to Play

Vampire games are a popular game theme that gamers want to play. There aren’t many choices right now of quality games in this genre – yet. This article goes over the best options for affordable games with a vampire theme that are available right now.

The Best Free Online Martial Arts Games

There are many free online martial arts games that involve a variety of ancient and modern martial arts techniques. Without laying emphasis on special powers a la Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, these games are strictly based on popular fighting arts such as King Fu and Pencak Silat.

The Top 5 Best Zombie Games

Everyone loves to shoot down hordes of zombies, and the best zombie games allows us to do the needful – pull the trigger, crank up the chainsaw and go on a zombie-killing spree. Here are some of the best zombie-themed video games for your PC.

The Ten Best PC Adventure Games

Adventure games have made a comeback in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a genre that’s all about story and immersion, and is home to some of the most memorable PC games ever made. Here are ten of the best adventure games of all time, classics you won’t want to miss.

Must Play MMO Adventure Games

MMO games are enjoyed by people of all ages and gaming styles. There are many that are available for free, and subscription based that gamers should check out. This article will guide you on some of the best ones out there for both types of fees.

Top 10 Windows PC Games for Vista

After its subdued release in early 2007, Windows Vista has caused havoc with gamers of the PC persuasion. With its compatibility issues and constant user molly-coddling it’s surprising there are any games that run on the operating system. Here is a list of the best available.

The Best Free Shooting Games Online

Free shooting games online encompass a variety of sub-genres such as side scrolling shooters, top-down shooting games and run and gun action games. Here are some of the best online shooting games, including a Counter Strike clone and a Zombie Shooter having dynamic shadow and light effects.

The Best Free Sniper Games Online

There are several outstanding sniping games on the Internet, each with a distinct gameplay and varied missions. Games such as Sniper Year let you play an undercover assassin while The Sniper allows you to step into the shoes of elite British troops in the World War 2 era.

Top 10 Windows 7 PC Games

Looking for some of the best PC games out there yet you’re stuck with a relatively new and troublesome operating system in Windows 7? This list of PC titles will help you to find the best variety and selection of Windows 7 compatible PC games out there on the market. Read on for some choice picks…

The Top 5 Alien Shooting Games

Some of the most addicting alien shooting games such as Alien Breed: Impact and Shadowgrounds Survivor have resurrected the long-dead genre. Here are the some of the best top-down alien shooters that offer nice combination of RPG and shooting game mechanics.