The Visceral Fun of Devil May Cry and God of War - Why They Both Offer So Much To Gamers

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Picky, picky, picky…

We all have those moments when we get so annoyed and angry with everyone and everything that we just want to break or destroy something.

Well, some of us have those moments.

Anyway, when you’re feeling in those sort of moods, you’d think the first game you’d turn to would be a first-person shooter of some sort, possibly Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. Only a few problems: you’ve probably already beaten the campaign mode and playing online usually means fits of controller throwing rage. There are other ways to take out your anger, which could be even more fun. That would be the shear joy of mercilessly tearing apart your enemies in horrible and gruesome ways.

So now where do you go? Well, you pick up either Devil May Cry or God of War - that’s what.

Why these games are so great

The best options for this sort of fun would have to be games from either the Devil May Cry series (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360) or God of War series (PS2, Xbox 360) both by Capcom. These games are obviously not something you’d want to play in front of any kid younger than 13 to 16 (depending on the kid of course). Both feature massive amounts of blood and occasional decapitation (more so in God of War). Both games have stories, but can be largely ignored in favor of the visceral combat and puzzles (which can sometimes also involve massive amounts of destruction). Of course, this may seem shallow, but what does it really matter? The point of games is to have fun. Sometimes the most fun that can be had is to tear the wings off a harpy, or cut apart a giant ice frog’s mouth from the inside out.


Be warned, however, these Xbox 360 games can kick your ass at times, especially the Devil May Cry games. This shouldn’t discourage you, though. It makes the game that much more fun at times. You can always try a lesser difficulty, there is no shame in having to play either game on Easy mode.

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