Great PC Games That Need a Sequel

Great PC Games That Need a Sequel
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There have been a number of great PC games which, despite their undoubted quality, have had no sequels. Although some may have had expansion packs these are not genuine game sequels with a number two in their title. Retro game remakes cannot be considered genuine sequels either. Here are a few of the best PC games that are without a sequel.

Rise of Nations

What do you get when you mix Civilization with Age of Empires? The Rise of Nations game! Rise of Nations was Microsoft’s hit strategy game designed by Civilization designer Reynolds. Rise of Nations was an Age of Empires and Civilization combination which included wonders, national borders and a tech tree that began with catapults and extended up to nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The game included 18 nations to battle it out with in the single player or multiplayer mode, which had plenty of options for multiplayer games with either the AI or online. A number of publications considered Rise of Nations to be the best PC game of its year, although no genuine Rise of Nations sequel has ever emerged. Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots was an expansion pack that was released which provided a few add-ons, but this was not a sequel. For further details on the Rise of Nations game this Bright Hub Rise of Nations review is worth noting.

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango was a Lucas Arts graphic adventure game that was one of the first Lucas Art games to take advantage of 3D graphics in combination with pre-rendered static backdrops. This game showed plenty of imagination, and was set in the Ninth Underworld with calaca skeletons. It was a final attempt by Lucas Arts to revive the adventure game genre, but ultimately it failed. Although the game impressed many and won numerous awards, commercially the game was a relative flop. No sequel to this great PC game has ever emerged, nor, most likely, will it ever.

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is a game that is linked to the Civilization series, although in truth it is not a part of the chronological Civ game series that now includes up to five games. Alpha Centauri follows on from the end of the Civ 2 space race victory whereby the Alpha Centauri planet Chiron is colonized. As such, this is more of a futuristic Civilization game set in the 22nd century.

Alpha Centauri therefore provided a number of enhancements to the Civ 2 game engine, including customizable units, climate, new diplomacy, spy options and simultaneous multiplayer mode. Many considered it better than any Civilization game, and Alpha Centauri provided inspiration for further Civ game titles. However, there has never been an Alpha Centauri 2, which at the very least could include a 3D graphics engine for Alpha Centauri, a little like Civilization IV.




Freelancer was a space trading and combat simulator that was loosely linked to the Starlancer game. In this game title you can play in a number of different roles, either as a bounty hunter, trader, or pirate. In the single player game a series of missions have to be completed to save the Serius sector from aliens. However, in themultiplayer mode players are free to take on any role and explore up to 48 known star systems included in the game with their spacecraft.

Overall, Freelancer was a good game title with artistic quality. However, to date there has been no genuine sequel to Freelancer. This Bright Hub Freelancer review provides some further details on the Freelancer game.

Scorched Earth

Scorched 3D

Scorched Earth was the classic DOS turn-based artillery game that included tanks to battle it out with over a variety of levels. Admittedly, the retro game remake Scorched 3D which has a 3D graphics engine can almost be considered a sequel. However, Scorched Earth is a freeware game and more of a remake of the original Scorched Earth. This could provide the foundations for a more genuine Scorched Earth sequel with a more detailed single player campaign, soundtrack and wider variety of multiplayer options.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes was one of the best PC games in 2006, and was one of the first PC strategy games to be set in 1940 war-time France. Company of Heroes included famed Allied operations in France during Operation Overlord for its various single player missions. The game had especially impressive physics thanks to the Havok physics engine, with some great effects. Two further expansion packs for Company of Heroes followed – Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, which included additional factions. However, despite all the game’s merits, a genuine Company of Heroes sequel has yet to emerge. A Company of Heroes 2 could have an entirely new setting for Allied operations in North Africa with additional new factions such as the Italian armies. As such, there is plenty of potential for Company of Heroes 2.

These were all great PC games that have not had a sequel. Who knows, perhaps one of these games will someday have a sequel? For now at least they are one game wonders. Post a comment and let us know what game sequel you would most like to see.


Screenshots from publisher websites.