Top 10 Video Game Bosses & Most Epic & Amazing Boss Battles Ever Seen

Top 10 Video Game Bosses & Most Epic & Amazing Boss Battles Ever Seen
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Which are the most epic and memorable bosses ever? Here you’ll find the Top 10 videogame bosses of all time, the best and most difficult battles in the history of videogames

10. Liquid Ocelot

The final battle in Metal Gear Solid 4 is one to be remembered. You fight bare-fisted with your archnemesis until you knock him down. The battle goes through various phases, each one remembering one of the previous games (with the corresponding music). The combat mechanics and camera effects are superb.

9. King K. Rool

The iconic boss fight from Donkey Kong Country has a great soundtrack (which is still remembered today), a spot-on difficulty, and of course…. the fake credits! Many people fell for them (wasn’t it a bit suspicious to have everything written with “K”?) and died as a result. Hilarious!

8. Nightmare

The boss from Devil May Cry. This boss battle was awesome for several reasons. First, you only encountered it after returning to the castle at night, and everything was so unnerving that this boss was just perfect.

Second: it sucked you up to a “nightmare world” where you had to fight several Skulls and some of the bosses (like Nelo Angelo) you had already killed before.

And third: it almost kills Trish, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in the game.

7. Bowser

The eternal archnemesis. I doesn’t matter how many times it falls to a lava pit or gets smashed by Mario, it always comes back. The mechanics of this battle are always fun and original, and they usually end up with Bowser screaming that he will come back to conquer (again) the galaxy. Still, we love him.

6. Onyxia

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Although now in World of Warcraft there are much more powerful bosses, none of them has been as enigmatic and feared as Onyxia was in the original WoW.

I still remember all kinds of tales about how it was completely impossible to defeat without cheating!

After people got to level 60 and started to collect good gear, Onyxia was finally taken down with careful planning (killing all the whelps) and an organized group. The sense of accomplishment you got from beating the huge dragon was hard to describe!

5. Sephiroth

sephiroth darkandlight 2 0

One of the most famous villains. The white haired swordsman is also Cloud’s nemesis, and is responsible for one of the most shocking scenes ever, the death of Aeris. The final battle is quite hard (if you have’n’t massively trained your characters) and the music (“One Winged Angel”) is just epic.

Besides, you get to see of of the longest and most ridiculous attacks ever made, Supernova, in which he destroys an entire solar system to try to kill Cloud and his friends! (ironic isn’t it?). A “Top 10 videogame bosses” list isn’t complete without Sephiroth!

4. Hydra

God of War’s trademark boss battle. The scope and intensity of this battle is quite amazing, especially because you encounter it very early in the game.

First you must kill the little Hidras so they let you climb up to kill the big one. After smashing to the hidra into the mast a few times the mast will finally break, forming a spire with which to skewer the monster’s head with a satisfying and gory QTE,

3. Psycho Mantis

Mantis diggaa Castlevaniaa

This has to be one of the most “WTF?” boss battles ever. It starts with Psycho Mantis mentally controlling Meryl to try and “seduct” you. After the fight begins you’ll notice that you haven’t got a chance (since he can read all your movements) so you have to actually plug the controller in Port 2 so he can’t “read your mind”. Then you can finally fight him normally. Genius!

2. Penance

Final Fantasy’s most prominent “superboss”. Penance is released after the ten Dark Aeons (also powerful optional bosses) have been defeated. It boasts 12,000,000 HP, high stats, elemental absorptions and powerful attacks, making the most dangerous boss in the game.

Even with all the Celestial Weapons (completely necessary if you even want to make scrafth him) and maximum stats, this battle is extremely hard and you will need more than an hour and a neat strategy to beat it!

1. Ganondorf

OoT - Ganon-550x

Without doubt one of the best boss battles ever and definitely deserving of the top spot in this “Top 10 videogame bosses” article.

It starts with a never-seen-before “electric orb baseball game” against Ganondorf in which you must return the electric orbs he casts at you (deflecting them with your sword) until hit him. After that you must shoot a Light Arrow straight in his face very quickly. Finally, you must stab Ganondorf repeatedly with your sword until he starts vomiting green (originally red) blood.

The best (and most surprising) part of this battle is that when you escape from the fortress and everything seems fine, Ganon (the true form) wakes up and takes your beloved Master Sword, so you must fight it with the Megaton Hammer instead. Amazing!