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    • My Scariest Video Game
      Can you handle playing a scary video game in the dark? Did one specific game have you so scared you couldn’t sleep at night? This article is all about scary video games.
    • Best Survival Horror Games
      Some of the scariest survival horror games like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent gave us those terrifying moments we would love to forget. But do you think these are the only games that scored high on the scare meter? Find out what other games have been featured in this list.
    • The Five Best and Funniest Games for Windows PC
      Almost every game developed for the PC has been largely linked with fast-paced action, violence and aggressive conduct. What most games lacked is humor. However, funny video games like Discworld and Simon the Sorcerer changed the gaming scenario completely.
    • The Best Spore-Like Games to Download and Play
      The best Spore-like games let you play with the virtual evolution cycle by interacting with one-celled microorganisms and helping them evolve and survive in the pixilated gene pool. Some are pure artificial life simulators whereas others are avoider games.
    • Top 10 Real-Time and Turn-Based Space Strategy Games
      Master of Orion and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri are some of the best strategy games of all time, but there are plenty more. Let's have a look at ten must-play games that allow players to explore and conquer the vastness of space.
    • The Best PC Games for Sword Fighting
      Want to engage your inner swashbuckler? Here's a look at some of the best video games that let you fight with swords.
    • Market Strategy Masters – Strategy Game Blockbusters
      Micro-managing madness moves the market and mauls miniscule media like a macrodont. Strategy scholars spend senselessly, as space-shooters or shoot-em-ups slump spectacularly. Magniloquence? Hardly, as we present the best of strategy for the PC platform.
    • Doomsday Clock Strikes 12 – Post-Apocalyptic Games
      Bleak landscapes, nuclear debris and a few scattered surviving communities are sure ingredients for a cozy catastrophe, where scavengers roam the land for rusted engines or other ferrous remains. In here, you'll find post-apocalyptic game titles and in the dark corners of Bright Hub.
    • I Want to Conquer The World: Great PC and Video Game Soundtracks
      Since sight and sound are the only two senses game developers have to communicate with players, getting the most of these two senses is of vital importance, and a great PC and video game soundtrack is key to reaching that goal.
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